arugula flowers

Arugula Strawberry Nasturtium Flower Salad 

This salad was 100% grown in our garden. It has two kinds of edible flowers, nasturtium petals and arugula flowers. Arugula flowers are delicious, they taste like arugula only a little bit sweeter because they have a bit of nectar inside. Arugula is very easy to grow, it grows like a weed. I like to spread the seeds a few weeks apart to keep the harvest coming. It likes to grow in cooler temperatures. It’s also the one type of salad green I’ve noticed that doesn’t get bitter and tough when it goes to flower. In fact, the leaves get bigger and more flavorful, and the flowers are quite delicious. The nasturtium petals are delicious too, they have a very soft texture and are quite peppery tasting. This was dressed with a light dressing made from Meyer lemon juice (from our tree!) along with honey, olive oil, and salt and pepper. I rubbed the bowl with a cut garlic clove before adding all the greens and dressing. I can’t wait to make this again! 

Yum! Happy Spring everyone! 

Tonight’s dinner at Casa de KMN - roasted brussel sprouts over cous cous with baked sweet potato fries and a mustard green & arugula salad from our little front yard beds.

Secret ingredient in the salad- arugula flowers. They pack a punch!

“You know what the secret to sweet potato fries is? Frying them.” -Meghan. Don’t let her fool you though, these were awesome!