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Protecting Lucifer

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Title: Protecting Lucifer

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 610

Warnings: fluffish

A/N: This was requested by anon: Can you write a one shot where the readers is Sam and Dean’s little sister and she falls in love with Lucifer. And then the brothers find out and they try to kill him but the reader protects him. I hope you all enjoy! I love you all so much!

You were the youngest Winchester in your little family.  It had its advantages, and it had its disadvantages.  Sometimes you would win arguments, but sometimes you weren’t so lucky.  When you started dating Lucifer he helped you stand up to Sam and Dean.  It felt good to stand up to your older brothers.

Lucifer threw you a pair of jeans as he sat himself on top of your dresser.  “Inviting me over might not be a great idea [Y/N],” Lucifer muttered.  “What if your brothers find out if I’m here?  In your room.  They might start to assume things, angel.”

“They wouldn’t be wrong,” you noted with a smirk.  You lifted your gaze to meet Lucifer’s noticing that there was a smirk on his face too.  “You’ve helped me stand up to Sam and Dean so many times.  I’m not going to back down anymore.  If I want something, I’m going to go for it.”

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For third place, the story I picked is ‘Brewery Tour’ by @jhoomwrites

I’ve seen the text post that this is based on floating around on Tumblr, and I honestly love what you did with it! The banter between Dean and Cas via their little postcards is adorable, and the ending was hella cute! 

I don’t follow you yet, so you get a follow back from me as promised! And of course everyone should take a looksie at your blog and AO3! Congratulations on a job well done!

It’s a frosty January morning when Castiel pulls his robe tight to go out and check his mail. He hastily grabs the contents and darts back inside before the chill can settle in his lungs. Briefly carding through it, there’s nothing of interest. Only junk mail, it seems, so he tosses it into the recycling.

A postcard, tucked in between a flyer and a large coupon book, slips free and flutters to the floor. Castiel barely gives it a second glance, reaching down to throw it in with the rest. However, something makes him stop to read it first. On one side is a picture of the Sam Adams Brewery, on the other is a brief note.

I used to live in your house. I’m drunk in Boston, and it’s the only
address I know.  
Happy Holidays.
- DW

There’s something oddly sweet about the sentiment, so he decides to keep the card from this mystery DW. He pins it to his fridge, held in place (fittingly enough) by a magnetic bottle opener. And there it would have stayed, forgotten. Except that Castiel can’t stop thinking about the unknown sender. It nags at him until he gives in. Such a well-meaning message deserves to be answered, and he’s determined to do just that.

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Imagine – Dean winning you back after a break up.

Word Count – 1684

Pairing – Dean x Reader, some Dean x Sam

Triggers – Some Dean and Sam angst, but that’s it?


-A few weeks before-

“I can’t do this anymore.” Dean said with a strong tone, not looking you in the eyes. “What are you talking about?’ You said looking up from your book. Dean sat at the end of your bed, still not looking you in the eyes. “I mean us, y/n.” Your heart broke. You and Dean have been together for years and planned for more years to come.  

“But we’ve been together for so long Dean…Why now?…” “Cause I don’t love you anymore.” Those few words, the biggest lie Dean has ever told. His heart clenched and he felt like he was going to throw up. “Funny Dean, I know you and Sam are pranking me, you got me.” You laughed, but he didn’t. After a quiet “oh” and a few minutes of silence you packed your bags and left. “You might not love me, but I’ll always love you.”


You’ve had a hard few weeks since that night. Between going to motel after motel, hunt after hunt, and tears after tears it’s been rough, especially since it’s been awhile since you’ve been alone. Dean’s been having it hard too, Sam and Cas too since they got so attached to you but Dean felt it the worst. He missed holding you in his arms at night, smelling your morning coffee every morning, hearing your cute little snores when you were sick, hearing your laugh echo in the halls and smiling to himself, and most of all he missed you being his, and him being yours. Sam has tried talking to him about it, even Cas has too but Dean didn’t want to talk, he didn’t want to rant, vent, he wanted things to go back to normal but he screwed it up.

It was a late, Tuesday night. Dean was laying on the couch looking at a picture he took of you in the impala, sleeping with your head in his lap. He’s kept that photo in his pocket ever since. He’s kept it in his pocket during hunts and while he’s away and you’re at the bunker. When some hunts would go bad, and he think he was dying he would always look at the picture for as long as he can, cause he always wanted his last view to be you.

Sam looked over at Dean, tears filling his older brothers eyes as he looked at the picture in his hands. Sam pulled out his phone, dialed your number and waited for you to pick up. “Hey Sam” You said through the phone, not getting an answer back. Sam turned the sound down on his phone so Dean couldn’t hear, and placed it on the table that was in front where Dean was.

“You’re pathetically in love, Dean” Sam said loud enough for you to hear on the other line. You sat in and listened, wondering why Sam called. Maybe he butt dialed you? You were about to hang up till you heard Dean’s broken and tired voice.

“I don’t want to talk about it Sam.” “You never want to talk about it! You never want to talk, Dean. Don’t you know it’s good to talk about your feelings?! Maybe I can help!” Sam raised his voice, making you jump. “Nobody can fucking help me. I let her go, Sam! Fine you want to talk, lets talk! I broke up with her, I told her I didn’t love her anymore even though it was a fuckin’ lie and you want to know why I did it? Cause I’m poison, Sam. People get close to me and they die, or worse! I already lost you before, I’ve lost Cas before, Kevin, Mom, Dad, Charlie, Bobby…I can’t add her to that list too. If I did…I wouldn’t be able to live with it, I think I’d kill myself Sam… I think I would honestly kill myself if she got killed, especially cause of me. I just want her to live a long, happy life you know? I want her to have that apple pie, white picket fence life. Have cute little babies, have (your favorite animal) running around the house cause god knows she’s going to have like 20.” Dean chuckled, making Sam chuckle too. “I just want her to be safe, and I can’t do that. I’m a ticking bomb. I wish I could help her, hold her and call her mine again but I’ll put her happiness before mine, like I always have.”

