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4,000 followers scoob doob

I did say my next FF post wouldn’t be until 5k but this took a lot longer to reach than I was expecting. A lot of stuff’s happened to me since I said that and I lost all my motivation post anything for a few months so the follower count (understandably) dropped pretty heavily during that time.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone the stuck around when I was doing jack shit here and to everyone that’s stopped by since.
My only regret is that I don’t seem welcoming enough and I know people are nervous about talking to me because of it. I’m really sorry about that but trust me it does make me happy when people want to chat so feel absolutely free to.
Believe it or not i’m actually pretty friendly!

As always, Mango luvs ya and keep being lovable! xoxo

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I wanted to do a couple of sets of shoutouts but this is already longer than i’d planned so i’ll put a read more here so this doesn’t clog up any more of your dash! Here’s a list of the cool people i’m glad I got to meet through here and who i’d recommend you check out if you asked me. 
This was rushed and i’ve almost certainly missed plenty of people off here.
Let me know if i’m a muppet and left you out and i’ll publicly shame myself in repentance/ fix my mistake!

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Wow! Ok honestly first of all where did you all come from? Secondly, I am so honored that you are here following this mad princess even if I do think your slightly lost. Finally Thirdly I adore writing as Victoria and am having so much fun with an original character (since she’s my first). Anywho, as I always do with these, the rest will be found under a read more because they can get a bit extensive and I don’t want to clog anyones dash up. Also, as I’m sure I’ll do it, I know I will miss people who should be on this. Thank you so much for following and getting lost here! You guys are amazing and I adore all of you!

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All kinds of love

(For a contest. Carefull non-shippers, there is brotherly/platonic classic-fontcest, platonic Honeymustard, romantic Kedgeup, romantic/unrequited Papayaberry and deep but platonic love for Swapfellcest here. Please scroll away really fast if its not your kind of ship, but have a lovely day anyway \0/ It’s a bit long, so I will put a read more after a couple of paragraphes so it won’t clog up anybodys dash.)

Sans was up all night. Sitting alone in the dark living room, only the glow of the TV keeping him company. A pretty unusual thing for somebody like him, but it was for a good reason. Papyrus got invited to a costume party, his first actual party, and he was already climbing walls and trees and even once an unsuspecting snowman out of excitement. Sadly costumes were a rare find at the dump, and even rarer in stores or peoples closets, which put a bit of a damper on Papyrus mood.

So sewing it was. Sans loved his brother very much, but if there was one thing his brother was terrible at, then sewing. Otherwise he was a pretty crafty skelton, snow sculptures, drawings, little knick knacks he sometimes made, but sewing was a craft he just couldnt master, no matter how long or often he tried.

So Sans wanted to surprise his older brother. He was really trying hard to socialize, but Snowdin was a small town, waterfall wasnt to heavily populated too, hotland was just…not his brothers thing. And new home was so far away, it was hard to actually keep in touch with somebody there, even if you managed to meet a potential friend in all those full, overcrowded streets.

And this party was a good opportunity. Some people lived outside the town in Snowdons forest, some a bit farther away from Waterfalls main route. And it was a huge party in one of Waterfalls caves, Undyne invitet Papyrus along so the skeleton could make some friends there. Sans was pretty glad about that, his brother deserved as many friends as a skeleton could have.

“shit”, he cursed quietly, he poked himself in the finger with the needle. Luckily not to deep. Sans paused and listened, afraid he woke his brother up. Nope, quiet and still. His brother was a ligth sleeper, but apparently not that easily woken.

He kept sewing. The scarf was done next to him on the couch, it looked a bit like a cape but had still the warmth comfort of a scarf, it would drape over his brothers shouders dramatically. The shoes sat next to him on the floor, glue still sligthly sticky from attaching the black stripes to the boots. Sans wasn’t to bad at sewing, but the though leather of the shoes was a bit outside of his expertise. He made the gloves already a few nights before, deciding that it’s best to start with the easiest part, and he was damn good at making gloves. Now he only needed to finish the chest piece, his brother already owning some black pants and shirt and a pair of blue hotpants that would look pretty good with this.

The chestpiece was soft, unlike actuall armor not very protective, but it was stuffed with pillow filling for the bulk and Sans wanted to cover it with some varnish afterwards to make it glisten in the light and seem harder then it actually was. Now only sew that shut. Aaand…done. Perfect, even the little emblem looked pretty good. Now for the finishing touches. He went outside to spray it with the paint, muffling his coughs when the smell hit his nose. Or his lack of one. No matter how much nose he actually got, it was still burning till down to his nonexistent lungs.

Completly exhausted from the nights of work and the dizzying smell of the lacquer, he placed the whole set of clothes infront of his brothers door, teleporting quietly there and back, afraid to wake him up and ruin the surprise. All thos nights of work and only the occasional nap at work making him tired enough to just crash on the couch, not even bothering to go up to his room, honestly not even bothering to at least take of his slippers. 

