arya and robb
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When Jon Snow finally makes a move on Beautiful Redhead at the library, he is spiraled into an unforeseen series of events that’s one part double entendre, another part plot twist, a dash of six degrees of separation, and—of course—the secret ingredient that is destiny.

Featuring: Law student Jon, public servant Sansa, engaged Arya, film student Bran, scheming Margaery, business tycoon Yara, and playful antagonist Theon. Special guests include: librarian Sam, tipsy Renly, even tipsier Loras, intrigued Meera, scandalized Brienne, oblivious Robb, mildly uncomfortable Gendry, and Hot Pie—who, as usual, is only here for the gravy.


We’re not executing prisoners, Lord Bolton. Of course, Your Grace. The officers will be useful. Some of them may be privy to Tywin Lannister’s plans. I doubt it. Well, we’ll learn soon enough. In my family, we say, “A naked man has few secrets. A flayed man none.” My father outlawed flaying in the North. We’re not in the North. We’re not torturing them. The high road’s very pretty, but you’ll have a hard time marching your army down it.