By now Dean was in tears, as were you. You held the phone close up to you while it was on speaker and held it so tight, while crying against it. “God damnit Dean Winchester.” You chuckled to yourself, wiping your tears away. “I’m going to go get some air.” Dean said quietly, walking past Sam without a look. Sam sighed and hung up the phone, then went to go do some more research hopping you were coming, at least soon.


Dean sat outside on the stone steps in the rain covered in tears, thinking of everything. He folded his hands and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. “God, or whoever is listening. I know I’m not much on this pray mojo but, I don’t know. I want things to get better. I want Sammy to have a great life, I want y/n to have a great life and I want Cas to have a great life. I want my girl back, but I’m so scared.. I’m terrified. She means the absolute world to me, even though she hates my guts right now please let fait find a way to make us work, I’ll do anything. And please keep her safe.”

Before Dean could say anything else he felt a hand on his shoulder, a feeling he was used to feeling but haven’t felt in forever. He looked up and couldn’t believe his eyes, you. “I heard everything.” You said with a smile, leaving Dean confused. “How?” You pulled out your phone and showed him the recent call from Sam, he shook his head and chuckled to himself. “God that kids smart.” He stood up and cupped your face with his big hands, leaning down and kissing you as hard as he could. He kissed you as if it was the last time, while you did the same back.

“We’re going to get sick out here in the rain, Dean.” You mumbled against his lips. “I don’t care, I needed to kiss you again, and again, and again.” After a few minutes of kissing and smiling you both needed to catch some air. Dean took your hand and sat back down on the stairs, wrapping you in his jacket. You smiled at the smell of his cologne, a smell you’ve been missing for weeks.

“You are so stupid Dean Winchester.” You shook your head. “This hunting life? It sucks, it sucks a lot. Death, fighting with what people have nightmares about every day, no sleep, and the fear of losing someone you love everyday wither it be your lover, or family. It’s especially stupid to leave someone you love.” Dean frowned, kicking some stones with his boots till you put your hand on top of his. “But it’s okay, we all make mistakes and have our moments. But Dean, we can’t run from death. We face death every day and there is no stopping it. I’m going to die one day, and when that day comes promise me you will not blame yourself cause you have given me the best life a girl could ask for. You brought me into your home, and I am so thankful for you and Sammy every day. So if I ever do die, today, tomorrow, two years, four, just promise me you won’t be hard on yourself. You already are enough, don’t make it worse.” Dean wiped away the few tears dripping down your cheeks and hugged you softly.

“You make this hard life worth living.” Dean said with a soft tone, rubbing your back. “I’m so glad you’re back, I love you so much, sweetheart. I really do and I’m so sorry for everything.” You pulled away and looked Dean in the eyes. “Hey it’s okay I’m happy now, I really am.” Dean nodded and gave you a smirk.

“I think it’s time to go inside, Sammy’s gonna think I ran away.” Dean laughed, picking you up bridal style and kissing your cheek. He pushed open the bunker door and walked down the stairs, seeing Sam sleeping on the couch. “I think we should surprise him” You whispered in Dean’s ear, he looked at you with a smile and nod, letting you down.

You walked over to Sam’s sleeping body and poked his face playfully. After a few minutes of poking and Dean’s quiet chuckling Sam’s eyes finally started to open, when he noticed who it was they shot open wide in surprise. “y/n! you’re back!” He yelled happily, brining you into a tight hug. “Ah, you never get tired of those big moose hugs.” You all three laughed and Sam kissed the top of your head in a brotherly way. “See, Sammy’s still got some women ideas in his head” Sam joked, nudging your shoulder and giving Dean a smile while he gave him one back.


After awhile of catching up and watching Game Of Thrones you and Dean fell asleep on the couch in each other’s arms while Sam sat in the other chair by himself, thinking of how happy he was that his planned worked out. “Wow! I can’t believe he –“ Sam got cut off by the look of Dean asleep on the couch with you in his arms, both smiling in your sleep. Sam smiled to himself and turned off the tv, laying a blanket on top of the both of you and taking in the happy view.

“Welcome home, y/n.”

Type: Imagine


Pairing: Castiel x OC


Prompt: From: Anonymous: Hi :) Please can you do an imagine where the reader is jealous about Megstiel and accidentally mentions to Sam or Dean that she likes Cas? Thanks!



“(Y/N), breathe. Just calm down alright? I’m sure that it’s nothing. Your thoughts are just over-taking you. Nothing is going on between Cas and Meg.”

You mutter to yourself as you pace back and forth in your small motel room. The boys agreed that you should have one on your own. And Meg and you would surely kill each other if left alone in a room for more than a minute. It was better for everyone if you just had your room.

Luckily that was sorted however after hanging around in the Winchester’s room you noticed Cas and Meg sneaking off somewhere. Only to return with hair ruffled and Cas looking guilty with a faint pink to his cheeks while Meg looked smug and threw a smirk in your direction.

Your mind began whirling and you came up with one conclusion… Meg and Cas were together. Your Cas and that bitch Meg. Well, not your Cas but…

It doesn’t matter however. All that matters is that Cas and Meg are probably dating without you or the boys knowing. Or maybe the boys know and you don’t. Or… or… UGH!


