Middle Earth meme | [1/3] races Elves

↳   “ The Elves were the first of Eru’s children to awaken under a starlit sky and venture into Middle Earth. As tall as men and slender and gifted, they are described as the fairest and most skilled creatures in Arda. They were marked for an insatiable curiosity and a desire of learning and creating, and were lovers of nature, holding a great fondness for the sea and the stars, and especially the water. Elves are immortal and resistant to disease and are not subject to physical aging, although they may be killed in battle or by losing the will to live.

But you know what? I never actually thought that Tolkien was sexist.

Hear me out - I see many various arguments about the lack of female characters in his works. But how I see this, is… quality over quantity. I just… can’t think the Professor was sexist when I read about Galadriel, one of the most powerful beings in Middle-Earth, or Éowyn, who slayed the Witch-King of Angmar, or Arwen, the Queen of Gondor, who had the strength of choosing to bear misery in the name of her love.

As I see it, it’s not about how many women are in the story, but who they are. And Tolkien’s women were all… iconic, dare I say. Some of the most characteristic and iconic characters of the entire genre. Sexism would be depreciating them, patronising them, humiliating them to show how weak women are. But Tolkien did the exact opposite, making his female characters strong and wise and loving women, wives, mothers, queens, warriors, people.

And I can’t think that Tolkien was sexist when I read about Lúthien, don’t even get me started on how iconic and epic and important she was. And she was based on his wife.

So… think what you want, guys. If you think the Professor was sexist, I can’t force you to change your mind, but I, as a reader, as a fan, and also as a woman, just can’t agree.