aryan princess

tbh yall always see me complain about goyische drag race fans but as of recent im just so utterly annoyed at all of you. im glad yall admit sharon needles is a nazi after a year of me and john telling everyone shes garbage yall FINALLY just listen. but when i tell you trixie is a nazi, that alaska is a nazi (and a big serophobe) you turn the other cheek bc yall like them. or you tell an actual jewish person its not offensive, im making a big deal. that theres bigger problems and i shouldnt complain about ~fandom issues~. drag race fans just hate jewish people. the way some of yall act towards jewish queens (acid betty, alexis michelle, etc) is telling. even if those queens act messy you attack them relentlessly but if a goyische queen does the same yall are like awww shes trying!!!!! you still see jewish people as jokes and as monsters. yall just wanna jerk it to aryan princesses and ignore jewish people telling you oh by the fucking way alaska wore a fucking swastika on her head and trixie literally mocked a holocaust victim and still defends that to this day lmfao

Okay so with the release of the new art cover for SnK volume 14:


Where Hanji is the bartender and Levi is the bouncer and Erwin is the manager

Basically they have awkward bar shenanigans because they’re located by a university so they get a lot of college kids (104th class)

And they listen to the kids’ stories and have nicknames for the regulars (Scarf, Horseface, Freckles 1 & 2, Little Monster, Aryan Coconut, Princess, Big Ass Tree, Linebacker, Nose of Glory, Cue Ball and Nacho Queen) and it’s just those three running a bar together.

They had a fourth member who died in a car accident so they renamed the bar (it’s called Mike’s now) in his honor

Chess was hardly the most vital interest for the upper ranks in Nazi Germany, but that sedate old intellectual game was not totally ignored in the all-encompassing National Socialist Revolution. Shortly after Hitler’s accession to power, the German Chess Federation was reconstituted in an “Aryanised” form as the “Grossdeutsche Schachbund”.