You let out a scream of frustration before throwing a pillow across the room making it hit the wall before falling to the ground with a pitiful thump.

You ran your fingers through your (H/C) hair in annoyance and frustration. You felt tears well in your eyes. You always were a bit emotional and it was Cas for heaven’s sake. Okay, bad pun is bad even though you didn’t mean for it to be a pun to begin with none the less a bad one.

You need to rant to someone. But, who?

Your eyes widen, your mind foggy and your unable to think straight because if you were then you would never do this.



You quickly leave your room and walk determinedly next door. You knock on the door roughly 3 times and wait impatiently. You blow away a strand of hair that was in your face irritably.

In what felt like hours, but could’ve only been seconds, the door finally opened to reveal a tired looking Sam. More time must have passed then you thought.

“(Y/N)? What ar-OOMF!” He starts to speak while rubbing his eyes but is cut off when you launch yourself at him. Your face buried in his chest and your arms as far around him as they could go. He was really tall and you were kind of short. Then again, he makes anyone look short.

His arms go around you instantly and you let yourself be held by Sam. He gave the best hugs.

You could hear him speaking with Dean but you were paying no attention to the words.

Well, not attention until Sam pushed you away making you whine like a child who was just removed from her toy.

Sam and Dean both looked down at you with concern, whatever tiredness was in their eyes gone, and both seemed alert and were scanning you for injuries. “(Y/N)? Hun, what’s wrong?” Sam asked and Dean let him speak, instead choosing to wrap an arm around you bringing you to his side since he was never good with this kind of stuff.

You felt the tears return to your eyes and felt one slide down your cheek. Their gazes turned even more worried and Sam wiped your tear away. “Please, tell us.” Sam pleaded, feeling worry that’s a usual for him. “Yeah, you can tell us anything (N/N).” You sniffled before opening your mouth and you began speaking at a really fast rate.


You took a giant breath and began panting. That took a lot out of you. You could see Sam and Dean trying to take in what you said and when it hit them their eyes widened. They seemed to be in shock until they both burst out laughing.

You looked at them in disbelief. “What the hell? This isn’t funny! I’m seriously freaking out here!” The boys continued laughing and you just watched them with a death glare. Eventually they both stopped and they looked at you with bright grins.

“You’re kidding right?” Sam asked with a raised eyebrow. “Honestly, Cas has the biggest crush on you. It’s actually adorable.” Dean said with the wide grin still on his face. Your jaw had dropped by this point. “Seriously. And Cas came to us after you had left. He was asking Meg for advice on how to speak to you considering she’s a girl and all.” Sam explained watching you with amusement in his eyes.

Dean chuckled. “Then Meg attacked him and kissed him. Why do you think he looked so guilty when they came in? Why do you think that he didn’t meet your gaze? He came to us all panicked and stuff asking for advice.”

You still watched them with wide eyes. It took you a few moments before you moved. “So… Cas just went to ask Meg for advice.” They both nodded. “And she kissed him without his permission?” Both nodded again. “And then he came to you both for advice on what to do.” Nods. “And he likes me… is that it or did I miss anything?”

“Nope.” Dean said popping the P. “That’s pretty much it.” Sam finished with a shrug. You took this in before making a ‘huh’ sound and looking at them both with a type of sheepish look. “What do I do now?” Sam opened his mouth to respond but Dean raised a hand. “Dude, I got this.” Sam raised his hands in surrender.

Dean then whispered instructions into your ear and your eyes grew wide before becoming determined. You gave a sharp nod when he was finished. “I can do this.” You said confidently before waltzing out of the room leaving Dean and Sam staring after you. One with a look of confusion and the other with a smug and proud look.

And when Sam looked to Dean for an explanation all Dean did was sniff and wipe away fake tears. “They grow up so fast!”

You walked next door to Sam and Dean’s room to Cas’s room. You stood in front of the door and felt yourself waver as the confidence began drifting away from you. You grasped onto the confident for dear life and took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

And after hours the door opened to reveal a well-kept Cas leading you to believe he wasn’t asleep considering he was fully clothes and impeccable. Plus, the TV on in the background was a give-away. He looked at you in confusion (which looked adorable on him by the way).

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” You looked at him with hesitation before whispering, “Fuck it.” Under your breath and hurling yourself at him. His arms went around your waist and your arms went around his neck as you brought him into a kiss.

You felt him freeze but didn’t let that faze you. You continued to kiss him, pouring all your emotion into that one kiss before pulling away. He stared at you with a dropped jaw making you giggle. His eyes appeared a bit darker with lust as he took you in.

“I’m guessing that was good for you as well.” You said with a grin. He seemed to snap himself out of his daze and stared at you intently.

“Pizza man, help me out here.” You heard him mumbled to himself before pulling you into the room, making you squeal and laugh in glee, the door closing behind you both.

Part 4 ( Please Don’t )

Finally here after what feels like forever. Hope y'all enjoy it because I had fun writing it. Let me know if you want another part. Love you guys!


“Dean-o here is begging me to not tell you all the little secrets he never had the balls to say to your face. You know that, right?” He spat at you.

You were covered in bruises and cuts. And you, not having fully healed from the car accident, this only hurt 1000x more. But you weren’t going to show him how much it hurt.
He punched you. “Answer me, bitch!”
“Fuck you.” You spat blood in his face.
“You’re gonna regret that, sweetheart.” He plunged the knife into you thigh as you yelled in pain.

