I met Emily shortly after I started working at Credit Dauphine. Like many young women, I was intimidated… by the world. I was sort of desperate for a little guidance. As he had been for most of my life, my father was busy working. I’d lost my mother when I was six… so I didn’t have anyone to go to. No role model. Arvin invited me for dinner one night. I remember after dinner was over, Emily walked me out to the car. I didn’t know her at all and she said in this simple, reassuring voice… “You’re gonna be okay.” Thinking of Emily, I often wondered about my own mother and what she would have been like, had she lived. Would she have been as strong as Emily? As kind, as good? I always told myself that she would have had those qualities even though I couldn’t see them, I simply believed them. But Emily wasn’t just the mother I never had. She was the mother all of us wish we had.


Please, no more funny names that sound like Italian villas. We can’t have a daughter named Carlotta.

How about Jacquelyn?


Arvin, what happened to Jacquelyn?

This was a risky pregnancy. And she fought. She tried so hard to stay with us. It was too much.


Emily and Jacquelyn are gone, and you have to let them go.

Alias 1x03

I love how Sloane introduces Jack as their best game theorist, which is basically safe 21st century-speak for, “I’m good at predicting things, yo.”

You know what else he’s good at, according to his agent profile?


Sound familiar? Because it does to me.

For context: Anna Espinosa has kidnapped Nadia and wants a dangerous chemical compound in return for releasing her. Because of his agreement with the CIA, Sloane has recused himself from the case. Jack is therefore in charge of APO for the time being and has decided to give Anna a fake compound.

When you have convinced yourself Jack is really Milo Rambaldi, scenes like this are kind of hilarious.