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camisado // panic! at the disco

a few monster girl things for femslash february.

  • a vampire lady whose wives help her with her hair and makeup since she can’t see herself in a mirror.
  • ghost girlfriends who ‘haunt’ the local gay bar, innocuously changing the music to the jazz that played when they were young. the owner loves it and remodels the bar to match.
  • a centaur and a faun who live in a cute forest cottage with wide doors and an apple orchard in the back. the faun does the gardening since her wife can’t comfortably reach the earth with her human hands, and the centaur picks the apples from the tall trees.
  • a gorgon with a gargoyle girlfriend who can always turn back from stone after looking into her eyes.
  • a siren who will die if a ship ever sails past her cove, and her harpie girlfriend who snatches up the sailors that try to resist the song.
  • werewolf wives with eight children. they are total soccer moms and the rest of the pta was terrified of them for months, but they won the other moms over with an amazing shepard’s pie at the potluck.
  • scylla and charybdis, cursed to half-lives as monsters living across from one another in the strait, find comfort in each other’s company. sailors talk of the pass between them narrowing at nights, truly impassible.
  • monster girls who love other girls (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

*squints* is that a happy soccer au i see? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

here’s the lowdown:

  • mari and adrien are childhood best friends™ 
  • they met through being new neighbours adrien used to be legit just a loner until he met mari who was like ‘dude play soccer with me’ and they became straight up bffs after that 
  • they both loved sour patch kids and space and drew what they thought was a genius graphic design of a space sour patch kids logo when they were young 
  • they end up going to different highschools in the same town and still live in the same neighbourhood. they both join soccer teams in the their respective schools.
  • in terms of skill and technicality, mari is the better player but adrien seriously pulls unexpected moves that make him stand out. 
  • uhmm..everyone girl is rlly gay for mari in her school they are just her fangirls lmfao same thing for adrien but mari has got like 4k followers on instagram and all she does is take a photo of her soccer ball 
  • they have this tradition to draw the space sour patch kids logo on their team shirts ever since they started soccer in high school so that neither forget the other and wow that’s romantic guys 
  • their coaches were at first like wtf no but they used permanent marker so they ended up accepting it over the years and now everytime they join new teams or get new shirts everyone is like ‘when r u having the logo’
  • their schools r so nosy on who tf the person who draws their logos is omg everyone is always trying to spy on them to figure out who adrien/mari is
  • this time it’s adrien who has a crush on mari and mari is the one to eventually fall in love 

1. What is one word you would use to describe yourself? Happy.

2. What is the song you can’t stop listening to right now? “Wait For It” on the Hamilton soundtrack.

3. What are you currently watching on Netflix? “13 Reasons Why.”

4. What is your favorite sports movie of all time? “Friday Night Lights.”

5. Go-to pregame meal? I’m an omelet extraordinaire. I have an omelet with veggies, meats, cheese – the works. And before workouts, I always make this yogurt parfait.

6. Do you have any pregame superstitions or rituals? I actually rid myself of superstitions, but I do a quick 20-minute meditation before games.

7. If you could have any three celebrities over for dinner, living or deceased, who would they be? The Obamas. Just me, President Obama and Michelle.

8. What was your AIM screen name? brownsuganumba9.

9. If you weren’t a professional athlete, what would your occupation be? Therapist or psychologist. Something in that field.

10. What is your go-to karaoke song? “Hey Ma” by Cam'Ron.

11. Who was your sports idol growing up? Serena Williams is my sports idol.

12. What is your favorite thing to do on an off day? Be in nature. Hike, or go to the beach. I love to be outside.

13. If soccer had “walk-up” songs, what would yours be? Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like”

14. What is your go-to emoji? It’s called pop star, but it’s the new one of the girl with paint on her face. She embodies me as a person.

15. If there were to be a movie about your life, who would you want to play you? Angelina Jolie.

16. What if your coach had to describe you in one word? What would he say? Brave.

17. Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies outside soccer? No hidden talents, but I have a lot of hobbies. Acrylic painting. I got a whole set and I light candles at night and sit there and paint and look out on Lake Michigan.

18. Favorite cheat meal? French fries. Skinny, thick cut, garlic fries, TRUFFLE fries … I love French fries.

19. One place you’ve never been that you want to visit? Tokyo.

20. First concert you ever attended? Spice Girls

German movies Part 1

Hey guys! I noticed how many people on this website are learning German or want to learn it. It is my mother tongue and I love German cinema. We all know that movies help to improve language skills, so I made a list about my favorite German films and some must-sees! I hope you enjoy these films!

