I got internet-married to the most amazing woman 10 years ago today on Gaia Online at the age of 13.

Now I’m 23 with the mental age of 13 (at times), but I’m grateful to have had Finni in my life for the past decade.


And thank you to all my friends who made wonderful, wonderful contributions to this gift. 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the sheer awesome that is Nargyle’s character Enna? 

I’ve been stalking Narg’s blog for a while and decided to draw her main girl from her hopefully-soon-to-be-a-comic Crazy Flush. I’d have drawn the tall dude and the fat lizard too, but eventually I was just ‘can i be done with this now’ and ended up with just Enna. Enna is a hobo. The best hobo.

Go love Nargyle and her lovely style which I can only describe as beautiful animu style mixed with an awesome comic flair! ALSO HER FAKE SCREENCAPS ARE SO AAAH <3 Hope you like it, haha! (because I think it’s very very sloppy whoops~!)