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Allow us to introduce Arzt Wer.

Arzt Wer is a long-running SciFi show, produced by the ARD, centered around the Arzt. The Arzt (Günther Jauch) is the last one of the Zeitherren. Together with his Begleitpersonen and the ever-faithful ZurDiR (Zeit und relative Dimensionen im Raum - innen isse größer; disguised as an old Telekom-Notrufzelle), he battles monsters such as the really creepy Flennende Engel (Hella von Sinnen)

and Die Stille (amazing casting choice - Mario Barth!).

What you see up there is a promo pic from the fourth season, starring all of Zehns Begleitpersonen: Zehn himself, Marta Johannes (Collien Fernandez), Rose Tailah (Sonya Kraus), Kapitän Jakob Horchigkeit (played by the fabulously gay Hape Kerkeling), Jakoba Tailah (Desirée Nick), Michi Schmidt (Bruce Darnell), Donna Nobel (Anke Engelke) and last but not least Sarah Jana (Katja Saalfrank). Latter is star of her own show, Die Sarah Jana Abenteuer, one of the two Auskopplungen of Arzt Wer (the other one, Fackelholz, stars Kapitän Jakob Horchigkeit as the protagonist and takes place in Saarbrücken).

At the end of season 4, Zehn regenerates into Elf; since the ARD doesn’t have the funds for great CGI effects, it was decided that he will simply take off his glasses.

And if you’re more into Elf and Ami Teich, check out the next part


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Arzt Wer: The Dalederhos'n

Over the course of its half a century lasting history, the successful ARD science-fiction series Arzt Wer has featured many deadly and frighting aliens and monsters that the eponymous Arzt has encountered and defeated. Out of all of them, none are however as iconic or popular as the Arzt’s eternal arch-enemies, the Dalederhos'n.

Created by the mad scientist Bayros (Edmund Stoiber) through methods of genetic engineering from the DNS of his own race, the Bayern, the Dalederhos'n are a mutant species from the Freistaat Skaro, hell-bend on eradicating all life within the universe that is not of Bavarian origin. Existing solely to kill, all Dalederhos'n spend their entire life in a mechanical Lederhosen battle suit, which while rendering them unable to climb stairs, turns them into vicious Oktoberfestsäufer, making them a big threat whenever the Arzt faces them- in fact, their battle scream of “O-ZAPFT-IS!” is often times enough to cause both viewers and character within the series to shit their Lederhosen.

While over the years, the Dalederhos'n starred in many Folgen of Arzt Wer, few have managed to be as iconic as their appearance in the two-part finale of the Neunter Arzt’s run in the Folgen “Scheiß Köter” and “Die Trennung der Wege”. Within these episodes, the Arzt encounters an unexpected survivor of the Zeitenkrieg – the Dalederhos'n Kaiser (Franz Beckenbauer).

Escaping the Weltkrieg by mere chance, the Kaiser found himself in the year 101.000, in the age of the Fifth Reich. Using manipulation of the RTL channels, the Kaiser managed to gain control of humanity from behind the scenes, all while using DNS of deceased humans to build an army of Dalederhos'n.

Losing their minds over the lack of beer, Weißwürsten and Brezeln within their hiding places in space, the Dalederhos'n lost their minds, and began worshipping their Kaiser as a deity, making them by the time that the Arzt, whom they refer to as “Problemarzt” in fear, more deadly than ever before.

In “Der Goethe Kodex”, the second episode of the third season of Arzt Wer (currently running on ARD; last episode has been the Weihnachtsspezial 2012 called “Die Schneemänner”), Marta Johannes takes her very first trip with the Arzt and his loyal ZurDiR. They go back in time to Weimar - 1777!

There, they not only encounter evil Hexen from the Blocksberg, a planet far away, but also German national hero Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (pictured above). Marta is obviously swept off her feet to meet this man by whom she has read so much in school. The Arzt and Marta join with Goethe to save everyone from the Hexen who try to end the world. In a great finale, Goethe quickly improvises a short play (which would later become Faust I + II). However, he lacks a final word - the opportunity for the new Begleitperson to prove her worth. Marta’s quick wit saves the day as she completes Faust II with a passionate “Hex Hex!”

As they part again, he dedicates a poem to them, beginning with “Wer reitet so spät durch Nacht und Wind // es ist die Marta mit dem Arzte” - and as Marta realises the famous Erlkönig was written for her, she is quite touched (if quite irritated, too). The two, however, reenter the ZurDiR, to explore new worlds and other ages.

