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NEW VIDEO!!!  “Dear Hearing People” [CC]

A comical spin on some comments I’ve received and some experiences I’ve had with different hearing people over the years.  This is all for laughs.  I’m well aware not all hearing people say ignorant things to D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people and people with APD.


Or, you know…don’t.  :P

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Everyone seems to have forgotten about that huge gem that attacked Steven, Lars and Ronaldo in that one episode. In the... Lighthouse? With the horror movies? (it's been a while, sorry) like, it was so much bigger than normal poofed gems iirc, any thoughts?? White diamond?? 😱😱

The episode was “Horror Club,” and I haven’t forgotten about it. I’m sure whatever Gem it is is significant (as you said, it’s a pretty huge gem and it was situated right on top of the Temple), but I don’t think it was White Diamond, for a number of reasons

One, the Diamonds are shown to have diamond-shaped (or square) gem cuts, but the Lighthouse Gem has a round gem cut

Two, White Diamond is still represented on the Diamond Authority symbol while Pink was removed after she was shattered. I would expect, if White were MIA, she would be removed too. Though, admittedly, missing is different than shattered.

Three, if White Diamond were missing, why are Yellow and Blue not the least bit concerned or distressed. They’re pretty broken up over the loss of Pink Diamond, I would think, especially in their grieving over that, they would be upset if another Diamond were missing and possibly shattered as well, but they don’t seem at all bothered, they certainly don’t seem to be trying to find her. Plus, if White Diamond were missing and last seen on Earth, I think the whole final attack they did and the Cluster meant to destroy the planet itself would only make sense if they were both actively trying to make sure White Diamond was shattered too.

No, I think White Diamond is still present, but whatever role she plays in Gem society puts all this other stuff beneath her notice and/or the other two are keeping this from her for whatever reason.

but that’s just my interpretation

If I had to give an entirely random guess with absolutely nothing to support it, I’d go with guessing the Lighthouse Gem is Cubic Zirconia. An imitation Diamond, of sorts.

Out on a Limb

Whaaaat, you say, two chapters in one day?

Well, I felt a little bad that Ed’s chapter was so short. XD Plus I’ve been looking forward to writing this ego. Like, a lot. Still gotta do a oneshot just for him but for now this’ll do.

Boy oh boy is there some extreme hc’ing going on in here. You guys have no idea. Got some ideas from @alcordraws, of course, but I’ve crafted an entire theory and idea surrounding this newest ego of Mark’s. But we’ll get more in-depth with him in his oneshot, this is King’s story.

What’s this? Foreshadowing? Suspense? Hmm. Maybe this story isn’t all fun and laughs after all. it’s me what were you even expecting

Anyway! Have fun trying to figure out what’s going on. I’m not telling. ;)

AO3 Mirror

Chapter 8: at the noyer rouge

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2009 episode of Glee basically means everything that happened in canon on Glee never happened right?

Good. That means:

  1. Glee club never happened
  2. Rachel transferred to Carmen high and joined Vocal Adrenaline. Both her and Jessie are performers and VA works super hard to win, so she actually earns her way into Nyada along with Jessie
  3. Mr. Schue got tired of Terrie, he decided to use his savings to persue his dream of Broadway instead of reopening the Glee club because he is still young and deserved to live his dream.
  4. Tina tried out for the Drama club and became known for her amazing leading lady roles, alter on joining a drama major in college.
  5. Artie got interested in directing as well singing, he becomes very successful in film projects.
  6. Brittana end up being the first out and proud lgbt+ couple at Mckenly. After Quinn moved away, it was just Brittany and Santana, Brittany was honest about her feelings and how she felt towards Santana, and while Santana was scared and tried to deny it at first, she could no longer ignore how she felt about Brittany. Sue also made sure their was no tolerance for bullying her cheerios or anyone else for their sexual orientation.
  7. Santana was much more mellow and happy after accepting herself. She and Brittany had a great relationship in highscool and she was proud to be with her best friend. While they did part after highschool, Santana went on to law school and her and Brittany stayed best friends.
  8. Brittany had a great year in high school with Santana as an out and proud bisexual, while she and Santana parted ways after graduation (Santana went on to law school, Brittany to vet school) She was happy. smart, and successful veterinarian later in life and Santana would always be her best friend.
  9. Mercedes made a wonderful group of friends who believed in her dream of singing and had also had several boyfriends. After she graduated she did go to college as well as worked on her music career, eventually becoming a hit artist.
  10. Quinn could not hide her pregnancy long, while her father did try to dis own her, Quinn’s mom had her back and Quinn, her mom, and her sister moved to a new city and Quinn got to keep and raise Beth as well have a new start on a happy life.
  11. After Quinn moved away, Puck started to realize that what he was missing in his life was a sense of love and family. He started getting close to his mom and sister more, he even found out he had a little brother. He wanted to be a guy his younger siblings can look up to so he started getting better at school and joined the police academy after graduation.
  12. Mike Chang went on to college and joined a dancing team. He later on end up having a very successful dance studio.
  13. Sam and his family never moved from their home, they bhad a very happy life in their home town and Sam got to stay around his best friends who treated him right.
  14. Matt Ruthford became a billionaire.
  15. Sue retired after winning multiple Cheer champion ships. She now dedicates her time coaching and leading people with down syndrome. She makes it her life mission to bring them a sense of belonging and happiness and let them know that they are awesome.
  16. Finn got that scholarship he wanted. He went on to play college ball while getting his business degree. He ended up opening a cute successful family Diner and named it after his mom in Lima and is happy. 
  17. Kurt finally came out to his dad because the bullying started showing up at his house. Burt decided it was time to move towards a more gay accepting city and he wanted to expand his business so they moved to New York half way through Kurt’s sophomore year, Kurt got into fashion even more in New York and had the best high school and life experience since moving out of cow town Lima. He went on to go to Parsons and is currently slaying the fashion industry. 

This is what happened to our beloved Glee characters. This is canon.