“He can’t stand you, you know that right? He can’t stand looking at you. And that girl he fucked was, how did he put it? Was the best fuck he’d had in a long time. You know the worst part of it. You know I’m right.” Your heart was breaking and tears threatened to fall from your puffy eyes.

“He doesn’t love you, you know that right? He hates you. He never loved you. It was all guilt. He felt like he had to be there for you. And god, you were such a burden. Always there when all he wanted was space. To him. You’re weak.” He smiled wide only seeing tears slowly drip from your cheeks onto your red skin.

“Wanna know something else, sweetheart? He couldn’t stand how you looked without clothes. He thinks you’re disgusting. And you know it too. You can’t stand yourself so how do you expect him to?”
“STOP!” You yelled.

The room got quiet and the silence sat between you and the monster in Dean.

He scruffs, “Stop? Stop telling you the truth? Stop-”
“Please…just please stop.” You couldn’t hold it in anymore. You knew the demon was now seeing you at your weakest.

“Y/N!” a familiar voice echoed throughout the bunker halls.
“Sam…” you whispered.

Suddenly the demon grabbed your face and made you stare into the black eyes that over took the beautiful green ones you loved. He started creating hand shaped bruises on your cheeks.

“You are nothing. Especially to him!” He growled at you.
White hot blood filled your veins and you looked down to see that he had stuck a blade into your stomach.
You look one last time into his eyes and black filed your vision.



“Y/N?” Your eyes fluttered open. Panic set in when you realized who was in front you.
“Wait! Wait please! Please don’t hurt me!“you yelled out. “Baby, I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m so sorry.” He begged you to calm down but you couldn’t. You just couldn’t.

“Dean! Y/N!” Sam and Cas barged into the room.
“Sweetheart, look at me. It’s me. The real me. Baby, look!” Dean yelled out to you but Sam had already pulled him out of the room and left Cas with you.

“Sam, let me go! I need her to know! I need her to see that its the real me and not that fucking monster!” Dean screamed to Sam trying to pull away from him.
“Dean. DEAN! Look at me!” He grabbed his shoulders to make Dean face him. “She’s scared, Dean. She’s scared out of her god damn mind. Looking at you and hearing your voice…she’ll hurt herself if you’re not careful around her.” Sam said calmly. He tried to bring Dean back to his normal breathing.
Dean looked at Sam. And tried to steady his heart beat.
“Sam…I’m never gonna get her back.” Dean whispered. “Dean, don’t say-” Sam started but Dean interuppted. “It’s true.” They both stayed quiet.
“I-I lost her because I thought I was protecting her and giving her the chance to be happy. I pushed her away. And then the car accident-” he couldn’t hold it in anymore.
“She came back home and then that thing had. I took me and-and look at her now.” He stopped and then rage took over making his fist clench and his knuckles turn white.
“LOOK AT HER!” He yelled then turned and grabbed the chair and threw it acroos the room.
“That thing! It told her lies! Things I would have never in a million fucking years have said to her. He told her shit that isn’t true but that doesn’t stop her from believing the lies!” He stopped yelling.

“Those things it told her. They came out of my mouth and from my voice. From me. But it wasn’t me.” He whispered the last sentence. “Dean-” Sam tried to talk but Dean wasn’t done.
“She use to hate herself, Sammy. She used to have a heavy heart. She once told me that she felt as though the weight of the world lied in her hands. She said that she hated who she was and what she looked like. I changed that, Sammy.” His voice quivered. Sam had tears forming and leaving his eyes.
“I promised her from the very beginning that I would protect her. I would always love her. That I would never hurt her and now I fucked up the only thing in my life that seems to be keeping me normal. Keeping me human. I love her. But now-” Dean hears foot steps and turns to see Cas standing at Y/N’s closed door.
“She’s calm now. Dean-” “She doesn’t want to see me, Cas. I know.” Dean shut Cas up before he could finish. “Well if you would let me finish you’d know that she actually wants to talk to you.” Dean looked up in confusion but nodded and turn to look at Sam in confirmation that it was okay and he nodded back.


You sat there in the dark with your thoughts. How was everything going to be okay now? Demons don’t lie about that kind of stuff, do they? I mean they lie but-

“Y/N?” You jumped at the voice. He noitced.
“Dean.” You spoke softly. He slowly shuffled toward the bed.
He was scared to get too close. Afraid to break you. To hurt you. Even if he’d already done so.
He couldn’t breathe and his hands became sweaty. He tried not making eye contact.

He didn’t know what to say. Should he say that he’s sorry? That he wish he could take back the past month and forget and forgive? That he didn’t mean to hurt you? That what the monster told her was all a lie, yet he knew she wouldn’t believe him.
“I never thought in a million years, that I would have heard you say those things to me. At least not to my face that is.” You finally spoke.
He looked at you seeing tears drip onto your cheeks and down your chest. You looked the other direction trying to avoid his eyes. Or just him in general. It hurt to look at him.