(Interesting detail: In this episode, the various homosexual innuendos of Goethe’s relating to Schiller have made him canonically bisexual in the Arzt Wer universe.)

More Arzt Wer. And more.

In a surprise announcement, the ARD has recently revealed that the first season of their successful and long-running science-fiction series, “Arzt Wer”, which for many years had been thought to have been lost with no hope of recovery, has been discovered in their secret base in northern Sweden. This marks the first time in eight whole years that fans of the series will be able to enjoy the episodes, starring Otto Waalkes as the eponymous character, the Neunter Arzt.

The season opens with Rose Tailah (Sonya Kraus), a 19-year old girl living in modern day Berlin. Her life seems entirely normal, until one day an encounter with the deadly alien Gummibärchen leads to her meeting the Arzt, who after a wild adventure takes her into his ZurDiR as his new Begleitperson. But the Arzt has a terrible secret – he is the last survivor of the Zeitenkrieg, a great Weltkrieg in which his race, the Zeitenherren fought against the Dalederhos'n. The Arzt ended the war himself, killing everybody else in it, using a destructive weapon known as Der Momäänt.

But as it turns out, the Arzt is not the only survivor Zeitenkrieg – soon enough, the Arzt encounters one of his mortal enemies, a Dalederhos'n, a member of a race of alien mutants which with their frightening screams of “O-ZAPFT-IS!” have for generations terrified many children watching the series. And of course, they are not the only enemies that the Arzt faces – Das Leere Drecksbalg, hessische Geister from the future, the family Calmund, members of an alien race plotting to start the Dritten Weltkrieg for their own goals… and behind it all, there are the mysterious words “Scheiß Köter”, spread throughout time and space…

For more on Arzt Wer, click here and here!

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Hey berlin folks!

As participants of GISHWHES we’ve got a huge favour to ask of you.
We need some people willing to do a Carry on my Wayward Son flashmob with us…. we need some people who will sing and some who play instruments, it would be awesome if you could make it, and please, please tell us if you can come (and if you’d be in as singer or playing an instrument, so we’ve got some kind idea how many we still need

Friday - 6PM - Alexanderplatz - Weltzeituhr



Das erste Sherlock treffen in Düsseldorf im Jahre 2014.
Wann? Samstag den 22.2 um 17 uhr
Wo treffen? vor Grauert am Düsseldorf Hbf.
Was machen wir? Warsch.verbringen wir einen netten spaßigen Abend in einem Irish Pub. Falls jemand eine spezielle Idee hat kann diese gerne mitgeteilt werden und es wird darüber abgestimmt :-)

Falls jemand Fragen hat, meine Ask box ist immer offen ^^

( das Bild ist mit Herzblut gemacht also ssssssh xD )

Halloween 2013….

der Tag der Bösewichte und Horror-Gestalten!

Und den wollen wir von den German Fandom Parties dieses Jahr auch mit Euch zusammen feiern! Und zwar im Multifandom-Style. Also egal ob Sherlockian, Hunter, Potterhead, Fannibal, Whovian, Merliknight, Hunger Gamer oder zu welchem Fandom du auch immer gehörst- Du bist herzlich eingeladen!

Ausgerichtet wird das ganze in Wismar, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, am 02. November 2013 von eigenthor, padaletzki, the-prankster und otterly-attractive.

Sollten Fragen auftauchen, bitte möglichst an diesen Blog, an unseren Hauptblog oder an eigenthor wenden! Wir versuchen, immer so schnell wie möglich auf alle Fragen einzugehen.

Wer also Lust und Zeit hat, Anfang November den Ostseestrand unsicher zu machen (wir müssen natürlich aufpassen, dass niemand weggeweht wird!), der meldet sich bitte einfach bei uns und dann kommt er auf die Gästeliste. Verbindlich ist diese Vorab-Anmeldung (erstmal) nicht. Dazu sagt ihr uns bitte euer gewünschtes Cosplay.

Cosplay/ Kostüm ist erwünscht!
Bitte passend zu dem Motto “Bösewichte/ Horror” wählen.
Inspirationen bzw. wer sich alles schon angemeldet hat, findet ihr auch auf unserer Gästeliste auf dem Blog.

Wir freuen uns auf euch!
(die weitere Planung wird im Laufe der nächsten Monate erfolgen.)

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