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Fic recs? Fic recs!

For Fandom Fic Rec Days because this is a fantastic idea. These ones will be for Voltron, but if people want fic recs for other fandoms I’ve clawed through extensively (Batman, FMA, Young Justice, One Piece) I can do those too.

(Also, sorry to any writers who aren’t tumblr-tagged. I am terrible with names and probably don’t know you’re here. But I’ve still linked to your fic profiles in this case!)

a.k.a. “you should read everything they do it’s all quality okay”

@maychorian Okay look, if you are in any way excited that I’m in this fandom, you owe maychorian a big ‘thank you’ since she was unwittingly the reason I decided to stick around after watching S1. Boom Crash The Sound Of My Ship was one of the first fics I found after wandering into the fandom and holds a special place in my heart to this day. I have fond memories of eating up the whole series by staying up late or sneaking chapters at work on my breaks. I once hid in my car during my lunch break to read a chapter right after it released? Recs all around, just read all her stuff.

@bosstoaster You’ve probably read BT’s stuff already because who hasn’t but I don’t care I’m reccing her stuff anyway. BT writes everything. Like, everything. With a Shiro focus primarily, but she’s got a great handle on the other characters and will tackle such an insanely crazy variety of prompts I am continually stunned by whatever is produced next. Known for making you suffer but will make you laugh or feelz too. Special shout out to Spark to Ignite which is probably my favorite. Is this cheating because it was an exchange fic for me? Hell no. This was my One Thing that I desperately wanted to see in the fandom and it was not anywhere. BT did a fantastic job making it come to life and making me suffer but I asked for it so it’s okay and I reread this one all the time.

@butteredonions Where do I even START? So much good fic, guys. Onions fills my cravings for all things AU and she has such an insanely wide variety. If you like AU’s there is something there for everyone and they are always so well thought out and still fit each character so well. Also (in)famous for smol!Shiro, and I’m not actually partial to a lot of deaged!chars fics because people have a bad tendency to write toddlers and young children so innacurately, but this one is gold and so it’s great. But my personal fic shoutout is gonna go to The Throne In The Hall which is just all around amazing. Gorgeous imagery, great setting, solid plot, beautiful characterization, and badass fight scenes, this whole thing is just a delightful treat from start to finish.

@ashinan Has some great works all around and you should read it! I can’t speak for Ash’s ship fics because I’m not really into ships, but people swear by both Ghost of a King and Bombs and Bullets, so I assume they are top quality for ship stuff. Me? I’m gonna rec you all Something Strange which is the most best, shut up, I will fight you on this. Amazing piece that is the modern supernatural cryptids-and-ghosts AU I didn’t know I need until I read this. Amazing characterization and so many little details that I just love picking out of the narrative and basking in. This fic is both hilariously entertaining because of the group shenanigans and frightfully haunting because of the ghosts (pun sort of intended?) Ash has also hinted at maybe doing more for the series and I’m clawing at the walls waiting for it. Read now. Do it.

@mumblefox Rounding out the Think Tank, mumble’s work is worth checking out too! Like ash, a lot of mumble’s stuff is tagged for ships, which I don’t really do, but I absolutely adore Reconnaissance which is all I need to tell me mumble’s got top quality word weaving skills. Mumble does character dynamics wonderfully and I love watching Pidge and Keith work together in this, playing off each other both in the safe Castle environment and the heat of battle. There’s gorgeous imagery all throughout this fic and tons of little details buried in the narrative that just add so much character to the story itself. Also, I am a sucker for building any kind of alien culture or worldbuilding in general, and it’s here in spades.

GriffinRose: I don’t see this fic writer recced a lot? It’s a crying shame, they’re good at what they do. Lots of Keith-centric stuff but not necessarily in a shippy way (which is usually what I see for Keith-centric stuff), but they also tackle some other characters too! My favorite is actually Mama Holt because we see a lot of Matt and Sam hanging around the Castle with the paladins in fics but Pidge’s mom? Not so much. This is a sweet little piece that hits all my found family feels, in which Mama Holt ends up on the Castle of Lions and slowly ends up adopting absolutely everyone in it, and I love every word in it. Yes. Check out Griffin’s stuff, you won’t regret it.

a.ka. the “holy shit I found this amazing story I love and you should read it” section

You Can’t Take the Sky From Me by isabeau225
Voltron fan? Firefly fan? This fic is the fic for you! Now a series and too damn adorable. Shiro’s not expecting any kids but somehow he just keeps getting more, and somehow he’s okay with that. Again, one of those fics that does child characters well. After I read this I squeed for half an hour and melted onto the floor.