“Y/N, I would never gave said any of those things. Ever-” “Because they were true.” “Because they were wrong.” It got quiet again.
So many thing you both wanted to say but not knowing how to put them into words.
“Was I not good enough?” Again you broke the painful silence. “What?” He asked confused. “Was I just another stupid mistake?” “Wait what? No! You-” you shut him up again.
“I mean look at me. My parents left me when I was a kid and then my adopted family hated me. Then y/ex/n came along and I thought maybe. Just maybe, something in my life will go right. I-I thought-” you choked own your own sobs. “I thought he loved me. And then he started coming home drunk and would yell at me. He would remind me of everything I already knew about myself. Everything I already called myself.” You stopped talking and held in the little whimpers you didn’t want him to hear.
“Y/N” “and then there’s you.” He was taken by the way you said it. He stared and studied the way your lips quivered and the way your eyes seemed to shake and close every time a tear would escape the rims of your puffy red eyes. “You came into my life and became my whole world. You made me feel good about myself and you made me feel beautiful. D-Dean that’s something I’ve never felt before. You made me feel wanted and seen. You made me feel sexy and incredible. You made me feel loved.” You cried.
Now he could feel her heart breaking and her body shaking. But he hurt you and now he was paying for it in the worst way possible.
“I honestly thought that you were different. That you were in love with me too. Crazy, right?!” You chuckled through her sobs.
“It’s not crazy because I-“you stopped him.“What, Dean? You love me? You’re sorry? You didn’t mean to? You what?!” Now you were angry and you were letting go of all the rage and hurt.
“I do love you, y/n.” He spoke with a shaky voice.
You stopped yelling and listened to him speak. His heart was hurting too and his voice was pained too. You can’t stand knowing he was…scared.
“Dean-” “Listen to me, y/n. Just please hear me out. Okay?” He shifted himself to be sitting next to you now.
You could clearly see his heaving chest and red rimmed eyes.
“Okay.” You answered and he sighed in relief. “Y/N, what I did. There’s no way in hell that I expect you to every forgive me. And what I said that night you left. God, I wish I could take it back. I wish I could take everything back. But these past 4 years being in a relationship with you. They’ve been the most amazing 4 years of my entire life. When I was with that girl all I could think about was about how hurt you’d be and how much you’d hate me. How much you’d hate yourself. I didn’t once not love you. I pushed you away so that you would leave because I thought you would be happier with someone who could give you a better life than me.” He was lifting off all the weight that lied within his chest. “Dean-” you tried to speak. “Wait, sweetheart. I’m not done.” He shut you up and called you one of his many nicknames for you. You missed that word slipping from his lips. Especially when he’d whisper it into your ear.
You nodded with a smirk making your dimple peck at him.
He loved your dimples. God, he missed when he used to make them appear on your beautiful face.
He smiled in relief.
"When you got into that car crash and the paramedics called me. I-I” he began to relive that moment. His mind raced and his heart started to beat faster. His tears were out of his control. You noticed how he began shaking and his eyes became red again. His breathing was irregular.
He was remembering that night.

You sat up at grabbed his face. You needed to calm him down. “Dean, baby. Hey. Hey! Look at me. Everything’s okay. I’m okay. I’m safe here with you. We’re okay.” You made him focus on you and only you. Making sure his eyes were on your eyes.
“Breathe with me, baby. Just breathe. Everything’s gonna be okay. I’m right here.” You noticed that he was slowly calming down but his breathing wasn’t.
You grabbed his hand and placed it on your chest.
He looked at you intensely and focused on your heart beat. Your breathing. On you.
He stared into your eyes and let his breathing match yours. His thumb started making small circle patterns on your chest where you held his hand.
“That’s it, baby. There you go. It’s okay. Just focus on me.” You touched his cheek as you kept his hand own your chest.
“I am.” He whispered.
You looked deeply into his eyes and kept your focus on them. Taken by his words. “I miss you, Dean.” You unexpected said out loud. He smiled. “You have no idea how much I missed you, baby.” He said.
The distance between the both of you was incredibly small and you both could feel each others warmth radiating off of one another.
He couldn’t keep his eyes off your lips.
“Y/N?” He asked quietly. “Yeah?” You answered before you knew what you were saying.
“Can I kiss you?” He seemed hopeful and nervous. Scared.
You stared at his questioning eyes and his trembling lips. And without answering him you took his face and placed your lips on his.
This. This is what he missed most about you. Your kisses.
They were like untold stories and fireworks on a beach. Your kisses were by far the most amazing thing that he’d ever had the pleasure of tasting. Your lips on his was like listening to AC/DC in the Impala and eating pie. But better.
The way your hands would travel through his hair and land on his cheek. The way you wanted to take your time memorizing every inch of him. He loved that most about you. The fact that you wanted him and that you truly loved him. Treating him oh so well even though he told himself he wasn’t worth that of you. You showed him otherwise.
He separated his lips from your, which made both you whimper.
“I’m not going to lose you, y/n.” He whispered unexpectedly. “Not after everything. Not after the hell I went through to just stand next to you again. I-I miss you. I miss everything about you.” He spoke the last sentence quietly.

“I-I can’t. I won’t let you go. Not without a fight.” He let the shaky words spill from his lips. God, you missed the taste of them. The familiar warmth. The firm yet passionate kisses.

The spark like fireworks.
“I won’t let you fight this world on your own, baby. And when you’ve given it your all and you can’t go on. I will help you cope. Y/N, please don’t-” you cut him off with your lips on his.
The kiss seemed to speak his unspoken words. His guilt. His regret. His broken heart. His dying need to express how he loves you and misses you.
Your warm touch. Your divine taste. Your strawberry scented smell musket with whiskey and fast food. Your laugh that only made him want to kiss you even more just so he could taste your happiness. Your eyes that told stories both beautiful and horrifying yet they still made him weak in the knees every damn time. Your simile. Oh god smile send chills down his spine. The way your eyes tended to become a little smaller when your blushed cheeks would push up against them. Your voice was like music to his ears. Like listening to Angel by Aerosmith, which happened to be the song that reminded him of you. The song that you both made love to on your first time.

