Diz iz mah Ogrestick fanfecshun.

wun dai gamzze waz mindin hiz ownz biznizz in da swemp wen he saw tarvos walkin arund an he wenet oop to im and askd im:

‘hrey bby want some fuk in mah swehmp’ to witch tarvos replid:

'omfg yes’

den dey luked for somwre privat ;) an did da ting. tarvos wud not stahp singin’:

Hellos. I’m sorrys. 
I got lost alongs the way. 
My name is Tavros. I am just a ogre here from town. 
I’m so sad. I missed mys auditions appointsments today.
But I think that you shoulds gives me a chance anyhow 
because I have this feeling.
Something tells me 
this was meant to be. 
Do you feel this electricity? 
Gives me this chance.

gamzze waz confuze but they laid together in bead and kizzed al nicht thiz waz aftar day playd gamzzes mighti sruddin axe. ;)

Teh enud.

(I’m so sorry)


Week 21 - Concertina Bind - Household Geometries

A small double sided Concertina with a burnt orange hard cover with a contrasting triangle glue on to denote the front. It was pouring down rain outside and the subdued light was beautiful. I grabbed the camera, and limiting myself to a half hour and 36 frames [ 20 minutes - 31 frames made - 18 used]  I just started pulling things out of cabinets and flew arund. I’ve always wanted to try the concertina bind attributed to Hedi Kyle…my favorite book artist.

looneybyron hat auf dein Foto geantwortet “My fellow turncoats. Today I was kind of bored and I started to write…”

that is lovely handwriting - a lot easier to read than my great-grandma’s X)

I know. But it’s just because I learned this script just half a year ago. If I had learned it as child it would look much more messy. I still want a calligraphy pen but I need to order one for lefties. Also I thought about trying to write with a quill. There are lots of crows arund here and I see feathers all the time; I just need ink.

anonymous asked:

how can you tell if a sag guy is into you?

they talk to you and are funny around u and he will be somewhat crazy or hyper or smth  and do dumb things arund u and it may progress too fast 


This is the third series i came up with, and unlike the others it focused solely on feet and how they moved through the environment. I took photos of different people(’s feet) moving arund in the environment and what they were doing. I changed the angles that i shot from, looking from a very low angle perspective to walking amongst the crowd and taking photos of peoples feet as they were moving. I also found there were different variations of transport that was used in the environement, such as bikes, scooters rollerblades, pushchairs, carts and two-seater pedal bikes. I felt that these different forms of moving through the environment gave my concept more meaning- in the fact that peoples interaction with the place was more than just moving through it, but enjoying the time spent there. This placed more meaning behind my concept of moving through a space and time, as this is a place where people enjoy spending their time in different ways, and i found this met my concept really well. Relating back to the question of ‘What sites in Wellington are significant for those who call Wellington home?’, I feel that by looking at the way people are spending their time here relates to why they come to the waterfront and why they feel this particular spot feels significant to them.