Fatal stabbing in New York was ‘practice’ for more attacks on black men, police say
The Maryland man was charged with murder as a hate crime on Thursday.

A day after police say a white man admitted to fatally stabbing a black man in New York City and intending to kill many more, authorities charged him Thursday with murder as a hate crime, even as prosecutors were also urged to pursue federal charges.

Police say James H. Jackson, 28, of Baltimore told detectives that he traveled to New York from Maryland on a bus last week “for the purpose of killing black men,” according to a complaint filed in New York Criminal Court.

The complaint elaborates on what the New York Police Department had said Wednesday, when they described Jackson as violently acting out on what Assistant Police Chief William Aubry described as long-standing “feelings of hate towards male blacks.”


Remember this post about my WW AU where Link’s Grandma dons the hero’s clothes to save Link and Aryll? Well I wrote out a whole little comic to introduce the concept. 

I was thinking of having a whole little zine with this comic and some new drawings in time for DINK next month! So look forward to that in the future!


Well, It’s time I use all that technology in my pocket and do something fun with it! Clothes moving in slow motion! me doing weird faces when I move in slow motion! It’s all here!

All this studies will definetly help me draw clothes in motion and clothes in all kinds of action poses, I just need to start drawing now!!!

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