what rows of flowers bloom like my love for her when she smiles?
when her grin opens up like the first gem of the world being uncovered, I see a pearl far more precious
than all the diamonds of the world.

no hyacinth or daisy is as beautiful as rosa, she is a new flower.
she has named herself, she is free like the air.
brown, red and yellow; are the colours she becomes,
she is never gloomy though at times may be melancholy,
from the stresses of nature about her.
even at those moments when she is tired, her petals are more calming than all the words of the world.
even in winter, when all the flowers wither away,
her stem stands straight and are strong as the skies are blue.

Good day! Everyone! today we have a pic from Army, this is a outfit wear in the Campus party, by Arual in a set-up where they walked beside with robots and others cosplayers, really amazing work! Here is a video: (Low quality as always, ppl please make HQ videos of this amazing events! if you have one already i will update!)

mmm thats all! share and have a great weekend!


While watching an interview of a celebrity (I don’t remember which one exactly) I heard her say that she has date anyone yet because she need time for herself.

Nowadays it makes so much sense to me. First off, because when I watched the interview I wasn’t interested on dating and I only wanted friends. So right now, I’m in a point in my life where all my friends are in relationships and at the week of dating they start saying the I love yous, the I can’t live without you, the If you don’t go there me neither, and it is weird because thanks to these relationships friends start to driff off and stop hanging out like we use to, and seems like their boyfriend/girlfriend is the center of the universe. I get it ok? It is different, they have someone new in there lives with a bigger? Higher? Distinct? (i don’t know how to label it) job than us, friends have but a person has to know the limits where the relationship ends and the obsession start. I have a great friend, who right now I don’t speak to, that literally because all about her bf and the guy does not give a shit about her, I hate the situation, I mean all of us have seen her suffer but in the moment that he calls her, she answers like nothing has happened. I don’t want to go there you know? I don’t want to loose my friends, AND myself over a guy who doesn’t appreciate my dedication and effort, or for christ sake! ME!!! The guy could care less.

Anyway, after watching all my friends turn different after they start a relationship i decided that I don’t want to date (that’s a lie, sometimes I want to get a bf, but then I just think about for a while and then is like Hell Nooo!) because I need to take, like she said, my time to know myself, to know what I like, what I don’t like, what can make happy, is pretty much to embrace myself, and after all of that I have to say that I am dating is just that, I am dating myself. It is a self discovery I need to get really invest to, for my sake and for the future because as a wise man said “Better save than sorrow”.

anonymous asked:

I know this is a random question, but what font did you use for the Chloe and Max fanmix edit?

man sorry i took so long to get to this! i haven’t gotten on my computer until just now

the font is called arual.