This is a really cool image but there are two things I can’t get over:

1) it looks like Oikawa is about to attack everyone with butterflies


2) wormmon is in it four times


More Digimon! God, i absolutely love doing these. They work as a great release from my normal, super-boring job, so i always just relax working on stuff like this. Anyways, here is the Lopmon-line (good/bad) and the Devimon line, which consists of like, every bad Digimon in the first season. Some bad dudes in that family. 

Ladydevimon, Andromon, Diaboromon, Monzaemon and Arukenimon are next

Already up in my store right here!

Digimon Villains
  • Devimon: The intro spoiled him
  • Etemon: Elvis is a furry
  • Myotismon: Wont stay dead
  • Dark Masters: Pissy server mods
  • Apocalymon: Angry emo
  • Digimon Emperor: Took the evil options in video games way too seriously
  • Arukenimon and Mummymon: Jessie and James are furries
  • Oikawa: Accurate depiction of the older fans
  • Yamaki: Oh no he's hot and ripping of MIB
  • Digimon Sovereign: Fuck what the dragon said
  • Beelzemon: Murder, redemption and motorbiking
  • D-Reaper: Press and hold the delete key and hope for the best
  • Cherubimon: How bad can me be
  • Royal Knights: Pricks in armour
  • Lucemon: Alpha prick
  • Merukimon: Fucking hate those humans
  • Kurata: Fucking hate those digimon
  • Yggrasil: Can't compute for shit
  • Darknightmon: Fucking hate oni-chan
  • Bagramon: Extreme fisting
  • Quartzmon: I hope you like the colour green
Top 10 Digimon Villains

With Digimon Adventure tri. bringing the series back in a big way, people are talking about the Digimon franchise again. While the franchise has its share of memorable characters, I’d like to talk about the kind that don’t tend to get much attention: Digimon’s bad guys. Read more, to who I think the top ten villains in the franchise are.

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It was so difficult to contain this all in one post. Basically wanted to show off the Digimon merchandise I have! I collect things from every season. Kind of got a head start because a lot of my figures are from childhood. 

( I don’t do trades, but if you have things for sale I will buy even duplicate items. )

First picture: Posters, an autograph from Robert Axelrod(Voice of Armadillomon and Wizardmon), a drawing of Ken from my little brother. Not pictured is my autograph from Derek Stephen Prince(Ken, Veemon, etc.) because the signature is on a plush from a different fandom.

Second: All my current cosplays. Kari Kamiya from season 1, 2, and Tri. Ken Ichijouji school uniform, Digimon Emperor, Davis Motomiya, Rika, Mimi Tachikawa(Tri), Arukenimon, Gomamon kigu. 

I also have the Tri Digimon Kaiser in progress!

Not received in the mail yet: Kuramon and Salamon plushies. DemiVeemon as well, but I don’t have pictures.

Games: Digimon World DS, Digimon World Dusk(Not pictured), Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, Digimon Rumble Arena 2(Not pictured), Digimon World Data Squad, Digimon All Star Rumble. I also play Digimon Masters Online.

Movies/Shows: Digimon The Movie(VHS and DVD) Seasons 1-3 in full, a VHS with some season 1 episodes. 

Digivices: Ken’s D-3 and Davis’ D-3 are licensed and fully functioning. Kari and Joe’s are replicas. I also have a functioning D-terminal.

Figures: MAIN ones are Ken Ichijouji. Joe Kido, Imperaldramon, Chaosdukemon, Imperialdramon Paladin mode.I have a ton of tiny ones, like Henry, Sakuyamon, Diaboromon, Keramon, Arukenimon, Etc.Too many to count up.