“Baby-“Dean whispered in between the kiss. You stopped and leaned your forehead against his. Taking in the moment lying in front of you. It stayed quiet for a few seconds. "Sorry.” He finally whispered.
You cupped his cheeks and you moved his head up to look into his eyes. He stared for a few before closing his eyes to relax into the warmth of your touch on him. Just like old times.
“For?” You asked. “Calling you that. I know you don’t want me to-” you stopped him. “Dean, it’s fine.” “No it’s not. I hurt you and I don’t deserve to call you that.” Dean said firmly. “I miss it, Dean.” You said lowly.
“Miss what?” “You calling me ‘baby’. Or ‘sweetheart. Or-” Dean interrupted you. “My girl?” You looked up to see a small smile creep onto his lips. “Yeah. Especially that one.” You both laughed.

The silence between you both now sat in the air. But it wasn’t awkward or weird. Not at all. If anything it was magic. It was perfect.
They say when your with ‘the one’ the silent moments are the most beautiful. They remind the both of you that you don’t need words to express how much love you both hold for the other one. The presence is enough.

“I love you, y/n.” Dean whispered. You both lied in bed. He would brush his thumb on your cheek and you would let your fingers run through his hair. “I love you too, Dean.”
“No I dont think you understand, sweetheart.” He paused and pulled you closer to his body.
“I love you. With every fiber of my being. And I always will.” You smiledat his words. He did too. “And I don’t think your understanding me, baby.” He smirked. “I love you. All of you. Always have always will.” He pulled your face to his and crashed his lips against yours.
Both of you fell asleep to the sound of each others beating hearts and breathing. The warmth keeping each other aware of each others existence.


“Dean.” You turned around and felt something wet.
You shuffled around and turned on the light on the bed shelf.

Blood. And lots of it.

You panicked. I’m not on my period, right?
You checked under the sheets but no. It wasn’t you.

“Dean.” No answer. “Dean?” You turned to wake him up.
“Dean, baby. You okay? You awake?” You leaned over to kiss his cheek.

“Dean?” Now your body froze.

You turned him over.




Part 5? What did ya think of this part? I’d love to know!
Thank you, loves.

Angelic Soulmate

gif is not mine

Title: Angelic Soulmate

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Castiel

Word Count: 809

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all love this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Lately Castiel had been trying to get you out of heaven.  He swore to you that Earth was not this bad place most of the angels believed it to be.  When you agreed to meet these Winchesters Castiel spoke of you were very nervous.  He said they were the best humans he knew, but you had reservations.  You had met a few humans before when every angel fell from heaven.  They were the worst of humanity.  You weren’t sure you wanted to return to Earth ever again.

However, Castiel convinced you to go with him.  You trusted Castiel.  He had been your friend for as long as you could remember.  You never gave up on him, and he never gave up on you.  You were willing to trust Castiel.

Castiel took you to the bunker with him that day.  You looked around, noticing the amount of books inside the room.  It had to be a library.  There were no humans inside the room though.  

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Dr. Castiel

gif is not mine

Title: Dr. Castiel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 748

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I thought this would be a cute thing to write for all of you <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

With Sam and Dean gone on a hunt on the East Coast, Castiel was left with you.  Unfortunately, you were sick.  Castiel wasn’t familiar with the flu, but he was sure it wasn’t life threatening to you.  He made sure to watch you carefully.  

Castiel padded to the kitchen after reading articles on your laptop about the virus.  He was going to make you some toast to test your stomach.  That was one thing the angel could do without setting the bunker on fire.  

Once he prepared the toast, he walked back to your room.  Castiel poked his head into your room, seeing if you were awake.  He learned that humans rested more when they were ill.  You were no exception.  Netflix was streaming on your tv, but you hadn’t moved.  Castiel took it upon himself to enter your room.  He set your toast down on the nightstand nearest to you.  

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Nothing Lasts Forever

gif is not mine

Title: Nothing Lasts Forever

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 941

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by @theweirdestravenclaw: I kinda think that someone should write about the problem that Lucifer’s human girlfriend ages… I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

For any angel, meeting their soulmate was both a blessing, and a curse.  A human’s lifespan was incredibly short compared to the immortality of all angels.  The bond between an angel and their soulmate was the strongest bond known to angel kind.  The only thing no one ever seemed to talk about was the years leading up to a soulmate’s passing.

Lucifer walked up to the door of your home, pausing as his hand reached the door knob.  Would this be the day you forgot him?  Would you smile when you saw him?  He would remember you for eternity.  He never realized how hard it would be for him to lose you.

When he came into your home, he could smell the scent of muffins.  Even in your old age you seemed to have the energy to make muffins every morning.  The fallen archangel closed the door behind him and headed towards the kitchen.  You were wearing the same apron you always wore when baking or cooking.

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A Little Too Late Part 40

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 40

Characters: Gabriel, Lucifer, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Denise (minor OC), Y/N

Word Count: 1,104

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I didn’t want to spoil who the reader ended up with, so I left it out. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

You took a step back from the angels, bumping into two other people.  You turned around, noticing Dean and Sam were standing behind you.  Their arms were folded across their chests.  Your mother stood behind them, leaning against the wall.  

“As much as we hate this [Y/N],” Dean mumbled.  “You have to choose.”

Sam gave your arm a gentle tap.  “You can do this [Y/N],” Sam encouraged.  

“I think you know who it’s been all along,” Dean spoke in a low voice.

“I know you don’t wanna hurt anyone [Y/N],” Sam added, keeping his voice quiet enough to where the angels could not hear him.  “I think they’ll be fine with your decision.”

