arty bullshit

“Ethics becomes aesthetics” is one of the best lines from Hannibal because it 100% sounds like smarmy, arty, post-modernist bullshit the first time you hear it.

Then, you think about it more over time…and the truth of it mind fucks you a bit. 

Yo everyone says planets and space are big and make us insignificant

But that’s the most bullshit thing i’ve ever heard, planets don’t think, they move in set patterns, stars burn not cause they want to, or need to, but because that’s what they do. Humans? We do shit cause we want to! We make things cause we need to! We claw our way through existence regardless of struggle and strife, we are the true survivors of the universe! The sole spectacle in an inky black canvas of boring nothingness. If the planets and stars can see? They’re lookin at us friends, cause WE are BIGGER than THEM!