  • Keinohrhasen (the main actor is problematic IRL and also in this movie but I still like it, a journalist has to work in a day care center because he fucked up Vladimir Klitschko’s party, he meets the girl he used to bully when he was a teenager and then they fall in love… this movie is so typical for that director lmao)
  • Zweiohrküken (the same characters as in Keinohrhasen, they move in together and it’s a mess, also the guy’s ex affair wants him back and the woman’s ex boyfriend - whose dick she describes as the eiffel tower - is back in the city and wants to be with her again, drama drama drama, cute, typical German rom-com)
  • Anatomie (very bloody! about a girl who wants to become a doctor, creepy things happen at her summer med school)
  • Die wilden Hühner (a kids’ movie based on famous books, a cute girl gang wants to save a few chicken from a member’s granny who wants to kill and freeze them, very cute film)
  • (T)raumschiff surprise (gay people in space, ICONIC)
  • Fack ju Göhte (supposed to mean Fuck you Goehte, a criminal pretends to be a teacher, great comedy, sexy main actor, CHANTAL CRY LESS NOISY!)
  • Good bye, Lenin (iconic movie, a woman was in coma for 8 months and her son makes her believe the GDR still exists, awesome soundtrack, great story, cute couple, very moving)
  • Die Welle (a teacher makes a social experiment about fascism with his class and it goes wrong!! a must-see!)
  • Pünktchen und Anton (adaption of a famous novel, cute movie for children but I’m in my twenties and I still love it, a rich girl and a poor boy become friends)
  • Die dunkle Seite des Mondes (don’t take drugs guys, just don’t! this movie will show you why! the main character goes crazy - but is it just because he took drugs? find out!!)
  • Jeune Homme ((Swiss)German and French film about a guy who makes an au pair year, gets laid by the neighbour lady and falls in love with the host parents’ oldest daughter)
  • 7 Zwerge - Männer allein im Wald (it’s like Snow White and the 7 dwarfs but very trashy, the dwarfs are big, the prince has a wild hair style and Snow White loves playing with her barbie. Ah, and the evil queen’s outfits are iconic and weird)
  • Die wilden Kerle (a kids’ movie about boys who play soccer - we all love it! EVERYTHING’S ALRIGHT AS LONG AS YOU’RE WILD! BE WILD - DANGEROUS AND WILD!)
  • Sommer (teen movie about the first love, takes place on an island, skater boy meets rich boy and they both love the same girl, teenage drama, i don’t wanna spoil but some people almost die and sth burns down)
  • Das Missenmassaker (12 girls who want to be Miss Switzerland, bitch fights 24/7 and a lot of blood because a lot of people get killed)
  • For No Eyes Only (Rear Window for teenagers, a very interesting thriller, cute main characters)
  • Homevideo (a guy films himself while masturbating, someone finds the video and then the drama starts, his family also falls apart)
  • Grosse Mädchen weinen nicht (two teenage girls, lots of feelings, sex, dangerous things)
  • Lola rennt (reminds me of The Butterfly Effect, iconic film, i don’t even wanna say more about it just watch it)
  • Who am I - Kein System ist sicher (movies about hackers with big plans and sometimes you have no idea if what you see is what is real)
  • Das Leben der Anderen (must see! fucking sad tho)
  • Cannabis (a member of the Swiss federal council who is against the legalization of weed has to consume weed because he has a problem with his eye and this helps - ofc his life changes and gets wild)
  • Die Herbstzeitlosen (4 old Swiss woman open a lingerie shop in a lil village and people freak out)
  • Grounding - Die letzten Tage der Swissair (the story behind the grounding of Swissair, the national airline of Swizzy)
  • Das Experiment (based on a true story, some people engage in a prison experiment - some are good people, others are bad people and ofc it escalates quickly)


  • a rlly fucked up age gap plot where a girl is giving up her baby ( 18 / 19 ). she goes through an adoption agency to find a couple. she ends up falling for one of the parents ( could be f/f or m/f ). lots of angst and sneaking around and freaking out when the due date gets closer because they want to be together. cold feet about the adoption. YES.
  • a married f/f couple decides they want to have a baby. they get their best friend to be the sperm donor. poly ? maybe ? angst ? 
  • everyone thinks she’s the perfect good girl but guess what ? she’s fucking her dad’s best friend. and oh uh, she’s pregnant. congrats. maybe her dad’s friend is married with kids already …
  • one last age gap … my wife and i have been trying to get pregnant for years and it’s taking a toll on our marriage. the cute intern at work seduces him. and as the title suggests, they make a baby.
  • i love you so much and i’m so glad we finally got together ( childhood friends ? exes who finally get back together ? ) … but i’m 12 weeks pregnant and we only started sleeping together a month ago.
  • the sweet angelic girl gets pregnant by the local bad boy. a classic. 
    • BONUS ROUND ! he’s a high ranking gang member and she becomes a target. oh the pain , the angst ! BONUS POINTS .. if she has no idea that he’s in a gang ..
  • the opposite … the local bad girl gets pregnant by the perfect golden boy .. he’s got a full ride for soccer and she couch surfs. they meet a party and she gives him some drugs and they end up fucking in the bathroom.
  • i told you i was having an abortion so we stopped talking. you run into me a year later with an infant that has your nose …
  • i gave up a baby as a teenager and i tracked them down to meet them and their dad / mom is so hot i’m sweating …
  • i didnt know i was pregnant ! TM .. we’ve been together for years and we’ve kinda decided we don’t want children. you rush me to the hospital when the weird pains get too unbearable and oh god there’s blood. “you’re in labor” the nurse says. “what?”

“‘Excuse me, do you like Messi?’ It’s my best tip. Guys are attracted to girls who have the same interests as them. Guys love sports, especially soccer. If a girl likes Messi, guys want to share a drink with her.” - Jung Nan Hee, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Five Little Words

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Natalia (OFC)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Power outage, bad weather (no one is in danger but it sounds scary), mention of crappy ex, mention of abandonment, Jensen singing (and hell yes that is a warning!).      

Word Count: 3100ish

A/N: This is a three in one ;) I hope I won’t dissappoint anyone. A while ago I did this tumblr game thing where I let people send me a “I wish you would write a fic where…” I told a few people I would do theirs. @chaos-and-the-calm67 said this:

I wish you would write a fic where Jensen and the Reader get stuck in a room when the lights go out (place of your choosing) so they sit in the dark and get to talkin’ and when the lights come back, Jensen asks the Reader out :)

I changed it a little Bev, but I hope you still like it.

This is my entry for @buckysmetallicstump‘s Disney Quote Challenge where my prompt was “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” — Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh as well as my entry for @iwriteaboutdean 200 follower challenge where my prompt was “Kiss Me” - Sixpence None the Richer.

Song also used Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins.

Thanks to amazingly talented @blacktithe7 for betaing this one for me.