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A Little Too Late Part 2

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 2

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff, violence (little bit)

Word Count: 1,123

A/N: This is the special treat I have for all of you!! It’s a Gabriel series that  I won’t be limiting myself on.  As long as you all love it, it will continue! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

Series Masterlist

Gabriel scanned over the area where you were last held.  He searched for any sign of you, but there was nothing.  Gabriel appeared in the Winchester’s bunker, looking in the typical places for the two brothers.  When Gabriel spotted them, he tried to be as calm as possible.  It was hard for the archangel to remain calm with you missing.  You were his world, and he couldn’t bear the thought of you being hurt.  “Are you knuckleheads just going to sit around,” Gabriel inquired.  “[Y/N] is out there somewhere!  We need to find her.”

Dean and Sam were studying the map in the war room.  Before you left on your hunt, you mapped out all the possible nests near that one.  You were going to knock out the smallest first.  Sam rolled his eyes, “it’s only been one day Gabriel, she’ll be fine.  She’s strong.”  Dean and Sam only got a few hours of sleep last night.  Neither of them could sleep knowing you were out there being tortured by vampires; or worse, dead.

“You two better hope [Y/N] is fine,” Gabriel mumbled.  Gabriel looked at the bloody jewelry on the table, becoming furious at the reminder of what it meant..

“Gabriel, they are working hard.  We all want [Y/N]’s safe return,” Cas said trying to soothe his brother.  A flutter of wings sounded.

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Castiel’s Kitten

Title: Castiel’s Kitten

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 704

Warning: fluff

A/N: Here we are with Castiel and cats! Nothing sounds better than that right??? I hope you all enjoy this! <3 Don’t forget you can still make requests <3

After the salt and burn was over and done with, you heaved a sigh of relief.  You slumped your body back against the tree that was behind you.  You hoped that Sam and Dean had held up long enough while you dug up the body to burn it.  Your phone beeped, meaning that you had received a text from either Sam or Dean.  As you read the text you nodded with a grin.  Another job well done.  Well, done well enough that is.

When you were done shoveling the dirt back in its place, you heard a faint meow.  You set the shovel against the tree, looking around.  A small kitten slowly approached you, rubbing itself against your leg.  “Aww, how cute,” you giggled.  You sat down on the ground, letting the kitten sit in your lap.

There was a flutter of wings to the side of you.  Castiel saw you sitting on the ground.  As he came closer to you he saw a small orange creature on your lap.  “[Y/N] what is that thing,” Castiel squinted at the creature.

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A Little Too Late Part 11

Title: A Little Too Late Part 11

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Balthazar, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1,374

Warnings: angst?

A/N: Here we are with Part 11!! I hope you all enjoy this part! It’s just getting good <3 You can always request fics with other characters! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3 <3

Series Masterlist

You threw your bag over your shoulder, quietly walking past Dean and Sam’s rooms.  You knew Sam would be asleep, but Dean would still be awake.  As you sneaked past their rooms you left a note on the kitchen table explaining everything.  Just in case something happened to you, you knew they would be able to find you.

Tears unexpectedly filled your eyes.  You almost wanted to say goodbye, but you planned on coming back.  It was the unknown that scared you.  It was the fact that you knew they weren’t your parents.  It was the fact that you knew what they ultimately wanted from you.  You sighed, wiping the tears from your eyes.  You trudged up the stairs, closing the door of the bunker behind you.  The bus stop was your next stop; home was your destination.

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A Little Too Late Part 32

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 32

Characters: Balthazar, Gabriel, Lucifer, Sam, Dean, Cas, Y/N (no pairing for now)

Word count: 1,198

Warnings: Angst

A/N: In this part, the reader gets alone time with Balthazar.  What will it be like? I guess we’ll find out! I hope you all enjoy this next part! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

The masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

You sat down, putting your hands against your forehead.  How could it be that your mom was even alive?  What happened to her?  Was it your fault?  There were so  many questions you didn’t have answers to.  

You stood up, walking up to Sam.  “What is she,” you asked, keeping your voice low.

Gabriel and Lucifer’s gazed went from Sam to you to Dean.  “Oooh, silence.  Not a good sign,” Lucifer remarked.  Gabriel glared at his brother, silencing him.

“She’s a vampire,” Sam spoke, avoiding eye contact with you.  “She’s a part of the nest you were tracking.”

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A Little Too Late Part 23

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 23

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Castiel, Balthazar

Word Count: 1,075

Warnings: angst

A/N: I hope you’re all ready for the next part of this series!! I may have had an awful heart wrenching idea on where to take this story next (from where I am). I’m gonna say sorry now for what I’m about to do lol

You can find the masterlist to this series HERE!! That way if you need to catch up, you can!

It was now a few days later, and as usual things seemed to go back to normal.  Of course Sam wasn’t done finding the spell your fake parents used to help the vampires.  Sam wasn’t done helping you find a way out of your true test either.  However there was a case, and he had people to save.  Turns out it was only a vampire nest.  They would be back in no time.

You stretched your limbs as you got out of your bed.  You got a text from both Sam and Dean telling you to relax today.  Late last night you were reading away at some of the book that told you about yourself.  You thought it would be better if you kept reading it.  You figured it might help them find something, but that it would also help you understand yourself a little more.  You had stayed up until two in the morning last night, but here you were at nine in the morning; awake.  

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A Little Too Late Part 30

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 30

Characters: Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Y/N (no pairing for now)

Word Count: 1,094

Warnings: Angst, and a little fluff

A/N: I hope you are all enjoying the series <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

The masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

A few days later, you waltzed into the library seeing Castiel and Sam reading books.  They had to be the books you took from your mock parents.  The both of them looked up as soon as you entered the library.  Since you lost some of your memory, along with your memories of Gabriel, Castiel, Lucifer, and Balthazar, things seemed awkward between you and the angels.  Sam and Dean did their best to involve you on hunts.  However, there will still people after you; those of whom who only wanted your heart for selfish purposes.

