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A couple months back I was at Build-a-Bear with my little sister and they had this Flying Ace costume for the Snoopy plush they had and I thought “That’d probably look good on Pearl” and then I thought “Dang, Artie, is that really your immediate thought?”. Anyway, the image has been in my head since then so I decided to draw it.

Flying Ace Snoopy has this stick/cane he carries around and I was going to draw that, but then it occurred to me that a sword is probably more appropriate for Pearl. For mid-air duels

anonymous asked:

I really like that reaction gif of Garnet saying "no" from tiger millionaire. It takes a few seconds for her to grab the mic and say it, so there's dramatic tension

yea, its one of my favorites too! The silence before she says “no” helps provide emphasis. Plus its good for jokes, ‘cause I like jokes where there’s a pause before the punchline (not that I was using it as a joke on that post, but I’ve used it for jokes before)


new design up on my redbubble! half of the money i make from each sale will be donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the bees and raising awareness about this growing issue, so go give these products a look;


iPhone, samsung galaxy, iPad, laptop skin

pillows, travel mug

tote bag, studio pouch, drawstring bag, laptop sleeve

sticker, spiral notebook, hardcover journal

honeybees are a very important part of our society and now they need our help, so we should try to do whatever we can!