as a ghost obviously

Batman's other Robin (part 1)

Phantom had joined the Justice League about 2 months after the Pariah Dark incident. An entire city disappearing of off the face of the Earth for a week, even if it was a smaller city, was more than enough reason to investigate for Batman. After extensive research and interviews of the locals, he was inconclusive about Phantom himself. And what do you do when unsure about a ghost? Kidnap them with the help of the Fentons. Obviously. They had trapped him in a stasis feild of sorts, and he was reluctant to say anything whilst the Fentons were present.
That was understandable, seeing as they had Fenton-bazookas out and kept threatening to tear him apart molecule-by-molecule. It was starting to unnerve Batman as well, so he sent them out and freed Phantom. Shortly after they left Phantom sighed, “Thanks for making them leave, and letting me out of that too I guess,” gesturing to the thing that had previously contained him. “Why did you do that, exactly?” He said, tensing, as if he had experience in people with manipulative tendancies.
“Because I need to see if I can trust you or not.” Batman said simply, while stepping out of the shadows. “Holy Hecate you’re Batman.” Phantom visisbly relaxed as he said this and even went so far as to sit down on the basement floor. “Yes I am. Why did you save the town from Pariah Dark?” Phantom froze, shocked by the directness of the question and once again reluctant to answer. “I’ve been researching you but can’t find an unbiased source on this, so I decided to come to you.” The ghost kid tensed up on the word researching and hesitantly mumbled, “No one else could’ve.” Interesting. Did he have a hero-complex or was he telling the truth?
After a small awkward silence -caused mainly by the Bats brooding- Phantom spoke up, “Er, Batman, is that all you wanted to ask or can I go now…?” Batman looked up and simply stated, “ I have more questions, but for another place. Do you think you can be in Gotham by noon Sunday? If so, meet me then, top of the Wayne Aerospace building. It’s for your well-being that you are there.”
Phantom paled at the threat, who wouldn’t? It was Batman for Hecate’s sake! He quickly swallowed his fear and nodded. Just like that, the Dark Knight had vanished. If Danny didn’t know better he would have said it was almost ghostly. The last few hours promptly caught up to him, and Danny detransformed and rushed up to his room in order to fanboy with Tucker. Because HOLY SHIT BATMAN had just interrogated him and it was AWESOME!

@dannyphantom-justiceleauge I decided to start writing the hc I submitted :p

ghost in the house: GET OUT. I WILL TAKE YOU-

real estate agent: chill, its me.

ghost: oh hey. have you sold it yet.

real estate agent: obviously NOT, idiot.


Words: 6K

Warning: smut

Summary: Y/N and her mum move into a new home, which Y/N is dreading. Whilst painting her room she meet’s Calum who died a year ago and is obviously a ghost. You help him reconnect with his old best friends in which he thanks you in the best way a ghost could.


Your mum drove up the long stony pathway, hearing the rocks crackle beneath the tyres. I let out another exaggerated sigh, looking dramatically out the window as a sad song played through my headphones. Me and my mum were once again moving away from our problems. In the past five year’s we’ve moved at least 12 times, from small flats to large houses. It all started when my dad cheated on my mum, I was only 10 and didn’t understand why we were moving from our happy family home to a cramped apartment that was the size of a shoe box. Now at the age of 19 I had gotten used to moving around and not unpacking my things. I had never had a stable job or education either, I tried but it was so hard moving around the place. 

“Cheer up Y/N” Mum said in her silky voice. I rolled my eye’s and focused on the tree leaves, the different colours of orange. I loved autumn it’s always been my favourite as it’s not to hot but it’s not to cold. It’s just right. We had been travelling through this forest for a couple of minutes. Up the long drive, it had gotten a lot darker and the colours of the leaves were a dark brown. I looked in front and there stood a large black castle/house. I furrowed my eye brows as my mum got out the car with her clanging key’s. There was a large gate with a chain holding it together, my mum placed the key in the lock and the chains fell from the gate. She pushed them back and placed a stop underneath them. The house itself was massive, probably bigger then anything we’ve ever had. It was dark and gloomy and could do with a paint job, or some colour. My mum came back into the car and put the key’s down into the cup holder. 

“So what do you think?” she said excitedly. 

“I like it, how long this time? A week? A month? or will we be moving tomorrow?” I mumbled sarcastically. 

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So a slight new discovery/sorta theory I had while rewatching TLD:

We have a lot of scenes with Ghost!Mary in this ep. Obviously they make it pretty clear that she’s a figment of John’s imagination and part of his way of grieving. BUT. Has anyone considered that she’s also being conjured up by Sherlock?

In the last moment of the scene with the three of them in Baker St., as Sherlock grabs The Hat and walks out, he says: 

(Notably, John doesn’t actually see Ghost!Mary himself this time.)

And I think there’s two ways of interpreting that: either Sherlock is acknowledging that John had been talking to/seeing Mary before, even though Sherlock wasn’t “seeing” her himself. OR, she’s been paying him some visits, too.

The scene supports the second better, IMO. It’s implied that Sherlock could hear Ghost!Mary’s commentary about wearing The Hat earlier and gave into wearing it because of her joking about it. 

Sooooooo…that means that he was probably imagining Mary there for that WHOLE SCENE, too (and possibly some of the much earlier ones). Meaning all of her comments are not just John’s inner thoughts projecting, but BOTH of John’s AND Sherlock’s thoughts.


Could very well be something SHERLOCK was projecting onto Mary, too.

Just saying.