“Morning [Y/N],” Sam mused, sliding the book away from him.

“Morning Sam,” you bubbled.  “It’s only ten in the morning.  I deserve a little sleep.”

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Imagine – Taking care of sick Cas

Word Cout - 1,077

Warnings – Sickness? Mentions of not liking appearance (it gets fluffy after so)

Pairing – Sick!Cas x Reader


“Y/N? Y/N are you here!” Cas yelled through the bunker, coughing after. He slowly walked up to your bedroom door and knocked softly, catching your attention away from your book. “Hiya Cas, um Sam and Dean aren’t here right now..” You noticed he looked really pale and tired, as if someone just beat him repeatedly. “Damn Cas, you don’t look so good.” “I think I’m dying.. My throat, it hurts. My stomach area is sore, as if someone just stabbed me. It’s hard to breathe through my nose, and I’m very … warm?” He said nervously, taking your hand to feel his face. You giggled lightly, making him feel uncomfortable. “I’m dying y/n, why are you laughing?” he frowned with glassy eyes. You stopped laughing when you realized how worried he was and brought him into a tight hug. “It’s just the flu sweetheart, you’re not dying. It’s a virus that can be cured with medicine. I’ll call Sam and tell him to pick up some medicine, okay?” You smiled, dialing Sam’s number on your phone while Cas went to sit down on your bed.

“Hey Sam” You said over the phone. “Hey y/n, everything okay?” “Yeah, Cas’s sick with the flu do you think you could get some medicine?” Sam laughed over the phone while telling Dean, then turned his attention back to you. “I didn’t even know angels could get the flu.” He chuckled. “Me either, but he’s got it pretty bad. Just get whatever you think is best, okay?” “Okay, stay safe y/n/n” You both said your goodbyes and hung up, leaving you and your boyfriend to yourselves.

“This is really … crappy.” Cas sighed, leaning his head back into your pillow while holding his stomach in pain. You awed and walked over to him, running your fingers in his hair. “You’ll be better soon babe, just get some rest.” You smiled, kissing his cheek after. “Y/N, can you help me with my coat?” You helped him with his coat and jeans, leaving him just in his white button up shirt and boxers so he could be more comfortable and less hot from the fever. “If only you were feeling okay” you laughed, looking up and down his body. “We’ll make up for it when I do” he smiled, making you excited.


You cooked your sick boyfriend some soup, got him a glass of water with some left over medicine from when you or one of the boys were sick and turned on Netflix. “Orange Is The New Black was really interesting” Cas mumbled while eating his soup. “Yeah, I guess a show about lesbians in jail is interesting.” You laughed, leaving him confused.

“Is the soup good?” You changed the subject, looking over and noticing the bowl was empty. “I guess so” “You should be a chef, y/n. You make incredible soup.” “Sam and Dean don’t like my soup” You pouted your lip. “I’m not sure how because it is delicious” He kissed your cheek after. Cas always knew how to boost your confidence even if it was just a little. He always wanted to make sure his special girl was feeling safe and okay, even if it meant just giving her tiny compliments every 10 minutes.

“If I had to eat only one meal for the rest of my life I would choose your soup.” “Oh, now you’re just being kind.” You snorted, while he looked at you seriously. “I’ll always be kind to you, my love.”


You both laid in bed in each other’s arms, resting your head on his chest and listening to the sound of his heartbeat. “Do you ever wonder why people made makeup, y/n?” He asked, looking over at all your makeup on the dresser. “Girls use it so they feel prettier, Cas.” “But you’re already pretty” He said looking into your y/e/c eyes with his sparkly blue ones. “But only with makeup..” You sighed, looking down at your lap. “y/n, I’ve seen you covered in dirt and blood, I’ve seen you angry, sad, happy, crying, and I’ve seen you kill things people have nightmares about. I’ve watched you while you sleep, making sure you were safe and in peace. I’ve seen you sleep with your mouth slightly open and hair messy, I’ve seen you sick, and so so many more. You’re beautiful to me, no matter what. I love you y/n, more than words can describe.” He said softly, lifting your head up with his thumb and giving you a soft smile.

You leaned in to kiss him but noticed he pulled away right away, breaking your heart inside. “Why won’t you kiss me?” You frowned, making him frown too. “I don’t want you to get sick, sweetie.” You laughed softly to yourself, shaking your head in disbelief. “You’re worth getting sick over, Cas.” He shook his head. “But I care about how you feel y/n, I don’t want you feeling like this a day after too.” He kissed your cheek and hugged you tight while you hugged just as tight back.


“I’m so confused” he said out of the blue. You looked at him with confusion, letting him explain. “I was warm before, but not I’m cold, very cold.” You got up and went to put a blanket in the dryer to warm it up for him, leaving him to himself. Eventually by the time the dryer was done you came back and he was asleep in your bed, peacefully for the first time in what seemed like forever. He was hugging the pillow that always smelt like you with a smile on his face, bringing one on yours too.

The sound of the door closing woke him up, making you feel bad. “Sorry” You frowned, covering him up in the warm blanket. He sighed in relief to the feeling and moved over, inviting you to sit with him too. You laid down next to him and buried your head in his neck, sighing into the smell of his cologne. He wrapped his arms softly around you and laid his head on top of yours. “You’re such a good girlfriend” he said sleepily, making your heart beat a thousand times a second. “Thank you for taking care of me, my love.” “Through sickness and health, right?” “Always.”