ben cook story time

so this is a story Ben’s dad told me one day and I think it deserves to be shared with the world.

while Ben was working in billy elliot on Broadway, he and his dad would regularly see shows together. one day they were hoping to see the revival of John Guare’s dark comedy, House of Blue Leaves. a show that deals with a lot of mature matters.

Ben walks up to the ticket office, asks if they have a student discount, and proceeds to show the ticket manager his sixth grade PPAS ID. after he asked for two tickets, the manager leans out of the window and says, “this show is for mature audiences, you are too young to see the show.”

Ben, without batting an eye, replies with, “but I say fuck onstage every night.”

the ticket manager responded with “oh, you must be in billy elliot.” then handed them their tickets and they went on their way.

Crystal King’s Feast of Sorrow brings readers into the kitchens of ancient Rome, where nobles and slaves jockeyed for position by using food as bargaining chips for personal and professional advancement.

The novel is based on the real life of ancient Roman noble Marcus Gavius Apicius, who is thought to have inspired and contributed to the world’s oldest surviving cookbook. But King tells her story from the point of view of a slave named Thrasius, a talented cook who is purchased by Apicius for the unimaginable sum of 20,000 denarii, about 10 times the yearly wages of a common soldier.

What Did Ancient Romans Eat? New Novel Serves Up Meals And Intrigue

ID #23456

Name: Pia
Age: 19
Country: Germany

Ahoi there, my name is Pia and I live in Berlin (Germany). I’d like to get to know people and cultures all other world and I think exchanging letters might be fun?
I like reading (my favourite book is “I am the messenger” by Markus Zusak), drawing and painting (my appartement is full of paintings I made myself), watching TV series like The Walking Dead, Hannibal, American Horror Story, New Girl and Bob’s Burgers (currently I also watch wrestling shows?)! I’m also interested in gardening, traveling, cooking and learning Italian by chance!
However, I think it’ll be okay if you’re not interested in any of these things, I’m sure we could find a lot of things to talk about!!

Preferences: Please only 18+, other than that it doesn’t matter! (I’d like to exchange letters, so please only snail mail pals!)

Zodiac Recipe: Taurus

An experiment of mine. This recipe is based off Taurus. Beef chuck roast cooked in a crock-pot all day with beer, apples, parsley, thyme, and basil. Artichoke hearts with olive oil, garlic, and rosemary (slightly roasted). Taurus is associated with: Beer, thyme, basil, apples, rosemary, and artichokes. Taurus is associated with hardy and traditional food. Olives are associated with Venus. 

*side note: Bread is associated with Taurus, could add a dinner roll to this meal.