Accepting Amelioration by XILVerify
Daemon fics are my other weakness…when handled well. The problem I see with a lot of daemon fics is that writers will include the daemons but they are there more as a prop then as another character. This fic does a GORGEOUS job of avoiding that pitfall and a BEAUTIFUL job of writing the daemon concept in space with these characters and I fell in love with it. Also has some very interesting interpretations of daemons that differ a bit from the novel, but in ways I really enjoy…like breaking some of the standards for what animals mean what personalities, or making touching another’s daemon less of a sexual interaction and more of a close trust or strong platonic bond kind of thing. Beautiful work. Check it out.

One for All, All for One by KaijuDork
Absolutely gorgeous Shiro-centric (but also team based) fic. Hurt comfort in spades as Shiro tries to help the paladins and they try to help him at the same time. Some beautiful and haunting imagery in this one. Still a WIP, but I’m hoping the writer can finish one day. I believe in you :)

Of a Sort by hameru
For the sickfic fan. Shiro is really, really sick, and the others do their best to help him out. Also a WIP but the first two chapters are just…quality sickfic and will fill all your hurt/comfort needs by themselves. (Still will be excited when/if more posts though)

Empty Spaces by Oreramar
Kind of a modern AU without the space stuff. Shiro loses his arm in an accident and things start to go downhill from there, until he unexpectedly finds the perfect new career…in daycare. Again, one of those rare fics that handles kids well (although they’re kind of there peripherally in this one), and the modern AU aspect is handled really skillfully too. Makes you feel all happy inside when you’re done reading it. The kind of fic I would love to see more extension on, although I’m content with this too.

Shadows of our Dreams by KUG
Because sometimes you just need a cuddle pile. This one fills the niche for both cute and fluffy as well as angsty and hurt comfort. If you need all kinds of feels all in one place this is your one-stop shop.

Lean on Me by GlassSoldiers
Wouldn’t be a good fic rec without a good 5 times! This is one of my faves. Shiro looking out for all his team, and his team looking out for him. I’m a big fan of this theme, obviously, so this one really hits the spot. Everyone gets a chance to shine, which is great :)

how to win friends, influence people, and form voltron by brosura
A WIP but a very worth it WIP, holy crap, read this. An AU in which Keith doesn’t get booted from the Garrison, and ends up slowly integrating with the rest of the Original Trio. Primarily Hunk’s PoV too which is awesome. Double awesome, it literally just updated as I was writing this list, which means there’s a new chapter, which means I need to find time to read it. AAAAAH.

These are amongst my favorites. Good job to everyone on the list, and thanks for making my nights and work breaks exciting, for making me stay up late to finish just ONE MORE CHAPTER, for giving me something to read while eating, for giving me something to motivate me to get my own work done, and for giving me things to look forward to after terrible days. Love you all and this fandom has been amazing to me so far. :)


Here’s my tribute to the films created by the amazing Studio Ghibli. A celebratory retrospective season is bringing some of Ghibli’s most beloved titles back to the big screen. I wanted to create a tribute to the wide range of films this amazing studio has produced rather than focus on just one. I really wanted to convey the positive themes that these films promote and I hope I’ve managed to achieve that.

anonymous asked:

What ARE your other fandoms? I've been dying to find out!! From checking *cough*stalking*cough* your blog everyday, I know that you like Harry Potter, and maybe also Miraculous. Anything else? (I'm also the same anon who asked for that Starset song list - Thanks a MILLION for that!!)

Oh boy. I have a lot of fandoms. Part of the problem is that right now I’m too deeply obsessed with Star Wars to much pay attention to the others, and I pretty much only follow Star Wars blogs, so anything I reblog from my other fandoms has to come through one of the Star Wars blogs I follow. And I’m not very (read: at all) active in most of these fandom communities.

