This is something I wanted to draw for a very long time, ever since I’ve read chapter 54. What got my attention immediately was the fact that even though Hiyori’s grandmother was fully aware Yato is an otherworldly entity she still attacked him. It led me to believe that she was certain her bow would cause an actual damage to him. Taking into account her connection to the other side, I’d like to think that Grandmother’s family for generations used bows in order to ward off the wicked and she made sure to continue this tradition with her daughter and grandchildren (but this time in a form of seemingly innocent kyūdō practice). Even though, Sayuri can only sense the Far Shore beings and Iki siblings admitted to be able to see them just recently, I think Grandmother would still involve them since she strikes me as a “better safe than sorry” kind of person. Sayuri of course wouldn’t have any objections since kyūjutsu - as one of the traditional arts is respectable enough for her fancy daughter (Sayuri, pls).

Basically, I have many feelings about grandma Iki and they have to go somewhere ┐(︶▽︶)┌


‘It’s a lot like you’
Depeche Mode Delta Machine 25|3|2013 #release #album
'All that’s mine’ #sample #audio #loop
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