artwork: usuba kagerou

Reines des Fleurs ~Illustration~ by Usuba Kagerou: Louis ~compilation~ (2015).♕

2 new CG in Wand of Fortune R!! It’s the candy event :3

Really love the new CG, even with same story it’s feels so different with the CG^^ Still need 1 CG for Est and Lagi route to complete main story CG, and I already get all the liar card ( to get the last card, you must beat them in extra-battle card 5 times).

Aww I really love Lagi dragon forms, too bad in WoF 2 FD he never transform again~ Lulu become so cute too, in this series Lulu has voice but not full voice.

I will upload the CG after I get all the guys CG :D 


‘Wand of Fortune R’ Promotional Movie


In the remake, the system has been largely restructured. The selection of Lulu’s activities on a daily and weekly basis reduces the operations necessary to advance the game by one third. Play time was greatly reduced. Furthermore, we can definitely say many illustrations were added. Plenty of new scenarios are also available. In this work, choose the activities for the week at the beginning of that week. The volume of the story has not been changed, the reduction of labor and play time was to make the game overall easier to play


In “R”, the game design has been completely renewed. The window was significantly remodeled and is easier to see, making it easier to play. In addition, the use of the heroine’s default name and portrait is possible to switch on or off. It was made increasingly more attractive. 


In this work, in addtion to the original artwork by Usuba Kagerou, the large amount of 42 new illustrations were also added. By adding beautiful illustrations that have have undergone further evolution, the impression of the story is changed dramatically. In the new scenarios unique scenes, you can savor the excitement as if you were seeing an entirely new event.