arya the corgi


We went to the local dog park yesterday and had a mini family reunion with Gatsby and Scout, Trinket, Arya, Bentley and Chef!  Bentley is half-brothers with Gatsby (same dad) and Rhys (same mom).  Trinket is Rhys’ and Arya’s aunt (by their dad) and Bentley’s and Gatsby’s cousin (by their moms).  Arya is Rhys’ half-sister (same dad). Confusing, I know, haha.

This was our attempt at a family picture - we were semi-successful haha.  We are so happy to be connected with so many family members and that we’re fairly local so we could get them together for a playdate!  Looking forward to some more in the future :)

Arya had her first romp in the leaves yesterday, and she loved it!
Today we’re taking her on her first camping trip with friends. I think she’ll do well (especially since we sprang for a cabin!). There will be a lot of motorcycles there, but she’s already proven herself great around them. Her friends will be there too! Lilly the basset & Tucker the lab. Keep an eye out for photos because I’m SURE I’ll take too many.