“I performed at a show at the MoMA. There was this big dinner there, and I was seated in this hall with the mayor of New York and all these extremely wealthy art-supporting and art-buying people. There was a piece of work hanging in the hall-it was a fan. This fan was supposed to swing by the momentum of its own propeller. So, while we were having dinner, the fan was stopped, and the guy next to me, a curator at P.S.1, said, "Look, this is what art symbolizes today.” Like, that piece of art is supposed to be moving, but just to have dinner we’ve stopped the art. That’s what New York is like today. You can’t have real art happen in an institution because rich people can make the world stop. The stuff on the street is a lot more interesting.“

M.I.A. being the realest bitch ever. 

Interview With Artist Midas Charles; Premiering “Woolgather.”

Woke up early this morning, grabbed myself a cup of coffee in the kitchen then made my way to the computer. As I check my email, I noticed this message from Roatan, Bay Islands; an Island off of the coast of Honduras (place I’ve never received any sort of media from to begin with) I guess you can say something smelt fishy.

The cryptic email has photos attached, barely any text but just the words November 30th + a link. A google drive link redirects me to a 7 minute montage full of very strange elements, combined and altered into different colour schemes and scenery. Monsters, sea life, video game references, drugs, sexuality all blended to a rapidly changing and morphing soundscape that runs the operation.  I’m thinking this isn’t the final version of whatever Midas might be cooking.

1000+ questions go through my mind like “Who is this guy?”  - “Who produced all of this?” - “Is there a download link anywhere?” So I decided to email sir Charles himself to ask him a couple of questions.

Greetings Midas Charles, How are you? I have received your email and wanted to ask you a couple of questions if you don’t mind. First off,  do you have a name preference between Midas, Midas Charles or Charles? 

- Thank you! I’m glad it made you want to speak about it and open dialogue. I don’t have a preference, I’ve always had nicknames. Either one is acceptable.

How would you even describe your music to be? How would you describe the visuals? The first few times I saw the video, I was a little confused about how things blended together, is this the final version?

- I would portray my music as, I guess the word I can think of would be potent. Potent is a neutral way to express it… I wouldn’t say my music is neutral but depending on who listens the opinion differs, but it’s still strong in my judgement.

The visuals you saw are out of context as of now, later they will make a little more sense. This isn’t the final form, the project is evolving as things fall into place I suppose.

How has growing up in the Caribbean influenced you? What are your influences in general?

It has influenced me greatly, nature has been very present in my life as of now. Growing up in an island was truly a magical experience, mostly because of how real everything was. Reality for me isn’t a city or something manufactured by multiple systems, that is someone else’s reality that I don’t understand yet. There’s nothing wrong with either one, I’m just grateful for what I have and what the outcome will be. My influences are everything that have I have gathered up until now I guess, the yings and yangs. They’re pretty present in what I’m creating, just open the eyes.

What was the first album you ever listened to fully / first album you’ve ever bought?

first album in full: Aquarious - Aqua and the first album I bought was a black metal album by Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine haha, totally parallel. 

What happens November 30th?

woolgathered so close, so far.


You can stream Woolgather via Soundcloud and watch out for november 30th for the audiovisual premiere of it: here