arya and firnen

So we all know that Saphira is the protective one in the Eragon-Saphira bond, and Glaedr was the same towards Oromis, but what if for Firnen, Arya, Thorn and Murtagh it was the opposite, where Arya and Murtagh are the overprotective ones?

Like when Firnen gets a sharp stone in his foot Arya turns every rock within three feet of him to dust. Or if Thorn accidentally dipped his wing into a campfire, burning it, Murtagh tries to redirect part of a freaking river to put out the fire

Plotholes Paolini

******Spoiler Alerts Ahead*******

So in the end of the Inheritance Cycle, the end of Eragon’s prophecy comes true: he leaves Alagaesia forever and breaks our shipper hearts as he and Arya and now Saphira and Firnen cannot ever be together.

But what we forget is that the prophecy is never as black and white as it seems to be.

In the prophecy Angela gave Eragon in Teirm, she says that a family member will betray him.  Eragon then assumes it’s Roran because he is the only family he has.  Later on, it’s revealed to be Murtagh as he strips him of Zar’roc.

So here’s the new loophole: Angela gave that prophecy to Eragon the farm boy, Eragon Son of None.  It’s Eragon Bromson, Leader of the Dragon Riders who is left.  Eragon the farm boy left Alagaesia forever once Eragon realized he could not go back to that life he had before.


Eragon and Arya could have had the ending they deserved.  Roran could have his entire family together.  Murtagh could have his brother.  

But again in this line of thinking we’re forgetting something else:


Inheritance characters sorted into Hogwarts /Ilvermory

My headcanon for if they were sorted into Hogwarts/Ilvermory. Sorry if I spell things wrong, it’s been a while since I’ve read/seen the harry potter books/movies. Let me know what you think!



I was originally going to put him into Gryffindor, since he’s brave and one of his main characteristics, but I thought that he would fit better into Hufflepuff, since alot of things he does is for his friends and family. 


Gryffindor/Horned serpent. 

Saphira may be a warrior, but she is also very wise, especially for her age. I sorted her into Horned Serpent because of it.



Roran is incredibly smart, thinking u strategies and stuff, rather quickly becoming a commander, sure, hes very brave and like Eragon, I wanted to put him into Gryffindor, but thought better of it.



Katrina was kind of hard, since I do not know as much about her as the others. I put her in Pukwudgie because she very much seems like a healer, comforting the boys agt several times. But she got balls. I will fight anyone if they think she isn’t brave. 



Murtagh is unbelievably cunning, and know very well how to handle himself in situations, being able to move his way arounf Galby to get to Nasuada. I also have a feeling that he is the adventurous type as well, thus putting him in the Thunderbird house.



I don’t know a lot of Thorn either, but he always seemed to me like he was a very sweet dragon, longing to be free. Thus I put him in Hufflepuff.


Slytherin/Horned Serpent

Arya is very cunning and rebellious, she is also smart and skilled as hell, need I say more?



Fírnen is very smart, and also long for adventure. I don’t know much else about him, so I just went with my instinct.



Very smart, warrior at heart, Shes a born leader, wich takes smarts, but a lot of guts.



Cunning, smart, tricky, but also a healer, forced to feel their pain but willing to help them if she so desires. 


Hufflepuff/Horned serpent

Sweet guy, but the smartest you will ever meet. I was going for Ravenclaw, but decided against it, I found it too obvious, Of course, he was the wisest, but also very sweet.



He’s an old dragon, of course I went with Ravenclaw, but he’s a warrior as well, I have more than one reason to belive he is.


Slytherin/Horned serpent

Smart af, brave af, good in almost everything. mysterious, cunning…

Sorry for the long post, here is my drawing of Thorn with a flower crown again