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This is my terrible MS Paint fanart of Tchad from Hannah Kreiger’s comic Camodad.  My internet went out and I had nothing to do, so I drew these to amuse myself.

Tchad sang to me in all of his superbro glory.  He knew the value of enough biceps.  His was the way of iron and hair gel.  Blessed mote he be.  


So it’s evidently urbananchorite’s birthday.  

So I decided to draw her a birthday gift.  I assume that this happens in the story she wrote.  

And if it didn’t happen, it is most likely what she actually wanted to write, but felt constrained by the expectations of society, and so was unable to include it.  


So, I deadlifted so hard that the belt broke in the middle of my heavy set of deadlifts two weeks ago.  I’m only now getting around to drawing it, mostly because drawing deadlifting is awkward.  

This is a highly accurate representation of exactly how it went down.

(Yes, I’m aware that 270lbs isn’t that much for deadlift for someone my size. I’m a baby; it’s okay, we’re all learning.)


My regular workout partner ditched me for like a week, so I had to do bench press day without him.  I asked a 40-something dad looking guy to spot me.  I hate asking other people to spot me.  Everything feels awkward.  Sometimes the spotter is way too proactive.  This guy knew what he was doing, though.  

It was my heavy day, so I was benching 295.  I did it three times; I almost got the 4th rep.  After we racked it back up, he turned to me and said, “You had a lot of power coming up off of your chest.  That was really good.  Are you a powerlifter?”

For about half a second, I knew what it meant to be a man.  And then I came crashing back down to earth and had to confess to him that I wasn’t a powerlifter.