Plush: Palmon(x2), Gomamon(x3), Wormmon, Leafmon, Black Agumon(Limited Edition, Agumon(x2), Tsunomon, Gatomon, Cutemon, Kudamon, Greymon, Bukamon, Patamon(x2), Terriermon, Lopmon, Veemon

Everything else
: Over 200 cards from seasons 1-2 + the movies. Many keychains, pins, Lopmon hat, the comic, Joe Kido’s bag which is kinda hidden behind, Digimon Kaiser CD, Lunchbox, Agumon cup etc. Not shown is commission works and stuff I got online!! May be missing one or two items I forgot to list.

This is pretty much everything. I’ll take clearer pictures later. More will be added to my collection soon! I won the Digimon Crunchyroll fan contest so I should be getting some stuff from them as well.

Which Digimon Adventure 02 Characters You Should Fight

Daisuke Motomiya | who wins: Daisuke

Don’t even try fighting this kid, man, you’re fucked if you try. Oh, you think he’s a joke? Well, joke’s on you, because this guy is incapable of giving up. He falls down? He gets up. He gets curb-stomped? He comes back stronger. You kill someone in front of him to fuck him up? That just makes him more determined to beat the shit out of you. Don’t fight Daisuke, you’ll lose.

Miyako Inoue | who wins: Miyako, probably

Miyako really hates fighting and is prone to mood swings (being a teenager is hard), so if you catch her on an off day, you might be able to win. But that’s a big if. Here’s the thing about Miyako: she doesn’t have a lot of off days. Most of the time, she has the energy, intelligence and creativity of about four dozen 12-year-old girls packed in one. You insist on a fight? She’s going to give you one, and she knows about thirty ways to make you regret it.

Iori Hida | who wins: Iori

Dude, why the fuck would you fight a third grader?? He’s so young and so tiny his bowlcut is age-appropriate and his mom still has full reign over his closet, what the fuck is wrong with you??? But, if you decide to go for it anyway (you fucking douchebag), he’s going to fuck you up. This kid is fucking fierce, okay, he knows kendo and once stood up to an Ultimate Digimon who was totally prepared to kill him. You’re fucked and you deserve it.

Takeru Takaishi | who wins: Takeru

Yes, I know, he looks like a total nerd. To be honest? He IS kind of a total nerd, the kid is a good and holy ray of sunshine. But dude, he’ll totally fight you. If you go at him, he’ll go at you, he knows what needs to be done and he’ll do it. And heavens help you if you try to harness the forces of darkness. If you do, you’re wrecked. Don’t underestimate Takeru, man, he took a whip to the face and punched a guy once.

Hikari Yagami | who wins: not you

You can try to fight Hikari. She’s not going to be very into it, though, so it would be a short and unsatisfying fight. Fortunately for Hikari, if you start a fight with her, there’s a whole line of people just waiting to shove your head so far up your ass you’ll see through your nostrils if you hurt her. Taichi? He’ll fuck you up. Tailmon? She’ll fuck you up. Daisuke? Takeru? Miyako? They’ll fuck you up. And we’ve already gone through why you can’t win against them so, for your own safety, don’t even try fighting Hikari.

Ken Ichijouji | who wins: you, but at what cost?

Look, this kid has been through a lot. He’s not going to want to fight you. And if you force him to, he will feel bad. And then Wormmon will feel bad. And then his parents will feel bad. And then you will feel bad. Has Ken not paid for his sins? Has he not suffered enough? Is it really worth it?

Arukenimon and Mummymon | who wins: you

Mark my words, these two will try so hard to win. And it’ll take a while to fight them, because even if you beat them, they’ll keep coming. They’re scrappy like that. But that’s the thing, they’re about two years old and have age-appropriate planning skills. They’ll never win, and you’ll end up feeling kinda sorry for them, even if they’re both jerkwards. It’s hard to be mad at a two-year-old for being two, you know?

Yukio Oikawa | who wins: hoe don’t do it

You’ll get Vamdemon’d, do you really want that for yourself? Don’t fight the creepy computer nerd, it’ll end in tears for all of us. 

Jun Motomiya | who wins: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING