Houses of Westeros sigil and motto by Sasha Vinogradova

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Jon messed up her hair. “I will miss you”.

Suddenly she looked like she was going to cry “I wish you were coming with us”

“Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle. Who knows?”.

anidlebrain asked:

arya x gendry bird watching

“That bird is looking at us.”

Gendry was watching the raven again. Arya didn’t look. She spent enough time watching it earlier when nobody could see.

“It is a maester’s raven. It is just used to people.”

Gendry screwed up his face. “There is something queer about it. I heard it say your name.”

“It did not,” Arya said quickly.

“It did too,” Gendry answered stubbornly.

Arya ignored him. Birds didn’t talk no matter what Gendry though he heard. Everybody knew that. That was only something which happened in her dreams and Arya wasn’t telling anybody about that, not yet, not even Gendry.


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