arya stark (2)

The doors are watching me, she thought. She pushed upon both doors at once with the flat of her gloved hands, but neither one would budge. Locked and barred. “Let me in, you stupid,” she said. “I crossed the narrow sea.” She made a fist and pounded. “Jaqen told me to come. I have the iron coin.” She pulled it from her pouch and held it up. “See? Valar morghulis.”

The doors made no reply, except to open. They opened inward all in silence, with no human hand to move them.


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MOPHIE <3 /Credits: Jay.

Grey Wind {Part 2} - Robb Stark x Reader

Originally posted by kriswithaque

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Robb Stark {Mentions Arya Stark} 

Word Counter- 346 Words 

Drabble Friday- Robb and Jon request with the direwolves again..where they don’t realize that the reader has been letting them into her room at night..but returning them before they wake up..but she sleeps in one day and they catch their wolf in bed an what they’d do

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You let the direwolf into your room as you had been doing this for a good few nights now, of course Robb didn’t know because you know he would just moan at you about it and tell you that you shouldn’t do that. Grey Wind jumped up onto your bed and circled for a moment before flopping down into his usual sleeping position on the furs and you walk to your bed after closing the door and you climb back into bed. 

Usually you returned him to his kennel before everyone was awake, part from the one time young Arya Stark caught you, but you were both very fond of each other and delared to keep it a secret. 

However, this morning was different. You’d managed to sleep in and you totally forgot about the direwolf who slept on the other side of the bed. You looked up and saw Robb standing at the bottom of your bed with his arms crossed. 

“How long have you been standing there watching me sleep?” You yawn and then it hits you- Grey Wind was lying next to you still. 

“What’s my direwolf doing in your bed?” He asks and your cheeks blush a light pink. 

“Grey Wind loves it up here with me, and you’re so mean so you don’t let him go to your room,” You say and he smirks. 

“Well it should be me sharing your bed, not an animal,” He says and you can’t help but laugh. 

“Are you jealous of a direwolf?” You ask and his arms unfold and he looks over at Grey Wind and back at you. 

“Maybe…” He admits and you smirk. 

“I love you, you know that,” You tell him and he smiles and grabs your hand. 

“I love you too,” He says and he pushes his lips on yours. 

“Now, shall we go for a walk?” You ask and he nods. 

“And maybe tonight, I’ll be the wolf sharing your bed?” He asks and you laugh at him. 

“Maybe,” You say and he pushes his lips on yours again. 

This had been in my drafts for AGES, and I felt like if I was ever gonna publish it, now was the time. It’s pretty silly, but whatever.


Jon suggests it before even Arya herself voices her wishes. He approaches him, head down, timid and respectful, and Ned feels the usual pang of guilt at seeing the boy act so measured. Lyanna would rage against such an attitude.

“My lord, Father.” Jon says, and Catelyn sets her lips in a line and makes an excuse to leave them. 

“C’mere Jon,” he says with as much warmth as he can muster, sitting to be closer to the boy’s eyes. “What is it?”

“Arya was crying yesterday, when you saw us in the Godswood.” Jon explains, and Ned just nods. He had gathered as much, Arya all curled up in his arms hiding her face. Ned had not wanted to see her face in tears, like Lyanna’s once was, so he had let them be. “She heard something which upset her.”

“Have you come to tell me the culprit?” The boy shakes his head inmedietly.

“No, father.” Jon swallows and then offers. “I think I know how to make her happy.” Suddenly Ned is a boy again, in a visit from the Eyre, not knowing what to give Lyanna for her nameday. And Brandon is there too, in all his confidence announcing I think I know how to make her happy. It hurts all to much when Jon suggests the very same thing: “I think we should get her her own mare, for her to train and name.”

“Is that so?” Is all Ned chokes out, and he can see in the boys eyes that he thinks he has said something wrong by the tone of his voice. “Well she will outgrown ponys soon, might as well be prepared and teach her to sit a horse.” He says with a smile, to encourage the boy.

“I already taught her that, father.” Jon admits with a smile. “She is ready.”

“I’ll speak with Hullen then,” Ned decides. It’s such a little easy thing to arrange, and he knows as soon as Arya gets her own mare that she will be riding all day like Lyanna used to. “Go tell her, make her smile.” Arya had been frowning for days now, and Ned wanted her easy smiles back.

Arya gets her horse in less then a fortnight. Jon is there to present it to her. She jumps up and down in excitement when Jon offers to help her jump on the saddle, and Ned heart breaks all over again when he sees Lyanna on a horse. Nevertheless, he smiles at the both of them trotting around the courtyard. They’re true northern riders, like Brandon and Lyanna were.

“Thank you Hullen, and Father.” Arya says when she is done, her mare stopping next to Jon’s own horse. If not for the age and other distinctions, they could practically pass for mirror images of each other. 

“How will you name her, child?”

“Snow.” Arya says breathlessly, and Jon’s smile is just like Lyanna’s used to be.