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Remus Lupin

This is how i always imagined him while reading the books: A younger dude with old clothes, some scars and wavy hair

I had planned to post this for the 20th anniversaty of HP a few days ago but it wasn’t ready so sorry about that lol

i hope you like it! i think it tourned out alright idk

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AU with the spren and human roles switched. Syl, a young woman who’s dealing with the problems in her daily life (arguing with her father?) when suddenly this little wisp of a stormcloud that’s been following her around turns into a tiny grumpy man.

Burgess Meredith, 1940.

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.



Tally was going home for the weekend.
I felt like I needed her there, really. Zayn and Harry had spent the entire of Friday bonding over lad-ish nonsense and tattoos and all the rest, and my only saviour had been Tally. Because I loved Mike, dearly, but he was the kind of boy who played video games and was slightly intimidated by big words, so there was no way he could save me from my misery in the same way Tally could.

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Happy Birthday, laurabaptista!

Apologies to @laurabaptista for the short delay on your gift. We hope you had a wonderful birthday and celebrated in style! To keep the party going, @ally147writes has written a story just for you!

AN: Happy birthday to the prompter! I hope you had a wonderful day :) This story was inspired by my own beagle adoption a few weeks ago. The story didn’t end up quite as cutesy as I’d hoped for a single parents!Everlark fic, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway.

Unbeta’d. All errors are my own.

‘Dog Days’

Peeta’s run out of excuses.

The questions have been building up for almost a year, since one of Charlie’s classmates brought theirs in for show-and-tell. Peeta miscounted the kid’s parents’ orders of bread rolls and cookies for a month after that in thanks for the non-stop barrage of questions that had been invited into his life:

“I want a puppy, Dad!”


“But Damien has a puppy, Dad!”


“Can we get a puppy, Dad?”


“Why can’t we get a puppy, Dad?”


“Dad! Can we get a puppy, please?”


“Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? DAAAAAAAAADDDDD?”

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