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I just started to write an AU GoT fanfiction that will center heavily on Arya and Gendry's relationship, but I haven't watched all of the television series, and I haven't read all of the books either, and while I really understand the characterization of Arya, I'm more fuzzy on Gendry simply because he's not featured in the first parts of the series. If you could give me some tips on his characterization that'd be wonderful because I think he's an amazing character and I want to do him justice.

I can give you some tips, sure! I’m honored you’d ask me to be honest.

You’ll find everything (mostly) I’ve written on Gendry and Gendry/Arya tagged as gendry meta and gendrya meta respectively on my blog.

As for Gendry’s characterization, it depends here. Is this canon AU or modern AU? Would you want to take post-Arya/Gendry separation Gendry’s characterization? Because it’s different to be sure- see here for details.

Gendry’s defining characteristic is his class issues to be honest. He has major issues with the nobility in Westeros. He’s also stubborn, heroic, sullen, and has a bit of a temper (ours is the fury and all.) He’s kind of rude, too, though it’s more so after he and Arya separate. He’s reserved and distrusting most of the time. He is definitely more suspicious and less inclined to trust people. 

He’s definitely more invested in the Gendry/Arya relationship than Arya but also wayyyy more aware of their class differences and the implications of them (Arya’s relatively oblivious on the subject to be honest.)

And while many shippers make the whole “m’lady” comments towards Arya joking/flirting, they tend to be when he’s angry/upset about their class differences and it serves as a reminder of the different worlds the two come from.

But he’s got a bit of a snarky side to him (the comment about Ned finding Jon under a cabbage leaf, the “shoe your horses, if m’lady permits” comment to Arya, the way he point blank tells Thoros what Tobho Mott said about him, the “what’s wrong with my face, it’s not as ugly as yours” retort to Brienne, ect.)

He’s also super perceptive (see here for more details,) but when he thinks, he gets so focused that he looks like thinking pains him according to Arya.

He’s also anti-whoring and a bit of a prude (he’s the anti-Robert in that regard.) I’d put him as one of the least likely people to just jump into bed with someone else (also because of his distrusting nature.)

If you wouldn’t mind giving me more details (I can keep it private if you would like,) I might be better able to help you. 

Aryaunderfoots wrote a post on writing Gendry/Arya fanfics that could be of interest of you: here.


Arya was a skilled climber and a fast picker, and she liked to go off by herself. One day she came across a rabbit, purely by happenstance. It was brown and fat, with long ears and a twitchy nose. Rabbits ran faster than cats, but they couldn’t climb trees half so well. She whacked it with her stick and grabbed it by its ears, and Yoren stewed it with some mushrooms and wild onions. Arya was given a whole leg, since it was her rabbit. She shared it with Gendry. The rest of them each got a spoonful, even the three in manacles. Jaqen H’ghar thanked her politely for the treat, and Biter licked the grease off his dirty fingers with a blissful look, but Rorge, the noseless one, only laughed and said, “There’s a hunter now. Lumpyface Lumpyhead Rabbitkiller”.


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Do you see how confused Beth looks in that gif? That’s how confused I feel when I look at my follower count. I can’t believe this many people actually put up with me. Thank you all so much for following me! I love you all.

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can you recommend some game of thrones blogs? it can be just people who reblog stuff, so long as they're mainly got

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tbh, where in the hell has this year gone?! it’s been a pretty rough one from the start between trying to finish school and dealing with family issues (and I’m sure all of you have had your fair share of ups and downs) but…WE MADE IT

i’ve met so so so so so SO many amazing people on this site and some of  them have become some of my greatest friends and all of you, whether i’ve explicitly told you or not, have helped me through this year in some way shape or form…so…THANKS HONESTLY, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY SHRIVELED UP LITTLE HEART <3 HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A SUPER SAFE AND SUPER FUN HOLIDAY!

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Okay, today I reached 1k followers. Elliot in the banner reflects pretty well how I’m feeling right now. Thank you everyone, I still can’t believe it. The people I’m going to list down below are amazing, go follow them now! Thank you all for making my dash so pretty, interesting, funny and a bit angsty.

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Hi everyone !

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I reached 0,5k a few weeks ago and I thought a follow forever would be great to celebrate (+ 2015 is finally here so ^.^)

I really want to thank you all for blogging on this website and making my dash such a wonderful place ! Though I do not talk to all of you, you’re all super rad people and every single blog listed below is fabulous.

I wish you all the best for 2015, hoping all your dreams will come true ❤

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i know i’m leaving people off and i’m sorry, but i just wanted to say thank you to all my followers because i never thought i’d ever get 2k (almost 2.1k now because i waited so long to post this). i appreciate every single one of you! anyway here are some of my favourite blogs that i recommend you follow. -ignore the ugly graphic.


hey all! So as per the usual I totally procrastinated on doing my ff but I finally got it together and here we are hahah. Some of these bloggers I’ve chatted to and some i just stalk admire. A big thanks to all these hella rad people for making my dash a much, much better place! 

Shoutout to my awesome irl squad:

Tam, Tasha, Grace, Peta, Maddie & Kayla 

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I’m sure I forgot a lot of wonderful blogs so here’s my blogroll.

Thank you to all these people and have an amazing new year!!!