No hate towards Danneel intended. Her and Jensen are my otp. This is just fiction. Also no mention of Supernatural in this one so I guess if you prefer to see it as an AU it could be that.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

The storm was raging outside. It seemed to have hit the town out of nowhere. You hated that you had to go out in this weather, but your washing machine was broken. It was your turn to wash your daughter’s softball mini league uniforms, and she needed them tomorrow. So you didn’t have a choice. You sighed as you watched the darkness outside the glass doors  that were almost quivering in the wind. You quietly folded the uniforms as you dreaded having to head home in the storm. Luckily your little girl didn’t pay much attention, she had never been to fond of lightning storms, but she seemed to slowly be growing out of her fear of them. She was too busy playing with her favourite toy, her Winnie the Pooh teddy.

Natalie made you so proud. She was a tomboy who played softball and soccer, and still she was one of the most artistic and imaginative kids in her class. She made up stories and loved drawing little pictures to go with them. She was a special little girl and the light of your life.

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Some of ya’ll have been sleeping on the Sabres players...

And I don’t mean Jack Eichel…because no. I love that boy but he’s tragic looking. 
So here’s your introduction to some adorableness. 

First is my good dear sweet boy who can do nothing wrong, Samson Reinhart. 
He’s adorable. 
Just look at that smile.

Originally posted by konecny

Then we have another infectious smile in Tyler Ennis. He’s tiny and has concussion problems, but it’s ok. He also is one of the only survivors from the #tank. 

Speaking of #tank survivors, next we have Marcus Foligno. Yeah, his brother is much more talented and is known for hugs, but Marcus actually is good looking. Oh yeah, he once fixed his hair before getting into a fight. 

Originally posted by samreinharts

Then we have Ryan O’Reilly. He takes a lot of things really hard on himself so he probably needs cheering up and there should be no shortage of people wanting to help with that. 

Originally posted by pandasandsabres

Speaking of things I want to help with…my personal favourite is Rasmus Ristolainen. He’s tall, Finnish, and doesn’t like Swedes much. Also, he’s just grumpy so don’t take it personal if he pushes your players around a little bit. He once said something to Crosby that had Crosby swinging at him. We’ll never know what it was and it’ll haunt us to this day.

Originally posted by intermissionpenguins

Then we have someone who is totally adorable and nerdy…Kyle Okposo. He love Harry Potter and has an adorable little girl. Plus he’s super nice. 

Originally posted by johnnyhockey91

We have another awesome hot dad that’s been on another team…Zach Bogosian. He’s absolutely ripped and our dear sweet boy Samson spoils his daughter. Also, he’s married to awesome former soccer player Bianca D'Agostino. 

Originally posted by nicklasbackstrom

And last but 110% not least, our backup goalie from this past year is the super cool Anders Nilsson. You may know him is that one goalie that had a PRIDE FLAG on his mask. Yeah. Him. Have you seen him out of the pads? No? Ok, most goalies are scrawny tiny things. Not this one. 
He’s hot and Swedish and is an ally. What more could you want?

So here’s your crash course in Sabres players. There are more that are wonderful, but these are probably ones that you’ll see the most around here and they’re all adorable and awesome. I’m sure the rest of the Sab Squad will add on (they better actually)

But I Don’t Like Bacon

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut (ish)

Word Count: 2,006

Originally posted by sehunsyixing

You narrowed your eyes as you watched your long-time enemy byun Baekhyun. He was sitting a couple of tables away from you reading his textbook intensely. That’s not the part that annoyed you.

No, it was the crowd of girls watching him from outside the library windows as if an angel had just floated down from heaven.

And what made it even worse, was that he loved it. Ohhh god the boy was reveling in the attention he was getting.

He loved playing with their feelings and then dropping them as if they were nothing.

One of your best friends happened to be one of the girls he played; but yet she still pined after him. It’s almost as if the hatred she should have felt traveled to you, amplifying you need to end him.

you were currently sitting at 2nd in your year levels ranking. Guess who the fuck was first.

Yep. Baekhyun.

Its like everything you did he was there and doing it better than you. Your vice captain, he’s captain.

Your team managed to win regionals for soccer, his team won nationals.

You’re pretty popular, but he is a walking god.

“Y/N your glaring again” your best friend sighed as she continued to write notes in her notepad.

“opps, didn’t notice” you said as you ripped your eyes from the devil and continued studying.

“aren’t your families close?” she asked as she moved on to researching on the internet. You sighed remembering that you families were planning a joint get away from the summer holidays.

“Yep! i have to see him every day, do you realise that I see him more than I see my own mother” you ranted as you placed your pencil down and sighed frustrated.

You best friend just shook her head before she looked up to give him a glance. You watched as her face quickly changed from longing to shock.  

She quickly dove her sight back down into her books as she continued to write.

You looked up to see the meaning of the sudden movement. That’s when you saw Baekhyun making his way to your table.

You rolled your eyes before slouching back in your chair ready to hear the bullshit fall out of his mouth.

“hey yuju” he said addressing your friend and completely ignoring you.

She blushed intensely as she tried to find the words to say to him.

“go away” you answered as she continued to sort out her shit. Baekhyun’s smile dropped before he slowly turned his face towards you.

“I don’t believe I was talking to you” he said as he folded his arms in annoyance.

“and you think I care” you said as you tilted your head to the side narrowing your eyes again back in his direction.

You best friend looked between you and him with worry as the tension between the both of you was building. An argument was making its way up your throats but before it could happen she spoke.

“did you want something?” yuju asked quickly.

Baekhyun gave you one last glare before turning his attention back towards her.

“I was just wondering if you would like to come to my party tonight, I was able to get the keys to the pent house of my flat complex, the whole year level is going to be there” he said before flashing her with his signature smile.

Yuju looked at you, searching your face for approval or disappointment or any kind of emotion.

A)   You don’t want to go to his stupid as party anyway

B)    You hate parties

C)   You hate him

But if she wants to go you cant stop her, but you definitely don’t approve.

“ill think about it…and if I do come, it’ll only be with Y/N” she said as she looked between us. Baekhyun looked horrified. He was not one to be negotiated with but if he want what I thought he wanted (some booty) then he was going to agree.

