aryn007 asked you:  I would love to see some Sora, Donald Goofy shenanigans and perhaps the number…41?

41: G-Force

From the “I haven’t seen this but the potential for hilarity is too great to remove it” part of my list. Goofy is I guess a Guinea…dog? And Donald is some kind of horrifying tiny platypus that science should have neither created nor given an unlit match to.

Ah, always much love for classic fantasy AUs. Though I wouldn’t trust me in charge of it, because when you do you end up with Shitty Fantasy AU and Organization XIII’s Flying Circus XD

aryn007  asked:

In many of the stories I've read, it seems like you and Odin are like best bros (or at least on friendly terms), going on manly barbeques in the woods and such. What sort of gift would you get him for his birthday, if you were so inclined?

Right now? A stick to shove in his other eye. We are not on the best of terms currently. Besides, he has my son to ride on, like a common horse. What more is there I can give him?

But I suppose you mean if I didn’t hate him and everything he stands for? In which case… Probably something shiny. He likes shiny things. Or mead. You can never go wrong with mead when it comes to Odin. The more weird and exotic its origin, the better he likes it. Don’t believe me? Look at the story of the ‘Mead of Poetry’, especially the part about the 'rhymester’s share’. Yup, for once that is a story you humans got almost completely accurate.

aryn007 answered your questionOk, this is bothering me too much now, and I need…

Well, Arthur’s sister is older than him. I imagine that while Gawain is younger, there’s not a staggeringly gigantic age difference.

See, that’s what I thought too! I usually work out logistics issues by writing them down and talking myself through them, so bear with me here.

If Arthur is in his 20s (probably the oldest he could still be and be thought of as ‘pretty’ rather than 'manly’/'handsome’), let’s say Gawain is in his mid-teens. Let’s go with 16 or a bit older? Just like the Song of Ice and Fire series, due to low life expectancy, everyone has a ton of violent adventures before they’re 18, so 16 sounds like a good age to send him off to meet his death, I guess.

Let’s also say Morgause was 16 when she started having kids (and she had 6 of them?? Holy smokes!)…that would still have her as at least 32 years old (or probably well over, depending on the source and how much time passes between her marrying Lot + having his babies and her joining Arthur’s court)? And Arthur is into that?

I am grateful for your reply (since it confirms half my idea), and yet this continues to baffle me, because I tend to fixate on all sorts of details until everything is clear, haha.