When Arya and Gendry reunite i hope it is beautiful and emotional and happy and sad all at once because fuck they deserve it. They haven’t seen eachother since s3 and they 1. left on a pretty bad note which was heartbreaking and 2. Arya probably thinks the red woman killed Gendry and Gendry probably knows now about Arya being kidnapped by the Hound. 

Firstly, I hope she sees him and Jon separately first because we deserve two separate reunions for each of them. And secondly, I legit pray that the genius sound people combine the Stark and Baratheon themes when they finally see each other bc that would be fuckin great.

I hope Gendry sees Arya first (before she sees him) and i really want her to be fighting someone with Needle or just generally being a badass bc he last saw her as a young girl pretending to be a boy and now she’s what, 16 or 17?? I want him to be in shock at this tiny girl he last saw is now, still pretty small, but a woman and a badass one at that.

When Arya sees Gendry i want her to freeze and be in total shock bc this dude who was probably her closest friend in life who she thinks she would never see again is standing right in front of her. But instead of an immediate hug and all that, i really want her just to fucking sock him right on the jaw lol. He was going to leave her to join the Brotherhood back in s3 and she was pretty pissed off/upset about that. But after she has punched him and his initial shock i want them to just stare at each other both with tears in their eyes with their themes in the backroud and have a Jon and Sansa style hug. Arya is still a lot smaller than Gendry so my fuckin shipper heart wants him to lift her off the ground with her arms tightly around his neck and then whisper something like “m’lady”

I wonder what Sandor will do now that his peaceful village life is gone. He can't go to Kings Landing, Cersei would have him executed before you could say 'Sansa'. I doubt he knows or cares enough about Dany to ally with her. You know, there's really only the North left. Maybe Sandor 'i could keep you safe' Clegane should head for Winterfell... Swear himself to Lady Sansa Stark...

If After Arya and Sansa reunite I want a scene paralleling this one but instead having Arya throw a snowball to Sansa and she running after her and laughing and smiling and being beautiful together because they missed each other a lot

If D&D waste this amazing opportunity… I swear to God (╥_╥)

(gif not mine. If it is yours, let me know)