He groaned before eventually nodding his head.

You rolled your eyes as you watched him walk away, the crowd of girls waiting for him outside started freaking out and dispersed as soon as he opened the door

You kicked your shoes off as you entered your room, your bag quickly found its way too the ground and you phone quickly found its self calling yuju.



You sighed before continuing to talk to your friend.

“hey be careful alright…like we both know what kind of person he is” you said as you heard her shuffling around her room.

“yer yer, hey I’m going to go early alright, ill see you there” she squealed before hanging up the phone.

You huffed in annoyance before laying down on your bed relaxing your tensed muscles.

Maybe you should just stay home…Baekhyun doesn’t want you there, your friend will be too busy trying to get his attention. So, what’s the point…

You and Baekhyun used to be really good friends, your parents were best friends so naturally, you spent a lot of time together.

It wasn’t until around middle school when you started to loathe him, maybe it was because he started to ignore you? You technically weren’t cool enough for him back then.

You remembered that he had tried to rekindle your relationship with you a couple times. But of course, you being the stubborn bitch that you are rejected him.

And you also tried to rekindle things, but of course, his stubborn ass rejected you right back.

Then the both of you kind of gave up…

You shook off the thought of Baekhyun before deciding to just stop being a lil bitch and go to the party.


It was hella loud.

And I mean hella loud.

The floor was basically vibrating from the bass of the music and you might have been mistaken but the walls were basically shaking.

you wore a short red silky dress and your naturally wavy hair was let down. You felt good and you looked good too.

As you walked through the crowds of people trying to find your best friend you saw Baekhyun and his group of friends at the back of the room, drinking and laughing loudly.

Everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives, and it would be a lie if you said that the energy of the room wasn’t affecting you.

You decided to give up looking for Yuju and that the dance floor is where you should be.

As the song played and peoples bodies were moving to the beat you started swaying your hips to the rhythm not really paying attention to the people around you.

The dance floor started filling up with people as the beat of the music slowed down, it was that time of the night.

Random hands had found their way to your hips; as your body rolled you felt their body pressed against yours. Usually, this is where you would slap whoever was invading your space away.

But tonight, you wanted to have some fun.

You felt his member harden against your ass as friction was being created between the two of you.

“what the fuck do you think your doing”

You looked forward to seeing Baekhyun standing in front of you; his arms were crossed and his eyes were narrowed. Instead of the glare being directed towards you, he was glaring at the horny boy behind you.

You rolled your eyes before removing yourself from your dance partner; the mood had just been killed.

Baekhyuns eyes remained on the stranger as he sighed and walked off to find some other girl who was the same level of horny he was.

“whats your problem?” you asked angrily as he stalked closer towards you.

He said nothing. Before you could scream at him in annoyance he grabbed your wrist harshly before swerving on his heels and dragging you away from the party.

You struggled against his grip as he pushed you into the bedroom next to the main one.

“what the fuck do you want! If you’re so mad, ill just leave?!” you shouted as you tried to push past him. He pushed you roughly making you fall back onto the floor.

As you let out a pained groan he swiftly locked the door before taking a deep breath in, his back was turned towards you.

“Why do you always do this to me” he breathed out softly as you stood up from your previous position.

“what the fuck are you talking about” you muttered as you rubbed your probably bruised ass.

“you always glare at me, always give me attitude, always reject me. And It drives me insane” he whined as he turned around to you. Instead of the anger, you saw in his eyes before; they were filled with desperation.

“All I’ve ever wanted was you Y/N, but every time you just keep pushing me away” he growled as hunger dripped from his voice.

You took slow steps back as he walked towards you. He wanted you, he wanted you so bad and it was written all over his face.

And judging by the way his voice was making your body react; you wanted him too.

As your back hit the wall Baekhyun placed his hands on either side of your body as his eyes were fixated to your lips.

“But tonight, you’re mine” he whispered. His lips flew to yours like magnets.

You grabbed his shirt as his tongue skillfully entered your mouth, his hand trailed up your thigh as you opened your legs a little, letting him press his body closer to yours.

You pushed him backward lightly, leading him in the direction of the bed.

As he fell backward you eyed the hard boner that was begging for your attention.

You straddled him quickly as he tried to pull of your dress; you slapped his hands away before smirking down at him.

“Patience baek” you said before sending him a wink. He groaned impatiently before you slowly started to grind against him.

The friction caused by his jeans caused soft moans to escape your lips as the thinnest of your underwear let your core take the majority of it.

Baekhyun groaned repeatedly as he clutched your hips tightly, he tried to make you go fast but you continued at your pace.

“Y/N- baby, please go faster” he moaned as his face twisted with agony, the pace was killing him and that’s exactly what you wanted.

You had Baekhyun in the palm of your hand.

You decided to comply and picked up the pace of your grinding. Both you and baekhyuns moaned started getting louder and more frequent as the pressure of the grinding had also been increased.

As your stomach started to bubble you decided that now was the perfect time.

You stood up off Baekhyun leaving him confused to the sudden loss of contact.

“What happened?! Why’d you stop!?” he whined clearly upset that you stopped grinding which means he probably wouldn’t be able to actually have sex with you.

“What? You think you can just treat me like shit and then suddenly confess you don’t hate me and id fuck you?” you asked calmly as you fixed up your hair.

Baekhyun looked at a loss for words as he stared at you in shock.

“B-but it was the truth” he muttered softly.

“I know, and I’m willing to work on this, but it won’t be that easy” you shrugged as you collected yourself hormone wise.

“You liked it” he said as he stood up and started fixing himself up too.

“maybe, but I don’t like bacon” you said before patting his chest and walking out of the room.

You couldn’t help the smile that covered your face, you didn’t really know where your relationship with Baekhyun would go but you knew it’d be an exciting journey.

