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The Inquisitor and his companions are about to face Corypheus. As they march toward the summit, there is the ominous feeling that they are all about to die, though no one says a word. They stop when Cassandra grabs the Inquisitor by the shirt, jerks him arund, and kisses him hard.

Inquisitor: Cassandra! Careful … you’re stirring the waters here.

Iron Bull and Varric: *chuckles*

Cassandra: I won’t let him take you from me. *touches the Inquisitor’s face*

The Inquisitor takes Cassandra’s hand and kisses it.

Sera: We all get ah kiss, right? *makes kissie faces*

Inquisitor: *smiles at Sera* Do I have lipstick in my teeth?

Cassandra: *makes digusted noise and shoves the Inquisitor playfully*

Sera snorts with laughter. Behind her, the other companions are laughing as well. The Inquisitor smiles and nods.

Inquisitor: Good. I’d rather remember you all smiling.  


agota lov baek and she tel him but he sei ‘no aggie im sery but i lov taeyang’ the sed woman appir neckst tu backache as natasha turns the corner to mit agota and bik. natasha spots taecyeon and scrims because barkyen is ril. agota and natasha hold each oda to console. ‘am sari nastahie’

‘aggie this is demonry’

‘it okay’ aggie says, throwing hir erms arund nastaha’s head whilst bickyarn trot into the sunset thus agtasha was birthed.

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To go back to circimcision, I think it's an environment thing. If more tha 90% of dudes arund you are circumcised, as it is in the US, you will see it as normal, accept it and even promote it. I live in Europe, and I can guarantee you that guys here cringe and close their legs when you talk about circumcision.

Huh, I didn’t know that!

infractxs // continued from [ here ]

                                         【 ♛ 】

     the mirror had that patina of age over the bronze frame, likewise
     the surface of the glass was splotched with stains in places. he
     stood and stared at himself, clearing his throat once again to think
     of any good ones. maybe it was PATHETIC & EMBARRASSING, but
     it was also pratice on how to approach girls (an awful way if you ask
     the writer). pick up lines, or, specifically, bad pick up lines were his forte,
     & these lines just kept getting worse & worse as time passed. the
     voice from the door startled him so much that he pratically jumped a
     little, turning arund with a frown that soon turned into an embarrassed

          ❝ uh ———————— i’d rather not tell you either.
                 on the good news…i found the bathroom.

i turned on all the lights before going down the hall and my dad got mad but is ok im in bed now except i cant turn of lights or close doors or turn arund w/out shaking with fear bc ik its still somewhere

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I can send myself an ask... My tablet is old. I dont have my phone due to monday being the first day of school. And for me thats already today seeing how its 2 AM (I woke up arund 1:45 AM sshh). I wake and I'm like WOAH! I actually slept through the night, and actually fell asleep before 10 PM. I thought this was true do to the porch light on (turns on automatic) and hearing my brother enter the bathroom. He comes home around 4 AM. But as j said before, its still 2 AM. *cries*

It’s 5:45 AM now, I’m dressed. And slowly dying on the inside :D

i’ve seen a few posts goin arund talkin about celebrating h. p. lovecraft’s birthday and i just wanted to say


stop celebrating the birthday of that xenophobic, racist little slime person.

(look at him. he fuckin looks like a fuckin douchebag)

this guy hated people who didn’t “assimilate” into modern american culture. he had what could almost be described as a literal phobia of POC/people belonging to cultures that weren’t english and american and white.

i played an online game once called “Did Hitler Say It Or Did Lovecraft”, and it was actually fucking difficult. there were a few times where i was like “yeah, i’m pretty sure i read that hitler said something like that”. nope. it was lovecraft (it’s right here if you wanna play it).

short version: don’t celebrate this fuckwad’s day of birth. it’s fine to like some of his stuff (lord knows i have a weakness for reality bending monsters), but don’t give the actual racist shit-person known as h. p. lovecraft the time of day.

my awesum fanfix
leone x leone xxx :33 3500

leone is gay. he is realy gay. so one day he went to skool but fell in dimensional hole. he was faling wery long time, like hour. when he woke up, he was in realy pink bed and he relaized that it looked like his bed. when he looket arund he ralized it was his bedroom, but it looked more pink than usual. he was realy confused.

sudenly the door opened. leone looked at the door and he saw himself in very pretty pink dress that he saw one time on ebay. leone in pink dress in the door said: “i see  that ur woken up, bruh. i was realyy scared for yu.” leone in bed was realy confused and just whispered: “thx bruh, what happened??” “you fell in dimensional hole and fell on me" he answered and said "I saved ur life”. “really thx bruh, is there something i can du for ya?" "well there is something i allways wanted to try” then he zoomed to him and kissed him. they kissed a lot.
it was really hot. second leonne then has dimensional kids. it was so kawaii!!

the end, bruh


Dia masih termanggu dekat katil. Menahan sakit yang buat dia semakin lali. Dia sarungkan siap-siap tudung dengan hoddie, selalunya time 10 pagi ni breakfast dah sampai maksudnya doktor pun akan round. Dia yang keseorangan dalam bilik, terus capai naskah cinta Tuhan dan dia letakan atas table yang turut ada breakfast. Dia selak Fussilat. Mahu telaah ayat-ayat deep Tuhan itu. Dia makin kebosanan setelah 5 hari direhatkan dalam wad. Hanya buku, sketch book dan naskah cinta ini yang mampu hiburkan dia.

Doktor Lee masuke ke bilik sejurus selepss diketuk nurse.

“Morning, Syiffa…How are you today ?”
“Morning doc…Alhamdulillah getting better but still feeling pain arund the sinus area…”

“Ok. Good..Yeah, normal if you still feeling the pain. Because ur sinus quite serious. Ok, now let me check your nose and hear boleh ye ? ”


“Ok…Nurse get me the glove…”
“Syiffa saya akan sentuh bahagian hidung, muka and telinga…I will wear the glove ye…”

Doktor Lee…Selalu, tiap pagi setelah 5 hari dia di sini masih setiap kali nak check dia akan pakai glove dan minta kebenaran. Dia faham dan dia hormat.

“Ok, boleh doctor…”

Terus tangan Dr Lee lincah gunakan segala equipment entah apa namanya untuk buat procedure, check dia masih pucat di katil. Dia tak sangka pula sinus boleh jadi serious. Ingatkan penyakit ringan-ringan.

“Ok done. Now Syiffa continue reading Quran ye ?”

“Aah…Just read the meaning…The story behind all the sentence…”

“Bagus ye….Whatever our religon we have responsible to God. God don’t need us, we need God. We need to practice what God love. Like what you are doing now. Reading Quran. I like the rythm…Nice. Tranquality….”

“Owh…Doctor pernah dengar ?”
Dia terkejut. Maklumlah di Columbia Asia sangat sikit doctor muslim, boleh dibilang tak sampai lima jari. Bila pula Dr Lee dengar Quran. Dia curious.

“Owh, I pernah dengar from this room. I think you baca. Before I knock the door with nurse. ”


“Nanti saya datang round petang cerota ye. Pasal apa awak tengah baca. I love to hear it…Now nak round bilik lain, tengok patient.I need to go…Take ur medicine ok.”

“Ok thank you Dr. Lee…”

*** *Continue…


hey guys if anyone is a rping person who likes rping with people and dont have anyone arund to rp with just ask me i am up for it anytime or want a new friend sames comes to that i am all ways here to rping or just wanting to be friends i am all ways here hehe :)