the lightings bad, the shadings bad, the rocks are not as bad as i thought they’d be, but eh, and that wing silhouette is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad


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What's your favourite Sirimione fic and your favourite Marauders fic? [Not counting Debt of Time of course :P]. Also, if you ship wolfstar, do you have a favourite wolfstar fic? Just curious! :D

Favourite Marauders in general would be Stages by @sableunstable

Favourite Sirimione is harder. I’m torn between The Light at the end by pelespen, The Love of a Good Man by @bluecurls8 (which is not currently available, but it’s amazing and broke me, so I still list it), and technically Arx Domus Nigrae by @dreadpiratemary (even though it’s actually a moresome fic).

Favourite wolfstar is Teenage Kicks by @soupy-george


arx duo-Table Talk, by Alyssa Weinberg

今宵は、叩いて擦る音楽。演奏を観ていても観ていなくても十分楽しい音楽です。arx duoのパフォーマンスで『Table Talk』。

Shaya Monthly Recs

I generally update my Fic Rec List with WIP’s but I’m not going to include them on my Monthly Recs until they are complete unless I’m madly in love with them. Fics only get added to my Fav List (if on FFnet) when they are finished, otherwise I just follow them.

Currently (or Still) Obsessed With :

Rebuilding - by @colubrina - (Dramione) Post War
Stages by @sableunstable - (Remione) Marauders Era AU
Persephone by @dulce-de-leche-go - (DARK Tomione), Post War Loss
half a sorrow by @colubrina - Post War, depressed!Hermione
Where the Moon Isn’t by sarakitty (Remione) - werewolf!Hermione
Mercury in Retrograde by @justcourbeau - (George) Amnesia!Hermione
Arx Domus Nigrae by MaryRoyale - (Blacks/HG) Post War
Brilliant Magic by LJ Summers - (FW/HG/GW) - Slytherin!Hermione

Added to my Fav List

Blood of My Blood - @freya-ishtar - (Dramione) Vampire!Draco O/S
World Enough and Time - @lena1987 - (Snamione) Time Letters Post/Mid War AU  
Time Slipped Over a Banana Peel - @corvusdraconis - (Snamione) Time-Travel O/S
In The Shadow of Your Wings - Ysbaddaden The Brave - (Snamione) War AU
Glad it Wasn’t Me - @corvusdraconis - (Snamione) crack!fic O/S
Sucks for Smith - @raviesnake - (Dramione) Marriage Law O/S
Lilitu - @dulce-de-leche-go - (Tomione) Succubus!Hermione O/S
To Love a Loathed (Arch)Enemy - @sophiefrench77 - (Drarry) Post War O/S
The Portrait - atruwriter - (Sirimione) Post War, Tragedy O/S
His Little Glory - glittergrrrl05 - (LM/HG/DM) - Bespoke World O/S
Bond - Anna Fugazzi - (Drarry) Marriage Bond, War AU
Venus Ascendant - glittergrrrl05 - (Nevmione) - Post War
Jeepers Creepers - @brightki (Theomione) - Demon!Theo O/S
Madness in Love - @colubrina - Post War, slave!Hermione
Sunshine and Tomatoes - @colubrina - (Thuna) - Marriage Law
Salt on the Western Wind - Saras_Girl - (Drarry) End of War AU O/S
On a Clear Day - Saras_Girl - (Drarry) Post War O/S
Scurrilous - Saras_Girl - (Drarry) Post War O/S
The Girl in the Kneazle Nightie - Saras_Girl - (Drarry) Post War Luna POV O/S
It Takes a Village - Saras_Girl - (Drarry) Post War, 8th Year O/S