(A/N sorry if it was bad! I got a little lost with where I was taking this one, but anywho I hope you enjoyed a little bit of it :) )

dating yuta!!


also thank you @that-little-asian for helping me w trying to find ideas

and @jaeminnana for trying to help w my master list (even tho it still doesn’t work rip) 

3/? for the nct dating series


- oK ofc i always gotta start off on how y'all start dating

- aight so you and yuta are on this co ed rep soccer team (also knows as the best)

- and y'all r both the best on the team

- so u guys are always competing for the #1 spot

- its pretty serious lmao




- “what the fuck does that have to do wi- you know what? never mind” - you


- secretly though, yuta has the biggest crush on you 

- same w you

- y'all r good at hiding your feelings tho

- yuta didn’t really interact with you outside of soccer he wanted to tho

- you guys have 0 classes together 


- anyway back onto the story

- so yuta goes to his friends (the other guys on the team) and you go to your friends (the girls on the team)



- “WE KNEW IT” - everyone

- so they devise a plan to get you guys together (without y'all knowing cause ur blinded by love)

- so during the next practice, jaehyun “accidentally” bodychecks yuta who falls onto of you

- his arms are on either side of your head and his legs are in between yours


- your heart bbbeats

- “,,,,,you can uh-like- get up now” - you


-  both of ur faces r so red

- he just awkwardly helps you up and you guys have moment

- like y'all r staring into each others eyes

- what u didn’t know though is that the rest of the team filmed it

- even the coach was in on it cause everyone ships u two

- time skip

- after that moment, y'all stopped bickering


- “hey bbygirl ;)” - nakamoto yuta



- but that changed on one very special day

- aka the day he asked you to prom

- aka the best day of your life


- with like hearts n memes

- and when u opened it, it says “go to prom w me loser”



- ok so now y'all r technically dating

- and when he goes to your house to pick u up he had to do a double take


- you almost fell down the stairs lmaoaoao

- cause he was so handsome (not like he isn’t everyday though)

- he gives like the best kisses


- not to rough, but not too slow ya feel

- and he is so caring for you

- like he always asks in between periods how you’re feeling and ugh goals

- once a guy from another school tried to hit on u during a tournament


- “hey you. this girl is my girl friend so if you bippity back the fuck off that’d be great” 

- that was just quick sample

- all the girls love him and can’t get over the fact that he’s taken

- the always hug him and cling onto him and he’s like 

- “ewwwww’

- cause the only one doing that should be you

- he accidentally tripped u during practice one day

- “omg baby r u ok?!’

- “do you want me to carry you babe?


- yo but he is so cocky and shit sometimes

- like he doesnt even try to tone down his flirting w u

- “those shorts look good, but they’d look even better in the storage room floor ;)))” - yuta

- u aint gonna disagree w that

- cause sexy time with yuta is the best time

- its either super rough n hot or sweet n caring there is no in between

- you’re not complaining though

- y'all r still competitive w soccer though

- “bAbe get out of my way”

- “nah babe i got this”



“SHUT THE FUCK UP” - everyone

- its the hard knock life for u guys

- his lock screen is a photo of you after a soccer game with the first place medal

- you just looked so good

- you had like a loose ponytail, a flushed face, and a smile so big it would rival his “healing smile”

- yours is the same (him with the first place medal, a flushed face, big smile) cause y'all r like that

- this girl once tried to steal him away from you


- he literally told her “stop trying to be hot, you’re not y/n’

- she cried and ran away

- lol 00ps


- “yours first perfectly with mine”- him

- “bitch no ur hands r sweaty” - you

- you guys are both so petty,,,,,,people wonder how u can stand eachother


- when!he!first!said!i!ove!you!

- cutest thing ever

- it was your 500 day anniversary 

- and he came to practice w a bunch of flowers and gave u the biggest hug

- he spun u around and was like

- “god i love you so much”

- you almost peed ur pants

- the coach almost peed their pants

- the team almost peed their pants

- the school almost peed their pants


- your first date was a mess though lol

- he set up this picnic and EVERYTHING IT WAS SO SWEET



- then it rolled down a hill and was never to be seen again

- “jfc yuta”- everyone including himself


- in conclusion

- yuta is a babe and everyone should love him

- he deserves everything and all the love in the world

- osaka prince <3



by the way i know my master list is rly messed up, I’ve been trying to fix it for like 2 hours but its not working :( 


- emma

I just need to find me a girl that loves women’s soccer as much as I do so we can go to games together and connect over the players that we love. Any takers? Also side note: I’m planning on going to a Portland Thorns game at some point this season so if anyone wants to tag along with me, hit me up because I’m looking to take someone with me.

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canadi-a  asked:

With reference to your latest post about your top 4, how would you describe yourself?

You know that one is confusing for me. The way I see myself and the way other’s think that I am don’t always agree. In fact, the thing that irks me the most is being told I’m “scary smart, calculating, AND dangerously manipulative.” Terrifying, right?  

You see, I think of myself as having average intelligence, maybe a little above average. I saw a TED talk when I was 17 about faking it until you make it, and I decided I would fake being smart. And that maybe I could become it. Despite having any clue as to whether I was “actually” good at biology or organic chemistry or physiology, I took on these classes with the idea that I loved it, and that I was smart as hell. Today, when people say I’m extremely smart, calculating, or dangerous, I still think of the Rachel sitting in front of her 2011 laptop, watching that TED talk, getting ready to put on the biggest show in hopes of becoming that show. I don’t even believe it. And I’m intrigued that being smart and fast is tied with being dangerous and manipulative. 

I think of myself as someone who wants nothing more than to treat people the way that I wished I was treated at various moments in my life. When I’m coaching AYSO soccer, and I notice one girl is scoring over and over again and has the biggest shit eating grin on her face, while another girl has an indifferent look on her face, I praise every positive move that she makes. Despite being in the defensive position, I’ll say “very well done, solid defensive positioning, wonderful tackle, you are doing fantastic.” And you’ll see the kid light up and play a little harder.

