arya shut you up

Just to remind you who Gendry is, and why someone needs to legitimize him as Baratheon.

Gendry: But just explain it to me. He offered to have any three people you wanted dead. All you had to do was give him the names. Anyone. You could have picked King Joffrey. 

Arya Stark: Shut up! 

Gendry: You could have picked Tywin Lannister. 

Arya Stark: Jaqen got us out of Harrenhal. So why are you complaining? 

Gendry: Because you could have ended the war!


Thoros of Myr: Where’d you train? 

Gendry: King’s Landing. Tobho Mott’s shop. 

Thoros of Myr: That criminal! He charges twice as much as every other armorer in the city. 

Gendry: That’s because he’s twice as good.


Gendry: How’d you know he was a knight? 

Hot Pie: Well… ‘cause he’s got armor on. 

Gendry: You don’t have to be a knight to buy armor. Any idiot can buy armor.


Gendry: I’m done serving. 


Gendry: Oh, you like picking on the little ones, do you? You know, I’ve been hammering an anvil these past ten years. When I hit that steel it sings. You gonna sing when I hit you?

A Game of Stars
Chapter Two: The Battle of Hoth

Jonsa • Star Wars AU

Intro • Chapter One }

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The cold of Hoth’s atmosphere stung Sansa’s cheeks before Lady set one paw outside Echo Base. The Starks had all grown up in the snow—Winterfell was in the snowy, mountainous northern region of Alderaan, after all—but Hoth was nothing like Winterfell. Wind blistered her cheeks and she had to grip her furred hood in place to keep it from tearing away. Her eyelashes crusted with snowflakes and she squinted, turning Lady away from the wind.

A flash of gray. Nymeria was suddenly next to her, steam rising from her mouth. “Here,” Arya said, pressing a pair of goggles into Sansa’s gloved hand.

When she’d first arrived on Hoth, Sansa had wrinkled her nose at the goggles, swearing she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something so hideous. But now, she pulled them over her head eagerly.

They rode through the storm, climbing atop the nearest peak, the direwolves effortlessly scaling the hundreds of feet of treacherous cliffs. Grey Wind reached the top first. Robb sat astride his wolf, his eyes on the sky and a hand on the hilt of his lightsaber, as if any second he’d have to fight. Nymeria sidled up to him, and Sansa nudged Lady to join them, three direwolves standing strong against the cold.

Imperial star destroyers were dipping into the atmosphere. “Thanks to Bran’s warning, we were able to raise the shields to maximum power,” said Robb. “They tried to ambush us, but now we have the upper hand.”

“It doesn’t feel like it!” Sansa said. It felt like she was going to freeze, and die, and have the rest of her family taken away from her.

“With our shields up, they can’t attack from the air,” Robb explained.

“But won’t they be prepared for a land assault anyway?”

The hint of a smile grew on Arya’s face. “But not just a land assault. And not against wolves.”

“What do the wolves matter against AT-AT walkers?” Sansa asked, irritated. She felt like she was five steps behind her siblings. She wished now she’d paid more attention to the rebels when they discussed battle strategy or Imperial weaponry, but it was just so boring at the time.

But neither of them responded. They were staring up.

“Look,” Robb said, his voice soft as snow.

Above them, almost breaking the stormy sky in two, was a long, angled ship bigger than any other Sansa had ever seen. It had a thin, snakelike body and two wings that fanned out into sharp points. She could see the glint of green on the ship even from here, even with the storm. She breathed in too sharply and her lungs filled with aching cold.

She’d seen that ship before. It had come to Winterfell, and then it had left with her father.

Rhaegal.” Robb said the word like a prayer, or maybe a curse.

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Weak at the knees

Robb Stark x fem!Reader

Words: 1576
Notes: Y/N = your name

(You can read Part 1 here)

Recap: After Robb has seen you in a very private time, the things between you and the Stark degenerate; at least as long as you’ll make it even.

