Sorry for the photo spam guys but I just had to show you my Van Gogh style nails, based on his painting Starry Night.  It took me just under 3 hours (I know!) but I’m really pleased with the end result.  Hopefully you can  make out most of the detail in the pictures but open them in a new tab for high res!  I also used a matt top coat in the last two pictures, which do you prefer?


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been busy now that I’m on holiday!  Anyway, I saw Monsters University the other day which I would definitely recommend you go and see because it’s awesome, and I decided to do some movie inspired nails.

I used two different colours of flocking powder for Sully which was quite complicated, usually I’ve only used one either fully covering the nail or in patterns, but never two colours.  After a bit of experimenting I think I managed to get it to work but I did make a bit of a mess!

Although the colours aren’t quite right for Sully, I am very pleased with my Mike Wazowski as the shade of green is just perfect :)

Today I wanted to try out MUA’s magnetic nail polish because I’d been hearing some pretty rubbish reviews, however I was pleasantly surprised! 

The polish itself applies really well, and is lovely and thick so you don’t need three coats.

The magnet is very powerful and there are a range of different designs.  I went for this circular pattern because it was so unusual and it looks really hypnotic when it’s on your nails!

Overall I definitely recommend it, it’s really cheap, and as long as you apply a thick layer before you hover the magnet, it only takes about three seconds for the design to come through!


This time I tried out some new polishes including Barry M’s Lychee which is a gelly polish, and MUA’s plum polish for only £1!!! 

I love the gelly polish because it applies so easily and really only one coat is necessary. The plum polish is such a nice colour but my camera really doesn’t capture it very well so I tried three different lightings as you can see, hopefull this gives you some idea.  I used two coats here but I think a third might have made it that bit stronger.  On my index finger I layered up some glitter polish as a statement nail and I love it!


So today I thought I’d give you guys some swatches of Barry M’s new confetti collection, and this black and white one is called Liquorice.  I’ve also got the pink and white one, Marshmallow, so expect swatches of that soon. 

Anyway, here I’ve applied it over a white to show you the polish itself, and this is done with three layers.  On the index fingers I’ve applied only one layer over a bright blue (which I think is NYC) and a shiny pink (possibly Rimmel).  I think the blue makes it look amazing and when I wear it I’ll probably do all my fingers like this, whereas because the pink is shiny I don’t think the effect works as well. 

So what do you think, going to get it?