arundel high school

I find it so strange that Arundel is doing Guys and Dolls in the spring. I mean, it’s such a…normal choice. After the craziness that was The Reign of Denny Meyers, I find it odd that they’re doing such a classic, high-school-appropriate show.

I spent the entire summer doing Guys and Dolls, so I know the show quite well. There’s a lot of guys. Like, there are essentially no ‘Dolls’ in the show at all, save for Adelaide and Sarah. So…I’m not exactly sure how that’ll work. Looks like there’ll be a million Hot Box dancers, and a only a handful of gamblers. But isn’t that how every high school ends up doing it?

I’m excited to see what happens, though, and I’m excited for the future of Arundel theatre. It seems like things are really stepping up.