Monk sighed as he walked through the rainstorm, the forest around him offering no real protection from the torrents of rain falling all around. He wipes some rain off of his muzzle, ears laid flat against his head as he shivered heavily. He pulls his coat tighter around himself, trying to keep any form of warmth that he can. He continued to walk along the forest floor, head kept low as he heard a familiar voice.

“Oi ringtail! Get out of the rain! The branches over here give some cover!” said the tigress. She was beneath a small canopy jutting out of a tree, her fur soaked and shivering as her attire, while practical for combat, was completely useless for this weather. Monk walked over to her, sneezing softly as he sat down next to the predator, too tired to even care about any danger she might pose.

“Thanks stripes, but what are you doing all the way out here? We’re miles away from the closest town.” The pitter patter of the rain falling all around as Monk waited for a response but received none. He looked over to her and saw that she was shivering too much to speak, her teeth chattering as she curled up in order to keep warm. The tigress looked exhausted and Monk sighed.

He took off his coat, shaking the water off. The outside was soaked but the inside dry and warm. He reached an arm around her, pulling him close to him and holding her shoulder as he draped the slightly tattered coat over them both “Here it’s not much but if we share our body heat we’ll get through the night without catching hypothermia.” He gave a light chuckle as he held her close, falling asleep with her and staying warm all night long.

Singing at 1:30 AM

Just the thought of you led me to literally singing in dari around the house in the middle of the night.

Wish you were here to sing nonsense freestyle love songs in urdu back to me. It wouldn’t even matter if we understood each other, I have a feeling the message would be crystal clear.

“Dukhtar beya
Ka-ti ma burroh
Nay nago
Dhur dhur merem
Zindagi Makonem
Kati yaki dega arusi kunem…”

Girl come,
With me go away
Don’t say no
Far far we’ll go
A life we’ll make
We should get married ;)…