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So as some of you may already know, my household is dealing with a huge cat problem right now. We moved into an apartment that had six feline tenants that our landlord refused to evict and then one of them had kittens so we’re at like. Capacity. We’ve been having a hard enough time making money for rent and food, let alone food and litter for a literal cat colony+it’s just not safe to have all of these cats here.

Animal control and the SPCA are unwilling to help, we’ve contacted rescues and been denied, kijiji ads have gotten some interest but no one who follows through, our irl friends cannot take them. The situation is getting incredibly desperate, and we just cannot keep them here anymore. Even if we suddenly had enough money to care for them, it is actually illegal to have this many cats and we can’t do this. 

So what I’m asking is basically, if you have any way of getting to Hamilton, Ontario, or if you live close enough that my partner can drive to your location, can you adopt one or more of these cats?

There is one adult female tabby cat named Sunny. The others are kittens, four of them are almost a year old, a black male named Salem, black female named Coulson, and two tabby males Ernie and Artie (who have a pretty codependent bond and would probably like to stick together but if you really want only one of them we can’t afford to be picky). There is also a male grey and white kitten, around 5 months, named Mako

Please, please, if you can adopt one of them or help us adopt them out contact me. If you can’t, then please at least signal boost this because we really don’t know what to do at this point.


We currently have people interested in Mako and Coulson and are working on hammering out the details there. Sunny has also had some interest from a kitty cat foster here in Hamilton. We’re very excited about getting these kitties into a better situation!

Artie and Ernie, the male tabby twins, and Salem, the male black cat still need homes. They’re all very friendly cats, Artie and Salem in particular are huge lap cats. If you’re looking for a kitty who will happily snuggle up to you while you’re sleeping or watching TV, they’re perfect.