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I have an issue with beards, specifically I can’t draw them. 

Ned knew that he wasn’t supposed to have a favorite, but from the moment she clutched his finger and opened her grey eyes he adored her. He was not new to the experience of being a father. Robb and Jon entered into his life early on and Sansa taught him how precious daughters were, but Arya was his.
When he first met Robb the boy was almost two and was fearful of him. His lady wife was angry with Jon’s presence and Ned was too weary from war and loss to attempt accord or trust her with his secret. In time Robb came to follow him about the castle, but it was always Cat he went to with a scraped knee or childhood woe.

Jon was his to care for and he had hoped Cat would love him, this never came to pass. The boy was his to love and his alone until one day he became inseparable from his brother Robb. For this Ned was grateful.

Sansa was precious from the moment she came into the world, with little more than a whimper. The little lady rarely cried and looked sweetly upon all. She clung to her mothers skirts and showered his cheek with kisses and thank you’severy time he brought home a doll or toy.

But Arya was his from the moment she was came wailing into the world. She did not cease crying until Ned took her from his tired wife into his own arms. At that moment she stilled and opened her grey eyes to look at him. She clutched his fingers within a hand that was too strong for a new born and shook it vigorously with a smile seeping into the corner of her lips. The Maester said that she was far too young to smile but Ned knew what he saw.

For a brief ten days she was his to care for, Cat did her best to soothe her but the girl loved her father above all. Then Robert called him away to war again and Ned was torn from his little pup.

After months away Ned rode up to he gates of Winterfell with some dread, Robb had been scared of him after his return from the last war, would Sansa and Arya do the same?

Catelyn stood with his children in wait and smiled gently at him, sparing Theon a glance. Sansa, Robb and Jon rushed him with delighted screams knocking him to the ground. He rose laughing and went to kiss his wife when she presented him with their daughter who had begun to wail and reach for him. His pup ceased her howls the moment he took her and began to coo happily clutching at his hands and smiling at him.

Arya was special, he felt beloved in her presence and he adored her for it.


tell them the north remebers

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