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I decided that this nsfw-request party is now A MINI GIVEAWAY RAFFLE!!!

There is plenty of awesome people who have requested me already with their amazing OC’s and I really would like to sketch all of them at once (because I love OC’s too much…)— but I’ll do only one artwork for my saturday art-series on this week. Buuuuut… I can make few more of these during next weeks - if I get more participants! So the more I get entries now, the more I’m going to actually do your requests!  My entry list isn’t too long at this point, so if we can hit over 20, I’ll chooce 2 lucky ones. And if we hit over 30, I’ll chooce 3 lucky ones to get some fast nsfw-sketchies done.

Rules are simple:

  • please, be 18+ because you know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I’ll take only OC requests now (WoW or Final fantasy XIV)
  • These are not commissions works, your only job is to be happy that I offer you free art

Throw me your OC nsfw requests via asks or messages.

I’ll contact the lucky ones after I know how many I need to pick and who the winners are. So you don’t have to give me anything yet if you feel like sending ask is easier way to throw your name in a hat, but it will make things sort of faster if you offer me right away refs (only thing I really need here is your OC’s face and maybe build) and maybe little details what you want to see.

I do those sketches usually within saturday evenings, so there isn’t too much time to contact people (at least if I do only one artwork). So be sure that it is possible to send messages to you in tumblr even if I don’t follow you, fast answers are appreciated with this one, ty :3

Final drawing will be on tomorrow (the 26th of this month). Reblog if you wish to share the opportunity with others too. BE FAST MONS!

Link to the original post can be found in here

All anon requests go now under other list— I may draw them later, when I simply get everything else done first. You are not forgotten my dears!

Look who I found for #ThrowbackThursday this week! 😁 It’s my oil painting “Iguana” from 2008! 🖼✨ Here’s a fun tidbit about this piece you might not have known! 😉 She was originally titled “Veil of Green Tears” but soon after she started being referred to as “Iguana.” 🦎 Everyone gravitated towards the large iguana in the painting, so I kept the name! 😄❤ It’s funny how art can take on a life of it’s own sometimes! 😆  Since she’s special painting for me, I’ve decided to put her up on my Custom Print Shop on!😊 She’s now a brand new image available for all you lovelies to take home as whatever print type or size that you want! 💖 Just choose your options and I’ll get it made and sent to you!☺👍 Please check out the Custom Print Shop if you haven’t already!💕 There’s over fifty images to choose from! 😲 I hope you’ve been enjoying this new setup as much as I am! 😁💞 Have a wonderful day darlings! 😙💗   


Seungchuchu Week Day 4: Free Day

(read from right to left)

Secret agent AU? IDK. Basically an AU where Phichit is a knowledge-broker who likes to mess with his clients for the hell of it but especially Seung-Gil. Because Seung-Gil is his favorite client.

Likely will be my sole contribution to the Seungchuchu week since I’m busy with full-time work now, sorry! \;A;/

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An absolutely breathtaking set of artwork created by SO MANY of you all this past week!!!! You’re all so talented, and your imaginations are freaking brilliant!! What an epic #SuperArtSaturday!! One day, I’ll get back to #fanartfriday 😂 Check this post out on my Insta (@thomassanders) to see all the artists!!

Omg I am so late for @lanceweek ! Free day was a good opportunity so I coloured my entry for @voltroncoloringbook

Yeah, Lance and Blue again nobody can stop me
Mini lions would be super cute !  💙

Ninette Week Day 3: Childhood/Pre-series

Best friends forever.

Ninette being bros is actually one of the best things. Have they been classmates forever? Probably. Does Marinette help Nino with song lyrics? Most likely. Does Nino keep Marinette entertained with good movies and stories while she’s designing? Almost certainly.

It’s all just good and soft and warm with friendship and love.

Check out Ninette Week here!

Artwork ©: alazic02

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Tianshan Week Day 5 One Day. I named it after the song I listened to. “All is violent, all is bright”.

Sorry for missing out yesterday but I put all my feelings and effort into this one. This instrumental inspired me for the scenery.

I feel like He Tian would dress like a total pimp later while Guanshan stays with his bomber jackets or warm winter jackets (bought by He Tian and the devil personified refuses to take anything for it in return *cough* Maybe Momo’s soul, but that’s a different story *laughs*)

Hideyoshi Nagachika + background Mirio by @myetie

I’m absolutely ecstatic by how beautiful it turned out, but I expected nothing less from her! She captured all of Hide’s beauty, for sure! *(*´∀`*)❤ Few words can describe my feelings for such gorgeous artwork! This will help me get through the next couple of weeks. Thank you, Myetie! 

♦ DO NOT repost