Let’s see… I’m just going to start listing them as I think of them, so in no particular order: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, (I’m about a season or so behind each of these), Castle (I just haven’t seen the finale episode), Danny Phantom (first got me into fanfiction), Firefly, Leverage, Gravity Falls, Miraculous Ladybug, Trollhunters. Lord of the Rings, Narnia, How To Train Your Dragon (also a fan of the “Rise of the Brave Frozen Tangled Dragons” crossover ridiculousness), Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel (it’s getting a bit overwhelming, so I’m not following updates and new releases very closely, though I believe I’ve seen all the movies except Deadpool, which I don’t plan to see, and the second Guardians of the Galaxy, because it just came out), Star Trek (original series and new reboot movies only), the Bourne movies, Disney. Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts. As far as books, I love The Name of the Wind, among many others, but that’s the biggest one right now. I’m also something of an anime fan, and I was big into the Black Butler fandom about a year ago, active on the forums and such. Ciel Phantomhive was my first cosplay.

Umm, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head right now. Like I said, I’m not very active in most of these, and I’m behind in a lot of TV shows that I used to watch. If I had to narrow this down to my biggest ones, or the ones that I have been most active in during the last few years, it would probably be Doctor Who, Supernatural, Danny Phantom, Gravity Falls, HTTYD (and crazy crossover), Miraculous Ladybug, Final Fantasy VII, and Black Butler.


Fireteam Osiris

Jameson Locke: Locke is an ex-agent of the Office of Naval Intelligence, but he has recently started working for the United Nations Space Command as one of their newly minted Spartans. In spite of what fans might think based on the recent trailers, 343 Industries says that Locke doesn’t hold any animosity towards the Chief, but he’s been given a mission to bring him home, and Locke is the kind of guy who always comes through on his mission. Locke is a world-class man hunter; if you need someone tracked down, Locke is the guy you want to call.

Holly Tanaka: Halo fans were introduced to Tanaka in Dark Horse’s ongoing comic series, Halo Escalation. One of only 10 survivors after her home world of Minab was glassed during the Covenant war, Tanaka endured a three-year nuclear winter on Minab’s barren surface before being rescued and joining the UNSC Army. Later she volunteered for augmentation and training as a Spartan-IV soldier. Tanaka comes from African and East Asian descent, and her time surviving on Minab has given her a will to fight and survive no matter the cost.

Edward Buck: Likely Fireteam Osiris’ most recognizable face, Buck is played by popular actor Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) and was first introduced to fans in Halo 3: ODST where he helped lead a team of ODSTs on a covert mission during the Covenant invasion of Earth. Buck has trained in all manner of armed and unarmed combat and served on the front lines for two decades, participating in several black ops and wetwork missions. It was once said that if Buck were any better he’d be a Spartan. Halo 5 proves that he must have gotten better, because Buck has now graduated the Spartan-IV program. However, Buck still wears his old ODST helmet that he’s comfortable with.

Olympia Vale: At the end of the war with the Covenant, the Navy needed specialists to help bridge the gap between Humanity and the Covenant. One of the most important players in this political game was Olympia Vale. A post-war political liaison with the Sangheili, Vale was a child prodigy who is very skilled in language, and has learned to speak many of the Covenant’s dialects. Vale is a fairly new character for the Halo universe, so little is known about her currently. She will be a key player in the upcoming Halo: Hunters in the Dark novel, so fans will learn a lot more about her when the book releases on June 16.