My shameless shipping angle aside, it’s an interesting thing to consider.

me before watching the premiere of Sherlock: *so excited I can barely contain myself*

me now: did they really just do that?! are you effing kidding me?!? i’m not gonna survive this season. i waited three years to be emotionally destroyed at the hands of this tv show… now those little sneak peeks in the trailers are giving me palpitations… & there’s still two episodes left… oh my god… i… i’m gonna watch it again.

A production of Hamlet in a modern setting that takes place on Halloween.

Hamlet initially doesn’t believe his friends when they tell him they saw a ghost, because it’s HALLOWEEN, and ghost costumes and decorations are everywhere. Obviously I can’t add any dialogue, so this will all need to be conveyed visually.

Yorick isn’t actually dead, he’s dressed up as a skeleton gravedigger, and he takes off his plastic skull helmet and claims it’s his own head and that he died years earlier. Hamlet goes along with it because he’s either drunk, high, or just completely out of fucks to give.

The speech where Polonius is telling Laertes all the things he should and shouldn’t be is just him trying to help his son pick out a costume. When he concludes, “To thine own self be true,” Polonius proudly fixes a lion mask on Laertes, suggesting bravery.



Immediately: It’s obviously still set in Japan- no spin off in America, no good reason for a white woman to be playing the role of MOTOKO KUSANAGI.

Straight after: “It’s Major.” Do you mean THE Major, or is your name just going to be “Major” so you can hide the fact that it’s MOTOKO KUSANAGI. The Japanese woman from Japan, living in Japan?

Then: A terrible skin tight/”nude” body suit that only worked in the animated version and that absolutely cannot be pulled of live action, making it painfully obvious that most of the revenue is coming from Scarlet Johannson looking kind-of naked. 

Afterwards: “You’re the first of your kind.” No she’s not. Why hollow out a film if you’re not even going to USE the film? Who will Batou even be, if not a cyborg like her? I guess it doesn’t matter. 

And: *A gay kiss* That never happened. Clearly more temptation for the male gaze. 

Batou is also white. 

AND LASTLY: “They did not save you’re life… they stole it!” Ah. Yes. A completely different plot. Not a rogue android who’s malfuntions prompt an existential analysis on how similar we are to technology, or how close to us technology may be able to come. 

But rather, a conspiracy theory. And a seemingly entirely different film.

anonymous asked:

Dealing with Jamies' ghost. Do you think the time we see his Ghost from book 1 and ep 1 as well that we are seeing him during one of the times he was supposed to die out of the 9 times he'd die before he goes to his grave that the fortune teller in Paris told him. Cause didn't DG say that when she confirmed it is Jamies ghost that the ghost was about 25, so that obviously couldn't be his ghost after his complete real death right?

Yes, I do think the ghost is from one of those brushes with death. As you said, the ghost is Jamie at around 25 years old. That matches up with Culloden. I think that he was so close to death and that his desire for Claire was so strong at that time, that he was able to project his ghost to find her. My guess is that it was either when he was on the battlefield and thought he had died, or when he was fevered at Lallybroch when Jenny thought he would die.

I do hope we get more answers about the ghost, but it might just be through q&a’s with DG rather than in the books.

15 Reasons why Kevin Beckman (Chris Hemsworth) is delightful in Ghostbusters

Chris Hemsworth was amazing in Ghostbusters and here’s a list of reasons why. Warning: This list contains spoilers!

  • He looks good enough to eat and Erin’s reactions to him are pretty much the same reactions that most people have towards him 
  • He wears glasses without lenses because he realized that it would be easier to keep them clean that way 
  • He drew a ghost with boobs for the Ghostbusters’ logo 
  • He thinks he created an original logo with the 7/11 sign
  • He drew a hot dog floating above a house as another possible logo because obviously the hot dog was being held by a ghost
  • He has a dog called ‘Mike Hat’, well his full name is Michael Hat but he just calls him ‘Mike Hat’ which sounds an awful lot like ‘My cat’
  • He covers his eyes when he doesn’t want to hear something or when something is too loud
  • He thinks a fish tank is a fish submarine
  • He tried Abby’s coffee to see if he put sugar in it, then spat it back out immediately because he hates coffee
  • He’s the worst receptionist in the world and hardly answers the phone/hangs up when he doesn’t like talking to someone
  • He uses shirtless pictures of himself with a saxophone for his headshots and was asking which picture makes him look more like a doctor
  • He tries to speak ‘scientifically’ like the Ghostbusters and ends up saying utter nonsense
  • He got a jumpsuit because he wanted to join them and be part of the team
  • He went to get a sandwich while the Ghostbusters saved the world
  • He is a pretty, dumb/pretty dumb cupcake who needs to be protected at all costs

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when Sherlock confronts Rosamund about Ajay, he says “he’s a very tangible ghost” while adjusting his side where he obviously has an injury from his fight with Ajay earlier

I’m willing to bet John treated his wounds when they looked over the usb. As in. Sherlock took off his clothes and John touched him. THIS IS NOT FINE


Wow, have I really only posted one of these? I’ve been participating in @my-little-art-challenge (off and on) since July. In all that time, I’ve somehow only reposted the spooky one. Well, here’s all 6 so far.

Pokemon Trainers - Twilight’s gonna catch ‘em all, whether they like it or not.

Hungover Ponies - Dash finally made to the front of the line for Cider Season, and paid the price.

Salt/Frustraton/Anger - This is obviously before that latest Roadhog patch

Ghosts - Dash, I think someone may have a grudge against you.

Unnecessary Censorship - Um, Tank…?

Surprised - You did WHAT to Bon Bon’s oats?! (Obviously One Piece inspired, thank you based Oda)

It’s kinda fun to look back and see my progression as an artist. But not too far back. Only nightmares lie there.