“Might be we should stay here awhile,” the Hound told her, after a fortnight. He was drunk on ale, but more brooding than sleepy.“We’d never reach the Eyrie, and the Freys will still be hunting survivors in the riverlands. Sounds like they need swords here, with these clansmen raiding. We can rest up, maybe find a way to get a letter to your aunt.” Arya’s face darkened when she heard that. She didn’t want to stay, but there was nowhere to go, either. The next morning, when the Hound went off to chop down trees and haul logs, she crawled back into bed. But when the work was done and the tall wooden palisade was finished, the village elder made it plain that there was no place for them. “Come winter, we will be hard pressed to feed our own, "he explained. "And you… a man like you brings blood with him.”

In The Village by bubug

Was gonna draw some cute Gendrya fanart for Valentine’s day but I realized I’ve never really drawn them. At all. So I tried sketching both and Arya turned out pretty much how I see her in my mind (at least in Modern AU) but I can’t draw Gendry at all and I dunno why.

As for the Slytherin shirt… I actually haven’t really decided if Arya is Slytherin or Hufflepuff. Ah, the deep questions in life… Oh well, let’s see if I can draw some cute fanart or not.
(I can imagine both Gendry and Arya as Puffs… Sansa definitely a Slytherin. Robb would probably be a Gryffindor, as his dad.)

Creds for pose goes to DA@Kate-FoX