Maisie Williams: ‘I was bullied because of Game of Thrones’

What Braavosi Courtesan Bellegere Otherys “The Black Pearl” might wear on her pleasure barge. Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear Reem Acra. 

The current Black Pearl is descended from the original Bellegere Otherys called “The Black Pearl of Braavos”, a famous smuggler and one of the many mistress of King Aegon Targaryen IV.  She was born of a union between a Braavosi Sealord and a Summer Island Princess and was described as a remarkably beautiful woman who was “black as pot ink”. She was mistress to Aegon IV for 10 years, though it is said she had a husband in every port. During that decade she gave birth to three children, two girls and one boy; Bellenora, Nahra, and Balerion Otherys. Her daughter Bellenora became the first courtesan called the “The Black Pearl” and her daughters continued the tradition after her. The current Black Pearl is described as being a young beautiful, full bodied, woman with dark hair and light brown skin. A girl named “Mercy” comments that she thinks the name “the brown pearl of braavos” might be more fitting.