I think of myself as someone who loves to hear and tell a good story. If chakras are real, mine is my throat, and my ability to communicate. I sat next to a hot shot CEO in a coffee shop who had a coloring book, you know, the one’s by Johanna Basford, and he was coloring away. We ended up chatting and he said that the coloring book is surprisingly indicative of his emotions. I asked if he had colored in it during a bad day. He said he had once. I playfully asked to solve it and find the precise picture. Half the book was colored. I flipped through, holding my place with one page that stood out, let go of the page, and returned to the same one. I said, “this one.” He said that’s the day, how did you do that? I said looking at it immediately gave me anxiety. 
I guess I understand pain, anxiety, and emotion well enough to talk to people and make them feel better, and, even see it in a coloring book. The ability to do that? I guess it makes me dangerous. 

I think of myself as being passionate, playful, almost hyperactive. Well I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder recently actually. I exhibit a large range on the emotional spectrum. When I’m angry, I’m reallllly fucking angry. When I’m happy, I’m like the sun shining down on a flower on a spring day. I’m passionate as hell about a large array of things. My friends. Science. Soccer. Piano. Audi’s. Writing. Medicine. Skating. Business. Photography. Letters. I think of myself as Peter Pan. I’m always flying in my dreams. I prefer to write on blank printer paper so that I’m not confined. I’m aggressive and opinionated and I don’t want to grow up and lose my fiery spark. 

So yeah, I guess that’s what I think of me right now. 

Blue. (Tendou)

This prompt was given to me by my lovely mutual @capturingmyvanishingthoughts ! Hope I did your thoughts some justice, lovey!!!

He knew the snickers erupting in the corner of the room were meant for him, they always were. It was a daily occurrence that he had grown accustomed to, and subsequently learned to ignore. He knew he had friends who had loved him, and although he had told himself countless times that they were the only people who mattered, it still stung to feel the eyes of others boring into his skull when all he was doing was living his life.

There were very few people in this class who didn’t go out of their way to make him uncomfortable in one way or another. There were a few boys from the soccer team who payed him no mind, and probably only respected him due to his relations with Ushijima. Then there was a quiet girl who sat by herself in the front left corner of the room. Her name was __, or maybe it was ~~, but Tendou didn’t know for sure. Tendou wasn’t even sure if he has ever even heard her speak, exempt the times where she answers a question in class. She was a subject of taunting as well, but not as violently as he was. Tendou always had a snarky remark in store to retaliate, and that’s what made them always come back. That was his biggest flaw, cynicism. __ just sat there with her head down, or her face in a book. They couldn’t get a rise out of her, therefore, she wasn’t interesting. Tendou almost felt bad for her, on certain days. She didn’t seem to have many friends, but didn’t seem to want to make any. He debated reaching out to her one time, but he figured she didn’t want to be reached out to. Tendou knew what it was like to be alone, but wanting to be alone was a completely different subject for him.

Everybody had been seated for a while now, most kids on their phones or muttering with their friends. It was ironic that the homeroom teacher always wound up fifteen minutes late on Monday mornings, when students are at their worst. Minutes passed and the flow of the class was going the same, people talking, a few token kids looking over their homework, the staring. Tendou didn’t like to focus on it directly, rather he payed attention peripherally. He stared at one point on his desk, a book or a pen, and simply listened in. Some called it eavesdropping, but he preferred to call it, “gathering information”. So, when out of the corner of his eye he saw two chairs pull away from their desks, he wasn’t really surprised.

“Hey Tendou.” Someone chirped in cynical sing song. Queue Tendou rolling his eyes, and shooting the perpetrator a fake smile. He didn’t say anything, but they came over, nonetheless.

“How are you today?” Another laughed, creeping up behind him and leaning his arm against Tendou’s chair.

“Wonderful.” He muttered, continuing to mind his own business, hoping they would make it short and sweet today. Although it wasn’t physical, it hurt, and he couldn’t wait for it to be all over.

“You’re looking particularly ugly today. Did you do anything new?” A girl creeped up on his side and squatted down, resting her elbows against his desk. Out of everyone, Tendou hated her the most. She overzealously fancied Ushijima, and like Tendou, she wouldn’t leave Ushijima alone, but for a different reason. She wore too much eye shadow and kissed up to boys for money, and if Tendou was being honest, she was definitely a bitch. It was something he’s said to her before, but payed for it in return.

“Well, nothing’s different about me today but I could ask you the same question.” She shot him a bored expression in reply and pursed her lips, scooting her elbows father back on the desk to move away from him. He was parasitic to her.

“Has anyone ever told you you’re kind of an asshole, Tendou?”

“I could say the same thing to you.”

“At least people like me. The only reason you aren’t dead is ‘cause you kiss Ushijima’s ass.”

“You’re being kinda contradictory today, aren’t you? Keep going though, it’s funny.” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw somebody else approaching. He figured it was another student who would just pass by and ignore the situation, so he ignored them. The guy gripping the back of his chair seemed to be gripping harder, though. All Tendou did was cross his arms over his chest.

“Stop acting cocky, freak.” The guy muttered, and the girl nodded in reply.

“I wonder why you look like a freak. I’ve never really thought about that. Hey, why do you think he looks like a freak?” The girl nodded at the guy behind him, then towards Tendou.

“Could be the fuckin’ Satan eyes.”

“I think it’s the hair that sells it. What are you, a fuckin’ super saiyan?” She laughed, then closed her eyes, humming and thinking to herself for a moment. “Isn’t there a saying that gingers don’t have souls? ‘Cause that would explain a lot for you, Tendou.”

Tendou continued to pay no mind to her, just focusing on the same spot on his desk; a book he hadn’t been reading that he had to write an essay for in a week. Suddenly, though, he saw the same person walk up to his table, and set their hand right by his arm. He looked up, only to see __, the nerdy quiet girl from the front left corner of the classroom. He wasn’t necessarily confused, but he definitely was a bit stunned to see her standing next to him. Then, the girl who didn’t speak, spoke.