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              Right after you had roughly covered yourself with a blanket in a makeshift way, you watched Robb again, still standing there out of breath.

– I am so sorry, Lady Y/N – he pronounced his words very slowly, like he was pondering what to say.

– No, you’re not…  – retorted Arya with a grin on her face. Then you both shut her up shouting, making the direwolves bark again.

The little girl run away giggling from the room, chased by Nymeria, and Robb Stark and you were left alone. There was silence for a while, Grey Wind curled up on the floor with his eyes moving from you to his master; it was like the both of you could hear your hearts racing in your chests. Eventually Robb left without saying a word.

That evening you decided to stay quiet and keep your head down. During dinnertime you ate your meal almost noiselessly, refraining yourself from talking to anyone; you were seated between Bran and Jon, so it wouldn’t be that hard. For his part, Robb seemed to be loud as usual: he talked with Theon, to his mother, then with his father and siblings. He tried to start a conversation even with you, but the scrape happened beforehand was still in your mind and, when he simply asked you – Some more bread? –, you almost choked on your wine. As Bran and Arya found that scene hilarious, Robb looked at you with concern and not because you were coughing your lungs out. – Wine is dripping out of her nose – his little siblings chuckled.

The next morning you were able to avoid any contact with Robb: neither a word nor a glance. Well, maybe you gave him a glimpse or two just to avoid him better… Or to admire him sparring in the practice yard with Theon and Jon, but you always stayed at a safe distance. Nevertheless, when you were about to go back to your needlework session, he met you halfway up the stairs. You grumbled softly, earnestly taking the prospect of throwing yourself into consideration.

– You’ve been avoiding me all day like the chickens do with Shaggydog – he was acting ironic, the tension had to be unbearable for him too. Surely he felt uncomfortable, now you could see it.

– Wait, have you just called me a chicken? – you answered back, a little bit annoyed.

Robb took your hands hastening to fix what he had just said.

– Y/N please, I did not mean to! – and he pulled you towards him.

Now the fabric of your dress overlapped the leather of his jerkin. You could feel your breaths were both heavy but didn’t match, and the sensation of your colliding chests made your emotions even more difficult to hide. When his fingers squeezed yours, you looked up at his eyes and felt your face flushing.

– I’m really asking you to forgive me, – he said firmly, – I shouldn’t have lingered.

– You’re right, you should have not – was your reply that didn’t sound convincing even to you. He indeed didn’t trust that, and his serious expression became a little cheeky.  

Smirking, he lowered his head down to your ear and whispered, in a sexy husky voice – But I’ll never regret it, my Lady.

His breath tickled a pleasant sensation that made you sigh with desire; you could not help that, even if you knew he was just being provocative. When you moved your gaze to his eyes again, however, your heart skipped a beat: there was not a hint of mockery in those blue Tully irises.

– Do you understand what I mean? – Robb asked keeping his voice low.

Unable to answer, you just stared back at him. Unconsciously, your other hand, which was resting on his chest, started to stroke his jerkin, trying to memorize the feeling under the tips of your fingers. To be honest, you always thought he was fond of the steward’s daughter, Jeyne; but now that he was standing so close to you and his scent made you feel so safe, you preyed you had always been wrong.  

– My Lady, – Robb called you back in a whisper, – Breathe…

Suddenly you realized you spaced out without breathing for nearly a minute; you took air in, just as he said.

– Are you alright?

He was smiling at you in delight, knowing perfectly well he was the reason that you were so excited. That hurt your pride, so you put yourself back together and nodded.

– I’d better go, – you said forcing a smile, – Arya detests being left alone with Septa Mordane and your sister.

His hold didn’t loosen, though.

– Robb – you insisted as you could not bear his gaze anymore; but he cut you off.

– Did you understand? – he repeated making you gulp.

Then you said, almost losing your temper, – Do you think I am stupid, Stark?

