Underestimate Me (Anakin Skywalker x Reader)


I dare you.

{disclaimer: most ideas and characters are not mine. Also keep in mind this is a fanfiction, some of the story line will not match up with the movie/other}

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“Prepare the landing gear.” Anakin tells his copilot. I stay with Padmé in the room behind that.  She lays on the bed. A medical droid at her side along with a breathing mask on her face and a tube in her arm. I hold her hand.

Myself and other trustworthy Naboo hand maidens made her look beautiful. It is tradition that she resembles the beautiful lake on Naboo, with a beautiful blue gown, hair sprinkled with flowers. She still glowed even in a coma.

“I’m so sorry Padmé, whoever did this to you is going to suffer a fate much worse, I promise.” I tell her, praying she hears me.

“(Y/N), get in your seat and prepare for landing.” Anakin alerts me.

“I will tell Master Kenobi that we’ve arrived to Naboo.” I tell him, giving him minimal acknowledgement.

“Okay.” He shrugs off.

I walk and sit across the room, strapping a seat belt to myself and begin a transmit to Obi-Wan.

“Master Kenobi, Anakin and I are landing on Naboo now.” I check in,

“Thank you, young one. Its a good thing you’re there, Anakin hardly checks in with me. Perhaps you can be a good influence on him as he finishes his training.” Master Kenobi chuckles to himself.

“I check in!” Anakin defends from the cockpit.

“You do not, Anakin. Remember what happened on  Hoth- and the Wampa?” Master Kenobi points out.

“You get taken by a Wampa one time..” Anakin mumbles,

“Anyways, I am glad to hear your mission is going as planned. I will be leaving Coruscant soon to a planet that supposedly is where the dart originated from. Not to worry, I will be in touch with you both soon.” Obi-Wan ends the transmission. And soon we land on Naboo.

The planet of Naboo is silent. I peek outside of the front windows seeing a ton of important people and other civilians make a pathway.

“She can stay stable and in a coma for 7 minutes without any medical attention, so this honoring is going to be quick.” Anakin tells me. He walks up behind me. “We’ll just walk her past everyone and they’ll have medical attention waiting for her inside.”

“Okay.” I sigh, looking past him. I’ve decided I won’t look him in the eye anymore. I cannot. I lead the way to Padmé. I stand on either side of her, without her medical gear she looks really dead. It almost convinces me.

I watch as Anakin places a necklace chain with some sort of trinket on it. I didn’t want to ask him about it, trying to keep from talking more than I had to. I could only piece together that she must’ve been more than just a friend if Anakin decided he needed to give her this for even a fake funeral.

“Ready?” I ask, hovering a finger over the door controls.

“Always.” he responds. I open the door and we are greeted with silence.

The entire planet seemed to have been silenced in the honor of the beloved Queen and Senator Amidala. We walk down the long path made by the civilians. Anakin and I follow on each side of her, behind trails her handmaidens. Walking beside my dying friend was difficult, especially under the watchful eyes of hundreds of people.

We finish walking up the steps and the other powerful people of Naboo greet us with kisses on our cheeks. Jar Jar is especially excited. The doors behind us close and we can hear one of the women begin a speech in her honor. Medics take her away immediately to the private medical center.

“Thank you two for bringing her home.” her father shakes our hands. “Please, allow me to show you where you’ll be staying.”

“Thank you for your kindness.” I bow to him.

He shows Anakin and I down the halls to two rooms right next to each other.

“I trust you will enjoy your stay. For you we’ve increased our security and assume your lightaber would be kept close. But we doubt anyone will get past the front doors.”

“Thank you, sir.” Anakin says. The man leaves us and Anakin and I are left in the hallway.

“You want left or right?” He asks, I decide not to speak. I choose the right which is closest to where I am. Boy do I really need to get away from him.

I close the cold metal door and slide down it. This whole thing is ridiculous. I just need him to stay away from me, and let me do my job. Which is to protect him. Ironic, isn’t it? I need to protect the person I need to stay farthest from.

He’s been in my life almost 4 days now. We needed two days to prepare for the trip to Naboo. Every night he tried to come into my room but I pretended to be asleep until he left. Theres no way after that one night he felt the same way I do. Its like this natural attraction I have to him, I want to help him, I want to make him happy. But I doubt I can.

Usually I am ready and up for challenges. But he somehow is my weakness. I can never focus or do my job.

I move to the balcony, the calm beauty of Naboo helping my restless soul. Master Unduli I really could use your guidance now. Why couldn’t I have saved you? I tried so hard to save you. If it wasn’t for those Geonosians I could’ve. There were so many, but then at least both of us could’ve died in honor. Why did you tell me to run? I could’ve broken you out and then we both would’ve been able to fight them off. I need you. The Jedi council doesn’t see me the same way you did.

They soon will, young Padawan. I hear Luminara’s voice for the first time since I lost her.

How? I call out to her again.

With your strength, and patience. Remember all I taught you. Your focus must always-

“Nice night, isn’t it?” A voice says next to me. Theres a wall in between the two balconies but I can feel him now. It’s Anakin, he must be on his balcony too.

Luminara? Are you still there? Master Unduli? Please?

I say nothing to him. I’m angry he cut off my connection to my master. He didn’t mean to but somehow he did. Instead I turn around and go back into my room.

Almost immediately there’s knocking on my door. I feel him there too.


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