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Bay Area privilege is not having it go under freezing in the winter like ever, and barely over 100 ever in the summer. It’s not /super/ humid ever and there usually is a breeze of some sort. It’s sunny and perfect pool weather in the summer while in the winter, it’s not too cold. Jeans year round and t-shirt weather in summer and hoodie weather in winter. Like perfect weather is perfect. 


So my beautiful packing job. You can see my laptop as reference tithe size of the bag. My laptop is 13 inches and the bag can be used for a carry on.

I have:

  • 2 polos
  • 2 button ups
  • 2 thick cotton sweaters
  • 11 pairs of socks
  • 9 pairs of boxers
  • A pair of shoes
  • A sport coat
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • A trench coat
  • 2 boxes of oatmeal
  • A box of tampons
  • A tin of birth control
  • 8 shirts of various sorts
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Transformer for power
  • Camera charger
  • Toiletries

Go me!

In 25.5 hours I’ll be in the air on my way to Korea.

Bets everyone, now taking bets. I’m attempting to stay up all night. Bets on what time I will actually fall asleep. (I have that much confidence in me).

Answer/reply this for rules and regulations

Random sentence that ends w/ a question mark so i can have answers enabled?

About me!

Hello there. I guess I should make one of these since I got a ton of new followers from the giveaway. I mean my sidebar has a bit but here’s the official I guess.

  • I am Artemis (Arty)
  • I am a university student
  • I am 20
  • I am into a few fandoms but don’t really post much cept art and music
  • I am currently in love/relationship/engaged/married with the best person ever, LiTL
  • I am a Korean Person living in America slowly regaining my cultural I.D.
  • I hate racists and imperialists and misogynists and white ppl and men for the most part
  • I make jokes at the expense of people who fuck up
  • I am currently mentally everywhere due to a bad breakup and triggers everywhere
  • I am a jazz/classical musician able to play every percussion instrument around but specializes on vibraphone and piano.
  • I am a rape survivor and an abuse survivor who reads people way too well even from how they type
  • I am ambidextrous
  • My blog has a bunch of lovey gross shit with my wife so that is tagged as “marriage blogging” if you want to savior it.
  • My personal posts are tagged with “arty’s pointless posts”
  • My reply tag is “sheneniagans” and “fuck spelling *shenanigans”
  • I tag obsessively so there is always something to savior for the most part
  • I am a fat metro and a fat hipster
  • Studying psychology and music
  • Had a drug problem but am clean and have an allergy to weed.
  • I have seen too much shit in my life that nobody should have.
  • My depressed posts are tagged with “arty has issues” and “rantings of a depressed child”
  • I am pansexual and gender queer and don’t give a fuck about pronouns
  • I have no pictures on my blog of me.
  • Have gone through so much I can pretty much talk about anything with anyone…… (not a good thing)
  • I run a homestuck only blog.
  • My homestuck is not on this blog for the most part minus a few things
  • I am a cosplayer

Welcome to my blog!

The thing about Lexi and me is that we can talk about a lot. And each conversation we work through a little more. We understand things a little better. Isn’t that what a friendship is about? Helping out each other? It’s like, with my noonas and besties (the six of you) and my wife, it’s all positive mutually beneficial friendships. That’s the point is it not? And tbch, they are the only ppl I need. I love the rest of you, but losing them is like losing family. Because they are family. Lexi, Kate, rachael, Arari, Huy, and Amanda. And most importantly my LomL. These are the people in my life. These are my family.