Perhaps you were too curt with him, because you caught a glimpse of guilt in his stare, but it was too late to retreat. Finally you went away as fast as you could, without looking back, and you ran to the room where the other girls were sewing with the Septa.

– What took you so long? – the youngest Stark daughter exclaimed as you shut the door behind you.

               The night was restless and, waking up the next morning tired and achy, you decided to turn down the ride to the Wolfswood.

– Are you Sure, Y/N? – Jon asked while saddling his horse, – Sansa and Jeyne are coming too.

Without giving you time to say anything, Theon answered him with his typical smirk.

– Leave the chick alone, she fears wolves…

Of course he’s aware, you said to yourself. Why couldn’t Robb choose a more discreet friend? Then you noticed the look Jon gave him, and you understood he knew too. You snorted and gave them both a punch in the arm.

– You’re not an Ironborn, Greyjoy, you’re just an old fish wife – you uttered, – And call me a chicken again and I will kill the three of you.

– Why did you hit me too? – Jon complained rubbing his sore arm, watching you walk away.

Soon after, the group left the castle and you went to your chambers. Unfortunately, spending the whole morning alone turned out to be too boring for you: you couldn’t sleep because the sleepiness seemed to have abandoned you, but you were still too tired to read and embroider. You stayed outside in the Godswood for a while, but you got annoyed; furthermore, you started to feel bad for avoiding Robb again. It was also true that you could not showing up at the woods like that, saying “Hi, I was so stupid not to come with you earlier, but here I am, let’s have fun guys!”, especially since you knew nearly everyone was aware of the circumstances. You had to come up with a plan. After a while you sneaked in Robb’s room and took a pair of his gloves; then you gave order to saddle the horse and went down to the stables, ready to catch up with the others.

The ride was short and you found Sansa and Jeyne settled on several fur rugs, chatting with books open on their lap, and two guards close by. When the red haired girl saw you, she greeted and welcomed you offering some lemon cakes, which you gladly accepted.

– Do you know where the boys are? – you asked eating the last piece of your sweet and, afraid of looking suspicious, you added – I was told to bring Robb his gloves.

– He already wear… – Jeyne was about to rebut, but Sansa cut her off telling you that probably they were hunting not far from there.

– Grey Wind and Ghost are with them too, so Lady can help you to find them – she said then, telling her pretty direwolf to bring you to her brothers. You smiled warmly at her in response and went away following Lady in the Wolfswood.

You didn’t have to walk for long to find Ghost, even if, actually, he was the one who found you. He came close by your leg to be petted and while stroking his head, you noticed the blood all around his mouth. You gulped getting a little bit nervous. Then the white direwolf started to lead you together with Lady. Before long, you met Grey Wind too: he was chewing some pricket entrails, with the remains in front of him; so that was the source of the blood on Ghost’s snout. You were relieved it was just a wild prey and nothing else.

It was in that moment that you heard the sound of laughs and splashing water.

Knelt down behind a shrub, you moved some branches to take a peek at what Jon, Theon and Robb were doing. They were taking a bath in the river, playing like children. They wrestled and splashed each other; even Jon was laughing like never before. But it was Robb’s face that enchanted you: his so happy look, his perfect teeth and lips, his wet auburn curls and toned chest… more than his beauty, however, it was his way of being that was absolutely captivating. Just seeing the smile on his face was enough to melt your heart. He was so stunning that you came to believe the Gods were supposed to have his image.

If the love you felt for him wasn’t enough to make you weak at the knees before, well… now it was.


Link to the next chapter —> Here  :)

So… I was really sure to end this fic with this part 2, but I was wrong and I am very sorry!

Anyway, don’t worry, I won’t write a poem.

I promise I’m not gonna write more than other 2 chapters.

If it’s not, you can kill me.

Thanks for reading!!

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20 for the prompt thing with gendry/arya

“You came back.”


“Shut up!  Just shut up!”

“Where are you going?”

“I can’t even look at you right now, I’m so mad.”