  • Let's say the companions found television shows from our era. I just kinda thought about the companions and decided what sort of shows they'd be into.
  • Cait: American Horror Story. It's kinda dark and twisted, but she just loves something about it.
  • Codsworth: American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Antiques Road Show. The antiques make him nostalgic to better days.
  • Curie: Grey's Anatomy (though she is very confused by the drama of the operation room because she read it was a very calm and quiet environment), House M.D. She's very much into the doctor shows.
  • Danse: American Ninja Warrior, wilderness survival shows, anything that's about mankind pushing itself to the physical limit. He likes to believe that be could accomplish most of the feats done by
  • Deacon: Spy shows. Chuck, Burn Notice, Nikita. Loves 'em.
  • Hancock: Weeds, Orange Is The New Black.
  • MacCready: Gotham, Arrow, The Flash, Dare Devil, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., etc. In case you forget, he's a NERD!
  • Nick: CSI, NCIS Castle… All of the detective shows. All of them
  • Piper: Pretty Little Liars because the truth always comes out and she loves that so much.
  • Preston: Hardcore Firefly fan. Loves the whole space western thing.
  • Strong: The Walking Dead. He's usually rooting for the walkers.
  • X6-88: Dollhouse. The technologies and concepts shown in the show are similar to those of the institute. Its familiar and home-y. Also low-key into Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But, he'd never admit it.
Castle - Checkmate

I started watching Castle in 2009. Not only did I love the show, but as someone who had spent years in mainstream publishing, I admired how ABC had created a network of content for Castle, with the TV show, the best selling Nikki Heat novels by ‘Richard Castle’, and later the Derrick Storm comic books.

In 2010 when I decided to leave my job to explore new areas of publishing and content technology, I fortuitously came across Castle fanfiction. I found in it, the intersection of all those interests, the most astonishing writers and an online community that showed the way for what I believed (and believe) is the future of publishing. Castle and its fans had a significant effect on my professional and social life. The Castle fans showed how fan support and a vibrant and active online community could bolster and sustain a creative enterprise, with Castle fan power in particular bolstering a TV show that initially had not had much traction. So I have been a superfan of the show and its supporting fan community for many years.

I was thus devastated to hear that Stana Katic had not been invited to renew her contract for Season 9.

Until I read Nathan Fillion’s response to the news that Stana Katic was leaving Castle, I had chosen not to believe the rumours of BTS tensions between the two leads. Fillion’s response ticked all the boxes for ABC: it mentioned his creative delight in being involved with Castle; it supported the continuation of Castle; it acknowledged Katic’s contribution; it was courteous. However, even the most cursory linguistic analysis reveals that the sentiments were once removed, and his support for Castle continuing for years to come (without Katic) indicates that at least some of the rumours about onset tension might be true.

Stars not getting along must be common in show business, and I imagine it must be difficult to spend 14 hours a day for years on end with someone one doesn’t particularly like. But the decision by a network to continue with a new season after 8 years without one of the co-leads, and for the other lead to support the decision, seems unusual. In this social media world, this has huge impact and is disrespectful to a co-lead such as Stana Katic, who has supported the show more than almost any other cast member, who has interacted with fans, and who has worked so hard for the show over the years.

Giving budgetary issues as the reason is insulting to everyone. What other show has not renewed a lead’s contract for budgetary reasons? (And has there ever been a male co-lead who has been disposed of in this way when it has not been their choice?) As others have pointed out elsewhere, there are a myriad of ways to cut costs that don’t involve writing off one of the core, beloved characters.

That Katic was not asked to renew her contract for S9, but it appears Fillion and others in the cast were, seems to indicate a fundamental misunderstanding of the show’s appeal. This was a slow-burn love story, using the police procedural as a foil for the witty, sexy and entertaining banter of the two leads. While the star power of Nathan Fillion brought the fans to the show, it was the electric connection between the characters as well as the flawed, human and inspiring character of Kate Beckett that kept them there. There truly is no Castle without Beckett. How could ABC, and indeed, Fillion himself, seemingly have got it so wrong? Did they think that the majority of fans were still there mainly for Castle himself and the cases; did they not realise that some of the most passionate fans were women (young and old) who were there for Beckett and Caskett?

Then one has to pause and think: would a large network with presumably a vast amount of data at their disposal and who has got it right in the past (at least until Season 7) really not have run the numbers and taken what they believed was the best calculated risk? If the rumours of onset tension were true, perhaps they took the path of least resistance and compared the social and industry power of the two leads. They looked at Fillion’s 3.5 million Twitter followers, considered his power in the industry, particularly with his social and work connections with some of the most creative and powerful people in Hollywood, his huge fan base due to Firefly and now ConMan, and his drawing power and frequent attendance at Comic Cons, albeit not for Castle. Then they considered Katic’s lower number of Twitter followers, her more introverted nature, her more alternative, indie sensibilities, her connections to creative but not necessarily powerful people in the industry, and if a choice had to made, they followed the money and they thought, the fans.