She tapped the girl on the shoulder, only for her to shoot her a dirty look and pop up on her tiptoes to try and loom over her. __ didn’t look amused, pushing up her glasses with her thumb before clearing her throat. Whatever she wanted to say, the former beat her to it.

“The hell do you want, nerd? I can’t believe you’re actually-”

Just like a slow motion scene out of a movie, Tendou watched as __ cranked her arm behind her, and as hard as her small structure could, slapped the girl across the face and sent her stumbling back onto the desk in front of him. The sound of the impact made the entire class to go silent, and Tendou swore he could hear it echo off the walls. Nobody said anything, just stared in awe at the quiet girl who made the loudest scene.

“Holy shit…” Tendou muttered under his breath, watching her as she brushed her hands against her ironed skirt. He could feel goosebumps prickling at his skin, and although he had no relations with this girl at all, he felt overwhelmingly proud.

The girl stood up and gasped, offended, but didn’t throw any physical blows back. Tendou figured she must’ve been as shocked as he was, as everyone was.

“The fuck was that for, bitch?” She cried, standing up and getting in __’s face again. __ merely shrugged.

“It’s for you being absolutely ignorant. It’s a reality check for how pathetic you’re being. Do you really have nothing better to do with your lives than bully someone in your senior year of high school? I’ve been watching you this entire year and every day I think Iose more and more brain cells just breathing the same air as you imbeciles. It’s actually hilarious that you think you have any relevancy in this world for someone who sits around and makes fun of someone who did absolutely nothing wrong, somebody you barely know and chose to judge based off physical features you find lacking to your own. If anybody’s the freak, it’s you.” __ told her off with little expression on her face, but Tendou picked up on the way her eyebrow twitched. In fact, it was the lack of expression she bestowed that made Tendou realize this was the most belligerent he had ever seen anyone in his life. She glanced down at him for a split second, and only a split second, before looking back up at the girl.

“And before you try to tell me off- think about what you’re going to say. Are you going to try to belittle me with childish insults, or are you actually going to try and debate me like an adult? Because until you actually have a mindset of somebody who’s graduating this year, I don’t want to talk to you. Same goes for you.” She nodded at the guy who was holding onto Tendou’s chair, who miraculously wasn’t holding on anymore. “I’m willing to accept any punishment I receive for hitting you, because in the end I know I’m right. I’ll continue to do it again and again until you realize what you’re doing is pathetic. Keep that in mind.”

The girl’s jaw had dropped halfway through __’s tangent. All three of them, and the rest of the class, watched as __ bowed in front of her, then trotted back to her seat and pulled out her book as nothing had ever happened. Tendou looked up at the girl standing by his desk, arms limp at her sides, tears in her eyes. The slap mark on her cheek was evident, but the shock more so. Everybody was still silent, afraid if they made a noise, __ would snap. All Tendou could hear was the way his heart was hammering in his chest. His adrenaline was kicking, and he wasn’t even the one who told the girl off. Though, the bursting feeling in his stomach was telling him that he was thrilled. Somebody had stood up for him, for the first time in eighteen years of his life. That person being the proclaimed nerd, especially. It was the most dauntless thing he had ever seen, and that’s what made his heart race faster. He couldn’t wait to tell Ushijima and Semi about this later. 

A few minutes later, the teacher walked into classroom, stunned for a completely different reason. “You lot are awfully quiet today! Oops, I shouldn’t say that, I don’t want to jinx myself.” He chuckled at his own lame joke and took a seat at his desk, still unaware about how everyone sat statue in their seats. Nobody dared to open their mouths, and nobody dared to mention anything about what just occurred. 

The next day at school, Tendou made it explicit to himself to go and thank __ sometime today. Not one person in the halls gave him a nasty glare, nobody bothered to bump into him while he was at his locker, and most importantly, nobody in the class dared to even look his way. The girl had been sitting in her seat with her eyes towards the floor the entire time. Tendou tried glaring at her for a minute, to see if she was actually unwilling to attack him. He figured she sensed his eye on her, she had to, but she still didn’t move. She didn’t even spare him a glance, and to Tendou, that was wonderful. As for everyone else, instead of huddling in their groups and gossiping about their crushes new Instagram photo, there was heavy discourse about __.

As long as Tendou could remember, __ was always the first one to arrive in class. Suspiciously, though, she wasn’t seated in her usual spot in the front left corner of the room, and class was about to start in three minutes, which was even odder. This struck the rumor that she was in trouble, that she was placed in school hour detention, or even suspended. Even though __ had hit another girl, Tendou deemed it highly unlikely that she was given any heavy form of punishment. She had a perfect record, kept on the down-low and he was positive the principal didn’t even know her name. The worst she could’ve gotten was forced volunteer work, or a day of after school detention. That didn’t really explain why she as absent, though. Her catching a cold would be too ironic for the situation, and her just merely skipping, even more so. Although all suspicions subsided when the classroom door creaked open. __ walked in with her bag and a book as she did every day. She looked absolutely fine, the same uniform, the same tired look, although, one thing was clearly different.

For some odd reason, the girl who would rather be mixed into the crowd than the center of attention, dyed her hair blue. It wasn’t even a dull blue that would be looked passed in a mere second. It was neon, almost blinding, and if it weren’t for the signature way it frizzed up, Tendou would’ve thought it was a cosplay wig. Everyone was silent until she sat down, and swung that bright mop over her shoulder. Then everyone turned back to their respective groups and started scream whispering about her hair.

“Why would she do that for him?”

“Isn’t she graduating top of our class? She’s ruining her chance to look professional.”

“Ya think she has a crush on Tendou?”