He was woken from his slumber only a few hours later, when a white and red figure dashed down the stairs and tackled him in an enourmus hug. “OHHH MY GOSH! THANK YOU BROTHER THIS IS SO WONDERFULL, AND IT FITS PERFECTLY! I KNEW YOU WEREN’T AS MUCH OF A LAZYBONES AS YOU ALWAYS SEEM TO BE!” Sans rubbed his eyesockets with one hand, hugging back with the other. He was still bonetired. But then he saw his brothers smiling face, and a pleasant warmth engulfed his soul, making his eyelights light up a bit brogther and his smile a bit softer. “worth it”, he thought.

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This is a guide I’ve put together due to the growing number of people coming to Ba Sing Se in this AU, I hope you enjoyed it and find it useful! o7o

All of the information I used in this powerpoint came from the Avatar Wikia page for Ba Sing Se [x]

there’s so much more to the city than what I’ve covered in this powerpoint, if you want to know more about BSS or anything else in the Avatar Universe, I strongly suggest you check out the wikia.

Thanks for reading!

eine-gurke  asked:

Hello there! I know you reblog your own posts so that people in other timezones don't miss them but I often see the same posts 3 times a day and since they aren't under a read more they tend to clog up my dash a lot! Could you maybe space your reblogs out a bit? And I'm sure when people really don't want to miss your posts they go into your specific tags anyway to check if there's anything new. (Hopefully this ask doesn't come off as rude but if that's the case I'm sorry!)

aahhh, well. i tag them all as ‘timezone reblog’ and ‘sai reblogs,’ so i’m not sure how much else i can help you? spacing it out might work, but….. ah…. 


Hello lovelies! My name is Dayo, and I’m very excited to bring Haejoon here to you all! Can’t wait to plot with you guys/hope to have much fun together! I meant to have posted this already but I kinda procrastinated getting his profile and stuff up. His blog still isn’t entirely done. I’ll put some contact info and basic trivia/links below a read more so as not to clog the dash. Go ahead and like this post if you’d like me to slide in your dms for some plotting, though!

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QUEERBAITING w/ Dan and Phil

can i just say something? 

people are accusing dan and phil of queerbaiting with the vegas video stuff, but like ya’ll are the ones that assume something happened between them that is phan related while in vegas in the first place. 

for those of you who may not be familiar with the vegas stuff… dan and phil went to vegas for dan’s 21st birthday. in this video, phil says “dan’s posting a whole day in the life vegas extravaganza, so you can look forward to that” and proceeds to tell of the awkward spa experience they had. when they got back from vegas dan procrastinated on uploading the footage and eventually it became a thing, and then he said he actually lost the footage after a while. 

the vegas video is an inside joke with dan and his subscribers, he has never insinuated that anything phan related happened while in vegas. it was the phandom shippers that theorized they ‘got married’ or ‘got drunk and had sex’ and that ‘there was too much phan stuff in the footage when they reviewed it to post any of it’. 

i want to remind you all that the vegas video for dan is a joke, much like his twitter icon and how it became a thing. when he mentions the vegas video it has nothing to do with phan, but with the joke at how long everyone has been waiting to hear what happened. if he includes stories about what happened in vegas in the book they are not going to be OMG PHAN!!1!!, they are not going to suddenly announce they got married or had sex, it is going to be more funny stories like the awkward spa experience and other weird dan and phil moments. 

saying that you will find out “what actually happened in vegas” in the book is not queerbaiting because it is the phandom shippers that have ‘added the gay’ to the vegas trip, it is the phandom shippers that have turned the vegas trip into this heavily theorized phan secret, not dan. for dan and his subscribers the vegas trip and the vegas video are jokes about his procrastination. it became a joke, a thing to laugh about and tease us with. 


** you may feel like arguing ‘yeah but dan knows that the phandom believes all this secret phan stuff happened in vegas and therefore he knows what mentioning vegas will do for sales of the book”, to that i say there is no way in hell dan and phil are going to announce phan in their book (regardless of whether it is real or not). if you stop for a second and think about it all, i’m sure dan is aware of this, rational people are not going to expect them to say ‘yeah all your phan theories about what happened in vegas are totally true’. stop waiting for this big announcement that phan is real because it is not going to happen regardless of whether they are together or not. you do not have to buy the book and, if by some miraculous force, there is an announcement of phan in the book then rest assured people will post about it here so you do not have to buy the book unless it is something you really want. 

stop finding ways to demonize dan and phil. are they perfect? nobody is perfect, but they are not queerbaiting and they deserve more respect than they have been getting from some of you. 

