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FACES family favourite winter sports (to watch and to do)?? What's their favourite winter clothing/outfit?? Do they like the idea of being kissed under a mistletoe or are they like "ugh no too cheesy"??

So because there are so many questions (and yes I’m doing all of them + some more I wanted to include), I’m probably going to do them in headcanon format, and not imagine format just because that is way to much writing for me to handle rn. Next time you send in a request though, please make sure to only send in one prompt. Thank you!

France/Francis Bonnefoy

  • Francis, of course, is going to be going to all the fashion shows. Seeing what’s on the market, buying what he likes, and then styling himself modernly for the colder months that entail. 
  • Of course he loves the idea of being kissed under the mistletoe. He’s probably the type to try to get his crush or s/o underneath it with him. 
  • Takes like 80 thousand pictures of the snow because he’s #InstagramGoals 
  • Also takes pics of his Starbucks cups, and selfies with his coffee crew (aka Gilbert and Antonio). 
  • Really enjoys watching and participating in ice skating because he thinks it’s a really graceful, lovely sport and aspires to be better at it. 

England/Arthur Kirkland 

  • FUCK fashion. It’s cold. It’s snowing. He’s going for: presentable, but visibly tired of this snowing bullshit. 
  • Artie does think being kissed under the mistletoe is really cheesy, but at the same time he’d be utterly smitten with anyone who kissed him. 
  • Wears ugly sweaters except he thinks they aren’t ugly and that he’s being fashionable. 
  • Uses the cold weather as an excuse to drink a ridiculous amount of tea. 
  • I think he’d enjoy watching speed skating, but wouldn’t have much success as far as being good at any winter sports goes. He’d like to try both skiing and figure skating though. 

America/Alfred F Jones

  • I think Al’s the sweat pants and hoodie kind of guy, although that isn’t to say he doesn’t have any nice winter clothes (he just buys them and then never wears them). 
  • I think Alfred would have mixed feelings on mistletoe. On one hand he finds it endearing, on the other gross because ew he doesn’t wanna watch Francis swallow someones face. 
  • Posts pictures of his Starbucks cup because he’s a basic bitch. 
  • Literally goes to every online store he can think of to try to find a sweater with memes on it. 
  • Similar to Arthur when it comes to sports except he’s good at most if not all of them. He thinks speed skating is really adrenaline filled, but would probably break his neck if he tried it, so he’ll probably stick with snowboarding. 

Canada/Matthew Williams 

  • He’s used to having to bundle up, so a great deal of his clothing is long sleeved and warm as it is. Matthew is kind of like Alfred when it comes to having a more lazy/relaxed style of clothing, but he does have nice clothing that he wears to the office or when he’s going somewhere nice. 
  • He finds mistletoe to be a very sweet tradition, and will gladly let his s/o kiss him under the mistletoe (although he’ll be embarrassed). 
  • Prides himself on buying things in bulk so that way he doesn’t even have to leave his house. 
  • Probably has a ridiculous amount of furry socks that he just finds all over the house and wears 24/7. 
  • His favorite sport would probably be Alpine Skiing just because he finds it really daring and somewhat…graceful? It’s a lot of curves and swoops, and he enjoys watching and participating in it. 

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“Ethics becomes aesthetics” is one of the best lines from Hannibal because it 100% sounds like smarmy, arty, post-modernist bullshit the first time you hear it.

Then, you think about it more over time…and the truth of it mind fucks you a bit. 

Yo everyone says planets and space are big and make us insignificant

But that’s the most bullshit thing i’ve ever heard, planets don’t think, they move in set patterns, stars burn not cause they want to, or need to, but because that’s what they do. Humans? We do shit cause we want to! We make things cause we need to! We claw our way through existence regardless of struggle and strife, we are the true survivors of the universe! The sole spectacle in an inky black canvas of boring nothingness. If the planets and stars can see? They’re lookin at us friends, cause WE are BIGGER than THEM!