I got tagged!

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1) Opinion on The Simpsons?

They are really funny. Not sure how the current ones are now..because the Simpson I have seen are the oldie ones.

2) Favorite animated movie?

Kiki’s Delivery Service hands down! AAAaaahh!

3) Favorite musical?

I-I don’t know actually.

4) Have you ever had a life changing moment?

Nope. I have not.

5) Opinion on Global Warming?

ITS REALLY WARM OUTSIDE!!1…Put a blanket over it! It being the sun!

6) Favorite TV show currently airing?

I really don’t watch that much TV and the show I am watching is coming back next month though! TWD! Nothing sounds more romantic then man eating zombies.

7) Hugs or kisses?

Both. //wiggle eyebrows. WELL…HUGS…I never had a first kiss. So I don’t know which is better. Kissing looks better. //snorts.

8) Favorite cartoon ever?

UH I don’t know that is possible to pick because I have too many…But I can share that the Powerpuff Girls was my childhood Cartoon. So I guess that?

9) Last book you read?

LIKE…ten pages of the Hunger Games. Only a few because my sister’s friend is borrowing it and I want my turn!

10) Have you ever written fanfiction?

Oh god no..I have not.. My grammar is really wocky. Just isn’t my strong point.

11) Favorite videogame?

I can’t choose this one either. I l-o-v-e video games so there is

Tales series, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Phoenix Wright,…etcetc

But the newly added loooove is Odin Sphere. ♥ ♥

For Answering: (I suck with asking questions thou..)

1. Do you have a pet?

2. Are you allergic to anything?

3. What are your favorite pair of shoes?

4. Have you been to Disney World?

5. If you can be a video game character for a whole day, who would you be?


7. Your biggest fear?

8. The last movie you saw?

9. What was your last nightmare about?

10. What is your special talent?

11. O M G there’s a bomb in your room! Would you be able to defuse it?