shipping phan and discussing theories can be fun, but keep it respectable and always be nice about it. dan and phil know people ship phan, they know people have fun doing it, they know that all their little looks and touches are going to be analyzed but what can they do about it? they tried distancing themselves, remember 2012? no one enjoyed that, not even dan and phil. they are just being themselves and being friends and if they have to joke about phan in order feel comfortable doing that then that is fine by me. i mean, it has got to be stressful worrying about every tiny interaction and how it can possibly be interpreted as phan in their videos, if they just point out the phan bits themselves (like they have been doing ex: ~50 shades of phan~) then at least they can feel like they have some control over it, they can laugh about it. i don’t think any of the things they have been doing is actual queerbaiting, and they have both said in the past that phan is not real and that they are just friends, they shouldn’t have to repeat that every time they touch each other to ensure people don’t think they are queerbaiting. 

i think that is all for now, i could go on but you won’t read it because this is already way too long. sorry for clogging up your dash, i am not putting this under a read more. feel free to reblog this and add your own comments but remember #NicerInternet. you can have different opinions from others but always be respectful to others, and be respectful to dan and phil. 

yes i added their main tags, ya’ll need to read this <(^_^)>

On webseries crowdfunding, review blogs, independence and other complex issues - a response post

The outpouring of responses to my post from last night about webseries crowdfunding being unsustainable has been tremendous. Seriously. We’ve started something like six different conversations about a dozen and half different important topics in the world of webseries. Since I went offline last night, several more voices have chimed in or described their interest in joining the conversation through reblogs and asks. Rather than taking this all offscreen (which I’m concerned will cut people out of the conversation, which is the opposite of what I think is right in this case), I’ve decided to address a lot of the issues (and answer a lot of the asks) in a single post and tag each. and. every. one. of people who participated in the discussion, whether in direct responses or tags. But this is also still very much a conversation for the whole community, and so even if you’re not tagged, feel free to add your voice. Also it may be worth using lots of “read more” cuts! I messed up last time and clogged everyone’s dash, for which I apologize.

As always, opinions are my own and are not absolute. I’m probably wrong about stuff and it’s okay if we disagree right now. We’ll find our common ground. :)

And now the cut, before what I expect will be a monstrously long response comparable only to the Great Wall. Probably also long enough to be seen from space. And too long to properly edit so I apologize in advance for any clumsy turns of phrase or not-well-said impressions. My intention here is not to criticize the actions of any webseries nor imply that one type is better than the other. At all.  

Please note that I will be offline for a day or so not long after the publication of this post, so I will not be able to immediately respond to any messages or continued discussions. But please have them, because I will eagerly read through everything when I get back!

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Hello anons! I’m touched that you all are interested in my game and model :)

I named my main model Emilee and she has the creative, foodie, and cheerful traits! To me, she loves to cook because it brings people together, and she dreams of opening a cafe/coffee shop. She’s bubbly in personality and can be quite spontaneous.

I haven’t really played the game for several weeks now, but when I last played I was playing with Emilee in San Myshuno and exploring the new aspiration and careers with her!

If you want to see/read a little more about her, click on the “Keep reading” below–I didn’t want to clog up anyone’s dash who wasn’t interested!

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                  yay 800 followers!

i literally just gained 100 followers in like 10 days u guys r nuts. like i posted my 700 follower giveaway last week. i haven’t even picked the winner yet b/c i haven’t had time. no but seriously thanks so much for putting up with me blah blah i’m terrible at these little blurbs but i just wanted to give recognition to some of the wonderful writers who continue to inspire me all day erry day <3 

if you aren’t on this list there’s an 100% chance it’s b/c i’m a dumbass and forgot. i wish i could put everyone i follow on here tbh but i’m trynna keep it short and sweet so that it doesn’t clog up anyone’s dashes. esp since tagging on read mores doesn’t work anymore ): 

                   absolute garbage 

first let me holla at my girl: @burzxm / @littlclight / @urulxce / @crxentis / oh my god jordy what are your other blogs they’re all beautiful and i lurve u so much but i can’t remember all of your gd blogs you have s O MAN Y 


@unseenmockingjay | @kinginnuendo / @silverwilled | @stealstime | @marigoldisms / @emmreth | @thelittleqveen / @dcvoidofcolor | @arcusignis | @aantivan / @mechaarm BILLIE WEHER EAR EA LL YOU F YOUR BLGOS | @vetusxmiles | @alleyspat | @pcthetics / @loudhead | @rarerthangold / @explcsive | @desertborne 

                     still trash 


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This is not to sound bitchy it is a friendly word of advice. When you post fics over 1k use keep reading. 

I never reblog if the feature is not used on long fics no matter how much I love it. It clogs up peoples dashes. So please fic writers use that feature. 

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    um basically thanks for following a character who may be 600% wrong in
terms of characterization ;) wouldn’t tHAT BE A SURPRISE.

                                              this is long af so i’m gonna put it in a read more.
                                              i didn’t want to clog up anyone’s dashes. ilu all.

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