Tendou would’ve approached her then, but she seemed like she would rather not be approached. If he wasn’t in a public setting like this, he swore he would start crying. She began this rendezvous by slapping a girl, then went and dyed her hair an obscure color, for him. She was making a scene out of herself to make a statement about him, and just the mere thought of it was overwhelming. He couldn’t wait for this class to end so he could pull her aside in the halls.

As soon as the bell rang and he saw __ rise from her seat, Tendou wasted no time running after her. It saddened him to see so many people glaring at her in the hallway, turning to their friends and laughing about what a stupid decision she had made. The moment he got close enough to her, he tapped her shoulder. She looked up at him and her expressionless face immediately turned downwards. For some reason she was shocked, almost as if she was afraid of his confrontation. He muttered a quick, “hi” before leading her down an empty hall. She followed him willingly, which proved she wasn’t that scared of her impending confrontation. Maybe she was just shocked that she was being confronted in the first place.

“__, is it?” Tendou asked once she sat down next to him by the door of a vacant classroom.

“That would be me.”

“__, you’re the most badass person I’ve ever met in my entire life.” Tendou watched as her eyebrows raised at the statement, and for the first time in his life, watched her lips curl into a smile. He had to admit, it was pretty adorable.

“Thank you, but I disagree.” She shook her head and pushed her bright blue hair in front of her cheeks. “I think I was just being a decent human being, that’s all.”

“If decent human beings are superheroes, c’mon! You decked someone, it was incredible!” Tendou nudged her in the shoulder to watch her smile again. He figured she wasn’t used to being complimented. “I have to ask you though, __, why’d you do that? I mean, I’m definitely not mad, no no no. Nobody’s ever stuck up for me, though. So why’d you do it?”

__ took a moment to think, taking a deep breath before blowing out of her nose.

“I hate bullying. It’s pathetic, don’t you agree? Whether you’re eight years old or eighteen, it’s all the same. I knew that you were bullied for a while now, I mean, everybody does. I’ve been wanting to call them out on it for a while but… I just had no idea how. But then… then it was happening right in front of me, I was already having a bad day to begin with, and the moment I saw her just, slither up next to you I lost it. And, and, and I have no idea why they would bully on you in the first place! If they knew anything about what you do at volleyball, I assure you they’d never speak to you again.”

Tendou looked down at her, amused, and shook his head.

“You’re definitely something, aren’t you? And uh, how do you know about volleyball? You don’t seem like the type to be into that stuff.” 

“Me and Kenjirou are friends from middle school. I started going to your games for him but now I… I go for you.” She whispered the last part, and if Tendou wasn’t so attentive to her words, he would’ve missed it.

“Oh stop it, you’re making me blush.” He teased, hitting her on the arm lightly as if they were old friends.

“I mean it. I find you realy interesting and, oh dear, I sound really creepy, don’t I?”

“Nah, it’s flattering. You know what else is flattering? This hair.” Tendou laughed, and a silly smile crossed __’s face.

“I know. I know. It’s kinda bad.” 

“Why’d you do it though? Was it on your bucket list to slap a bitch then dye your hair blue?”

“Who has a bucket list like that?”

“I dunno. You just seem different enough already.” Tendou shrugged.

“I kinda did it for you, too. I’m not obsessive, I promise. I heard her say something about how your hair was ugly, or something and I was just so fed up. Like, how could somebody hate such a pretty color?” She shook her head, and looked up towards Tendou’s hair for a split second. “And I get that nobody else has red hair around these parts and I just drove to the hair salon and boom. Blue hair. If they’re going to make fun of your hair for being an odd color, they can try me, too.”

Tendou was silent for a moment, he really didn’t know what to say. He had to take a second to soak it all in, all the flattery, the entire gesture, all his suspicions being true. He felt himself shiver.

“Are you sure you’re not a superhero?”

“I’m positive.”

“Then you’re not normal, __.” Tendou laughed.

“Well, who needs normal?”

A love letter to women’s soccer

Dear women’s soccer,

you are the best thing that happened to me. You taught me countless lessons that changed my life. The world is a cruel place. It is often unfair to those who work hard, but go unnoticed. But you give those people hope, you gave me hope when I was an insecure little kid and still give me hope today as a young adult. You lifted me up when I was bullied in school for being too small, too weak, too unathletic at 13 years old. I always dreaded PE class because every time I stepped into the gym, I was going to be ridiculed and laughed at once again. And every time I tried, it wasn’t enough. I was never enough in the eyes of my teacher and in the eyes of my peers. Phrases like “you never tried” were thrown at me, but how am I supposed to try when no one even gave me a chance? Women’s soccer has shown me that my body does not limit my ability to succeed, to thrive, to shine. That the voice inside of me speaks louder than any bully. Aya Miyama, a 5’1 Japanese soccer player, played a key role in bringing home the world cup trophy in 2011. Hope Solo, the former US goalkeeper and an international superstar, never let her dark past define her performances on the field and her mindset helped her team to win two Olympic golds and a world cup.

Sports are such a beautiful thing. It’s the will to optimize yourself, be bolder, be faster, be stronger. And then the excitement, the happiness when you finally reach your goal…it’s priceless.

Soccer unfortunately happens to be probably the most male-dominated game that exists. Female players struggle to make a living and usually have second careers to support themselves, beside soccer. Rachel Buehler decided to continue med school after retiring from soccer and Whitney Engen has just recently started law school. These two and many others turned the adversities society throws at them into being total badasses. And it requires so much for players to take a break from soccer, have children and then get back to playing professionally. Putting up with crappy wages, personal sacrifices and endless discrimination, but still stepping out on the field and keep going, is the definition of strength. Meanwhile, male soccer players do not even think of second careers because they get a shit ton of money for getting their privileged asses promoted.

Dear women’s soccer, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of you I know what it means to embrace myself and play like a girl. Because of you I know that gender does not equal limit. Please never doubt your worth just because the world isn’t as grateful for you as it should be.

Love, Anne