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aryathestark-deactivated2014052 asked:

((PEDIATRICIAN SCOTT YOU SAY)) Nobody knows how he manages it, but children never cry when Dr. McCall holds them, even when they're looking down the end of a needle or cradling broken bones. He laughs and mentions the wonders of human contact. (No one comments on his oversized sleeves.)


And he’d totally use his wolfpowers to sooth hurts and booboos and god CAN YOU IMAGINE SCOTT WITH KIDS JUST LIKE, ALL DAY EVERY DAY?????

i’m just

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What's your opinion on the theory that Young Griff is the mummer's dragon? Yea or nay?

i think he’s definitely the mummer’s dragon, both from the undying vision and quaithe’s warning to daenerys.

whether that means he’s a fake targaryen or not a real “dragon” or whatever remains to be seen.

here’s dany’s description of a mummer’s dragon from acok: 

“A cloth dragon on poles,” Dany explained. “Mummers use them in their follies, to give the heroes something to fight.”

i think grrm is playing with us here: grrm represents the “mummers”, and asoiaf is one of his “follies”. dany is one of his “heroes”, and aegon is a plot device to give dany something to fight against.

i like the theory that he’s a blackfyre descended from the female line (because, as was noted in adwd, the blackfyres are extinct only in the male line). especially when this theory is combined with the theory that young griff is the son of illyrio. but there are problems with this theory too. mainly - what is varys’ endgame?? put a blackfyre on the throne and… never reveal that he put a blackfyre on the throne?

but, ultimately, as i said in the last post, i think young griff will still be one of the heads of the dragon. and that makes him all the more interesting to me, because he’s not just a plot device to give dany something to fight, and he isn’t just someone to help dany; he’s going to be a source of conflict, and she’s going to have to make peace with him.

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KAIT NO STOP THINK OF YOUR PILLOWS THEY MISS YOU DON'T LEAVE THEM ALONE (also canadian smarty pants is excellent yes do like) (and i'd give you an im/skype address if i had one i actually got off my lazy ass and used I'M SORRY)

Honey I’m in bed right now with like no pants on. I blog from bed now since I got moved upstairs. Awyeah. Candian Smarty Pants… I’ll totally draw that one day. 

GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS or get facebook or something idk i jusT MISS YOUUUU.