People who are praising Arya for calling out Sansa:

We are on two different sides.

When I saw that scene, I was frustrated with Arya for not understanding the importance of working together - as a team. Sansa is doing her job as Lady Stark. No, she doesn’t give inspiring speeches or has scenes where she plays the typical “bad ass” in the show. Sansa is being a bad ass in her way. When Arya questions if Sansa secretly likes it - the people wanting to follow her and are frustrated with Jon - I get it. Arya only knows her sister as a girl who gets nice things.

I think we are all forgetting that Sansa hates Littlefinger as much as anyone else, that she hates rulers who don’t listen to her subjects. Sansa understands him, Sansa understands Cersei, Sansa understands people. People are underestimating Sansa and I will defend her. Through all that I have seen, I stand by her.

I was also applauding the writers for showing Arya’s weaknesses in this episode. I love Arya as much as anyone but the writers do as do every strong, well-liked person on this show: they showed her flaws. Arya doesn’t understand the importance of working with people because she has grown to rely solely on herself. Arya doesn’t understand the dynamics of Lords and Ladys and Kings and Queens - because all Arya has known people of those kind are the types of people who destroy her loved ones and herself. Arya has grown spectacularly but she isn’t done.

So that’s what I have to say about that.

Brienne's Relationships: A Summary

The Hound: Ex-Husband. Divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

Arya: Daughter from The Hound. Shares joint custody and talks about her accomplishments with her father.

Jaime: First love. The one that got away. We all kind of know he’s still into her though. (am I right or am I right?)

Cersei: First love’s crazy girlfriend. Totally insecure. Likes giving death stares. The bitch is psycho ya’ll.

Tormund: New suitor. Tries to get on the ex-husband’s good side.

Pod: Adopted son. Always there to brighten her day.