aryastarklings asked:

With those headcanons in mind, who did you end up shipping together in HP?

I have a lot of ships and many many many of them overlap.

My first and brightest of all ships, the first ship I ever sailed, the first ship I ever fic’d, was Sirius/Remus though. And I will always ship them to the end of my days. -sighs wistfully- 

But really, there are many ships that I wrote/read fic for and many more than I just see potential in? I have very few ships that I like..anti-ship I suppose? 

aryastarkling asked:

I'm literally so in love with your blog that adskjfhaskjdflka can we please be best friends peace n blessins ok bye

Hi Katie, just so you know, I very rarely follow back but:

  • I visit your blog and the first thing I see is ‘love gendrya or perish’ (not a fan of the ship name but GOD AryaxGendry is my OTP even though happiness may be hopeless I am willing to long for it to happen)
  • You make pretty stuffs
  • Your first page is sprinkled with things I reblogged
  • You have a link for your 'crying’ tag on you sidebar, I clicked it and and everything broke heart
  • You’re not a multi fandom blog (very important to me)
  • Your theme is cute and it doesn’t hurt my eyes
  • Your an emotional fangirl and so am I
  • You asked me to be your friend

Instant following you and prolly even stalking you from now on, you will not be able to make me stop, NOPE.