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if you still do headcanons can you give dramatic af stark teens

lmfao yes sorry this is so late Nora: 

  • Robb. Oh Robb. He is the child who will call family meetings just so he can dramatically declare that he’s angry. 
    • “I just wanted to call everyone here because I have an important family announcement.” “Oh gods, you got someone pregnant.” “Sansa, please. It’s far more important than that.” “Wait what does that mea-” “Bran rolled over my foot with his chair this morning. I’m not speaking to him for a week.” 
      • Rickon: “Wait but did Robb get someone pregnant I’m confused.” 
    • He was also the biggest prankster as a kid so family members would inevitably destroy his gags when they got sick of them so he’d dramatically call everyone together and accuse them individually of breaking his stuff. 
  •  Jon sulks and makes sure everyone else KNOWS he’s sulking. He wears all black, refuses to smile even less than he does now, and will deeply sigh every 5 minutes. The only way he could be more obvious is to physically have a raining cloud follow him. 
    • Every time he sighs someone else will sigh and go “anything bothering you, Jon?” and Emo Jon would say no, give a 1-minute speech on the inevitability of disappointment, and then stare out the window and sigh again. 
  • lmfao Sansa is passive aggressive as shit OR yelling there is no in-between. She’s always the Extra™ child. If the most minor inconvenience happens, Sansa is on the floor crying, moaning that her life is over, that she’ll never find happiness again, that nothing can be worse than this.
    • She did this once when her favorite tv show got canceled. She curled up against the remote and groaned, and when Robb tried to get the remote to watch Mythbusters, Sansa yelled at him for not respecting her feelings. 
    • Also passive aggressive sticky notes. Everywhere. Ned walked to the fridge to see it covered in post-its, different colors for each member of the family she was referring to (he was on there, in an orange sticky that said “Please put back the strawberry carton FULLY CLOSED”). 
  • Arya subtweets a LOT. It’s honestly the only time she actively uses twitter, to subtweet, and she has a large loyal following that gets excited because she never uses it otherwise, so they love logging on and seeing the vague-posts. She keeps getting in trouble for it because her family all follows her, but that doesn’t stop her from live-tweeting Sansa yelling at her or subtweeting and following it up with Kermit sipping tea gifs. 
    • Sansa subtweets too so people who follow BOTH of them while they’re fighting are in for a treat. 
    • In real life she always has to have the last word so she’ll argue but then let someone say their last thing and then scream out something and sprint out the door so they can’t respond. 
  • So Bran isn’t always dramatic, but when it comes to pranks…he’s either too extreme or too underwhelming. So, underwhelming: you know that Spongebob episode where a guy asks for some ice and Spongebob gives him one? That’s Bran. And for extreme: if you watch New Girl, remember when Winston unleashed a possum at a wedding and thought it was hilarious? Yeah, that’s also Bran. 
    • Other pranks: putting a singular blueberry on Ned’s oatmeal and roaring with laughter when Ned ate it and dumping ghost pepper sauce into Joffrey’s tea (truthfully, the family didn’t scold him too much for that one). 
  • Rickon can sometimes be extra. Arya once got him a crown for his birthday and he wore that thing around for a whole month and declared himself a king. 
    • He also pettily made a list of everyone who was annoying (he got this from Arya tbh). So, if he and Arya are hanging out and someone trips over their feet or blocks the tv screen, they pull out a notepad and write down the offense. 
      • Sansa once stole their notepad and the two declared that once they got it back they were going to put her name at the top of that list. 
I heard the same thing from my cousin, and she’s not the sort to lie,“ an old woman said. "She says there’s this great pack, hundreds of them, mankillers. The one that leads them is a she-wolf, a bitch from the seventh hell.
A she-wolf. Arya sloshed her beer, wondering. Was the Gods Eye near the Trident? She wished she had a map. It had been near the Trident that she’d left Nymeria. She hadn’t wanted to, but Jory said they had no choice, that if the wolf came back with them she’d be killed for biting Joffrey, even though he’d deserved it. They’d had to shout and scream and throw stones, and it wasn’t until a few of Arya’s stones struck home that the direwolf had finally stopped following them. She probably wouldn’t even know me now, Arya thought. Or if she did, she’d hate me.
—  Arya Stark & Nymeria ( A Clash of Kings )

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So she told her about the stupid Bull

“Green is definitely not your color”


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