Of course, that doesn’t explain why ABC felt the need to continue with S9 at all, unless they thought Fillion’s star power would bring new viewers to the show and that the addition of new cast members would widen the fan base. Perhaps they are right. Fillion is loved, well respected, and is charismatic. The new cast members are good too.

Either way though, the decision to even consider continuing with S9 without Katic rather than end the series happily in S8 is disrespectful to the actress, the original creators Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda, and Castle fans. This is compounded by the way the news was released, as if the decision not to hire Katic were as meaningful (or less) as any other cast decision at the end of a season. If Castle had ended at S8 with the wished for happy ending, ABC could have won the long game. Fillion and the other cast members could have appeared in the Castle PI spin-off and the fans would have been unhappy but would have accepted it. Everyone knows that Stana Katic is exceptionally intelligent, beautiful, has a creative spirit, and international appeal and will do well, so there would have been some sadness but not pain.

As it is, we are left with the bitter taste that power, expediency and purely commercial decisions bring. So while ABC’s decision may indeed turn out to be the ‘right’ one from a commercial point of view, they have lost a lot of love, they have alienated a core audience, and they have shown themselves to be insensitive. This may yet come back to haunt them.

As for me, the Season 7 finale is now, retrospectively, the perfect end to a TV show that will always be close to my heart. Without Beckett, there can be no Castle.

Happy Birthday! Nathan Fillion Turns 45 Today

Happy birthday, Nathan Fillion! The actor is celebrating his 45th birthday today.

A favorite actor amongst science fiction and comic book fans, Fillion is best known for his role as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Joss Whedon’s Firefly series. Fillion has also teamed with the famed director on acclaimed projects like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-ALong Blog. Currently, Fillion headlines the CBS procedural Castle, where he plays a thriller novelist who helps solve criminal cases.

But Fillion talent’s extend beyond live action. He is DC Comics’s go-to voice actor for Green Lantern. He also voiced Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, and Vigilante on Justice League Unlimited.  

Did you know, if you approach Fillion at a convention and say, “Game of” he’ll finish it with, “Thrones!”

Born in Alberta, Canada, Fillion turns 45 today. Happy Birthday, Nathan Fillion.

Of fandom and nastiness

Today is Nathan Fillion’s birthday. And there’s an outpouring of birthday wishes from a number of his friends, fans and other Hollywood celebs. And that is a beautiful thing to see on my Timeline.

But then I see a certain section of fandom sending vitriol and hate to him because he hasn’t responded to one of his costars on Twitter. Is that necessary or even decent? Stana WORKS with him. He’s most likely already thanked her in person. The same goes for the rest of the cast.

The worst of it : you fans who are tweeting hate to him on HIS BIRTHDAY of all days? That takes a special kind of nastiness and ingratitude to do that. Bravo. You’ve proved the worst of yourselves today. Be proud.

You heard the man!! If you haven’t watched Constantine tonight, stream it! Tweet it! Binge-watch the entire series! (not only will you be totally caught up on it if you’ve never seen it before, but it’ll get us even more notice from NBC or any potential buyers!) Hulu it! Buy it on iTunes! Contact NBC via Twitter or Facebook or their site! It’s up to us & our fellow fandoms to make sure that we get to see more John Constantine! It’s not fair to just give up after one season – any Firefly fan can tell you that – so please, don’t let us go the way of Captain Malcolm, but rather the way of Richard Castle! SAVE OUR SHOW!!
#SaveConstantine #Constantine #NBCConstantine #ConstantineSeason2


Omg I can’t get over the fact that I actually met this man. He’s seriously the absolute sweetest guy, I was in a wheelchair when I went up to get my picture and I told him I wanted to stand for the picture so he literally got down on his knees and lifted up the footsteps and grabbed my hands to lift me up and help me stand. And then after the picture he did the same helping me back into the wheelchair. You could just tell that he’s a sweet guy, so lucky I got to meet him. 🙌💕