Happy New Year Everyone!!!

We wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous and successful new year ahead.


Live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment!

And thank you all of you, for your support

Happy New Year!!!


What did you do for fun this past year? What was one of your favorite memories?

If After Arya and Sansa reunite I want a scene paralleling this one but instead having Arya throw a snowball to Sansa and she running after her and laughing and smiling and being beautiful together because they missed each other a lot

If D&D waste this amazing opportunity… I swear to God (╥_╥)

(gif not mine. If it is yours, let me know)


Woh waqt aayega…Ayaan bada hoga, sab kam khud sambhale ga, coffee bhi hogi…lekin main nahi hongi!”

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!! :)

Tom Wlaschiha quote: A happy relationship means that you have someone who you can totally trust, with whom you can spend (a good) time and someone who is a complement.