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Night Tempo - you make me want to be a better man

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This is a little project I’ve been working on all day

My fave artists and friends as Undertale characters!! 

I wanted to make this really special since you all mean so much to me!

@minty-the-cat as Toriel

@blogthegreatrouge as Sans

@grimkipp as Papyrus

@nekophy as Monster Kid

@galactibun as Asriel

@theakwardartist7174 as Frisk as Flowey (srry but ur url wouldn’t cooperate)

@angexci as Undyne

@missladytale as Alphys

@xsylvia-black-drawsx as Muffet

@lavender-sans as Mettaton

@trashy-artzy-me as Temmie

@totallyradpersonoverhere as Chara

I hope y’all like it!!!

@hostghost84 (Super nice and wise!)
@askallthesanses(Funny as hell XD)

@pwnage101 (Cheerful and Absolutely A great leader)

@trashy-artzy-me (Cuteness Drug XD)
@sketchy-artz (Your art style is super CUTE!)
@thefirewolfyt48 (My Best friend!)

@blogthegreatrouge (Huge important part of my life and she’s the only reason I got tumblr XD)

@nelly-the-dog (I love your comics and art style!)

@nekophy (Funny, Cheerful, Loveable person which she is basically palette herself)

@angexci (Cool and artistic! YOU DRAW SO FREAKING GOOD! :0)

·Who am I missing? @6agentgg9( I LOVE YOUR ART!)
@anda-blr (YOUR AMAZING!)

Now~~~Tag 12 Ppl :3



Skelly sketches

K I tried but there are a few unfinished ones like: @trashy-artzy-me cause I tried to do her hair and I failed (IM SO SORRY IF ANYONE IN THIS DRAWING GETS OFFENDED, IM ONLY HUMAN WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES)

Here comes the cast!


@nekophy @golzy @loverofpiggies @jakei95 @camilaart @7goodangel @undertalepeasant @blogthegreatrouge @jokublog @trashy-artzy-me @walkingmelonsaaa @silverhope54


Ganz belongs to: @golzy

Error, Fresh, Geno belongs to: @loverofpiggies

Cross!Sans belongs to: @jakei95 

Goth belongs to: @nekophy

Palette belongs to: @angexci

Ink belongs to: @comyet

Swap!Sans belongs to: @popcornpr1nce 

Dream and Nightmare belongs to: @jokublog

Edentale, Teardrop,Sunshine, Serif belongs to: me

Glitchtale!Sans belong to: @camilaart

Paperjam belongs to: @7goodangel

Naj! Goth and Palette, Eraser belongs to: @blogthegreatrouge


Glace belongs to: @silverhope54

AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! IM too lazy to do the tags but screw it


マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Fun Tonight

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I’m doing an art raffle!!
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How to enter:
1 reblog= 1 entry
1 like= 1 entry
1 like + 1 reblog= 2 entries
There will be 5 winners!

1st winner=
1 or 2 or 3 characters full body + background + outline + colored and shaded

2nd winner=
1 or 2 characters full body + semi background + outline + color and some shades

3rd winner=
1 or 2 character full body + outline + color

4th winner=
1 character full body + outline + colors

5th winner=
1 character half body + outline + color
Good luck to all! Also if you do win please link or send me reference pictures on the characters! Thank you! (ALSO the art raffle will end in about a week)