coloured scorch! full name sorcha t. arx, her old man is a legendary meister named sabin t. arx but he’s a story for another day. scorch is bigender probably, she/her he/him both good, most people think scorch is a guy at first she just doesn’t care man she just don’t care, all that matter is her chainsaw partner, dionoso nasario, dio for short, friend’s oc.

scorch likes to cut things. she’s, uh, really enthusiastic about that. you should see her when she’s under the influence of madness. it’s great. just stay away she can’t tell friend from foe shibusen just kinda unleashes her in hordes and lets her do her thing until dio uses his madness-blocking wavelength to bring her back. they make a great team and that’s not sarcasm i fucking love these two.

honestly idk how i feel about her outfit, i kinda just picked the first colours i thought of i’ll probably go back to this later.

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P90X Day 66 - Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps and ARX

In yoga, we call this pose ‘chaturanga’, which translates to ‘four limb staff pose’. It is basically the bottom of a push up. It is important to do the pose (or a push-up) with good form, so that the shoulders do not have unnecessary stress on them and the core muscles are engaged. Proper form is key to being safe and getting the maximum benefit from the pose (or the exercise).

The photo in the UPPER LEFT is of a decent chaturanga. Shoulders are at about the same height as the elbows. Hips are at about the same level as the shoulders. Shoulders are on the back and core is engaged.

The UPPER RIGHT depicts the shoulders too low. There is too much stress on the shoulders.

The BOTTOM LEFT shows the hips too high. There is little core engagement.

The BOTTOM RIGHT shows the hips too low. Again, the abdominal muscles are not engaged.