arya and syrio

It was the third time he had called her “boy.” “I’m a girl,” Arya objected.

“Boy, girl,” Syrio Forel said. “You are a sword, that is all.”

Arya has been trained to be a weapon since the very first book.

Learning to gain control of her body, her movements, her fear, learning to see with her eyes and hear with her ears are Syrio’s lessons. And along with her own natural instincts and resourcefulness, Syrio’s lessons help her survive her journey.

During this journey Arya has to force herself to keep going, to suppress her emotions, to watch atrocities until she stops being afraid of them. She grows into a harder person as is natural for a person who’s lived such a hard life.

In Braavos this is taken even further where she is taught to “make her face her servant”, to give up her belongings, her identity, her body, her name, all that she is. To disassociate herself from Arya Stark and Arya Stark’s life. The kindly men and those at the House of Black and White mean for her to become a tool of the Many Faced God. To kill without thinking of whether or not the person deserves such a fate.

Their ideology is the antithesis of who Arya is. They kill not for justice but because someone paid and offered a name to their god. Good, bad, innocent, evil. It doesn’t matter.

And this is why the attempt to turn Arya into a true, cold and unfeeling weapon will essentially fail. She has too strong a sense of morality and justice and a sureness of what is right to be at ease with this secret society to whom justice does not matter.

This is a quote about her that I like because in true Arya fashion, it is something she’s going to defy and turn on its head. She is not steel to be shaped and molded still into another person’s sword. She is a person, a young girl who has suffered pain, violence, starvation, misery, losses. A girl who in the end will take all that she has learned and adjust it to herself and her own values and help save the world.


Canon Arya Appreciation Week - Day 6 “ Favorite friendship”

Fear cuts deeper than swords. Fierce as a wolverine, calm as still water. The words sang in her head. Syrio would not have been afraid.

Arya chewed her lip and tried to think when her courage had come back. Jaqen made me brave again. He made me a ghost instead of a mouse.