“Arya will you just–”

But she’s already slammed her way out of the apartment and Gendry takes a deep breath and throws himself onto the couch.  God damn it.  Him and his big mouth all over again.

But a moment later, Arya’s bursting back through the door and his heart leaps.  

“You came back,” he says at once, making to get to his feet.

“Stay where you are, I’m still mad at you.  I came to get my wallet.”


“I’m getting pizza.  We’re still fighting.  Goodbye.”

And she’s gone again.  Gendry stares blankly at the wall for a moment, then turns on the TV and goes to the fridge to grab a beer.  

Forty minutes later, his phone buzzes.  I forgot my keys.  Let me in.  You can have some of the pizza.  I’m still mad at you.

Midnight: A Hogwarts AU

*other parts are on my blog under the ‘everything arya/gendry’ tag*

“Would you please shut up?”
The sky was a velvety purple darkness, dotted with small stars that burned brightly in the clear air. Not even a mist hung over the lake, and the moon shone so brightly the grounds could been seen clear from the top of the Astronomy tower where Gendry sat with the rest of his peers for their late night star-gazing class. A class where Anguy would not stop bothering him.

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if you don’t believe then that’s your problem, but you don’t need to poke fun at me for believing in my own religion. being wiccan is valid, so i’d appreciate it if you shut up about it. arya didn’t like people making fun of her, especially when she actually had power she could use if they just let her focus. you can’t say anything that i haven’t heard before so…

Headcanon that on the run, Arya and Sandor take turns defending Sansa to each other.

Drunk over the campfire, Sandor would grouse, “Your stupid sister could have been safe if she’d had brain enough to come with me.”

And Arya would shout back, “Shut up, don’t you dare call my sister stupid! She was smart enough to realize you’re the last person anyone would want to be stuck with, Hound!”

Then later on, Arya would sulk, “None of us would even be in his mess if Sansa hadn’t been weak and trusted Joffrey.”

And Sandor would snap, “You don’t know what you’re fucking talking about, girl! Your sister’s strong, stronger than the lot of you stupid headless Starks. Not many people would have survived in King’s Landing as long as she has.”

Then they think about Sansa for the rest of the night and get sadder and sadder.

I have some IRL mutuals on tumblr who are also fandom trash like me. Except I’ve come to realize a problem: they're classy fandom trash.

They’re the people who reblog gifsets from the series, character analysis posts, critical assessments of the writers, the list goes on. The sort of things that make for pleasant dinner conversation.

And I’m the asshat in the corner peddling forth every stupid crack headcanon I have and flipping over angsty fanon and reblogging fanart with aggressively capitalized tags.

You’re making me look bad, guys. Stop being so composed. Chill with the dignity. Go scream about something, would ya? I’m too trash for this.

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Hellooo! Can you do something where Jon is the Stark and Sansa is the Targaryen, perhaps Rhaegar or Aerys' child. :3

smutty. i can always do a sequel with their wedding night and perhaps sansa wanting to take back her rightful place on the iron throne if people want!! let me know what you think. Everything is moved up timeline wise.

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Coffee shop AU iv for Billy/Teddy? with Teddy as the barista cause you know Billys the one who's too shy to give his real name lol

Okay, I went kinda off the book with this prompt (from this list). But I couldn’t help myself.

Billy and Teddy are both girls here.

crash course over coffee
(read on ao3)

Up until a month ago, Teddy had not liked working mornings.

Mornings were always busy, the buzz of cranky customers waiting for their first coffee of the day enough that Teddy felt wired without drinking any herself. She much preferred the later shifts, the slow trickle of customers as they grabbed something warm to go before heading home, that satisfying feeling of locking the doors and turning up the music and putting the store to bed.

Unfortunately, it seems like everyone else that works with her has early classes this semester, which means that Teddy is stuck doing mornings, often with not enough support. It’s almost enough to make her wish she was still in classes. Almost.

So yes. Teddy did not like working mornings.

Then the girl started to come in.

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