artwork by ren

Recently completed painting of Rey. My favourite character from the Force Awakens. Can’t wait until the Last Jedi comes out! Get ready for many more artworks of Rey. :)


I have been admiring the beautiful Kylo Ren artwork of @blood-and-pepper for a while now, so I was delighted when we started talking and she suggested we do an art trade. Angie loves history and especially knights, so she requested I do Kylo Ren as a knight for her. This was inspired by the Knights Templar. This piece was done in pencil on 9 x 12 inch toned tan drawing paper.

Magi Black & White Chibi Artworks

Each Volume of Magi (except 5 in total) got an adorable chibi artwork before the Omake Part starts. Todays scanlations will be covering all of this cuteness.

Please enjoy and as always, proceed after the link!

To start it off. Have an adorable Sinbad Chibi in Furfur Masou!


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My Fair Bitty

Summary: Whip cracker, Jack Zimmermann, has been working the Ren Faire circuit his entire life.  One day he meets silk aerialist Eric Bittle, and everything suddenly makes much more sense.  A little story about soul mates and love at first sight.  No drama, no angst… just finding The One, knowing it, and following your heart. A fic/art collaboration by @teluete and @wrathofthestag.

“Tell me again about you and papa,” Jack asked as he yawned, and stretched his legs in bed. His mother sat next to him, and brushed Jack’s hair off his forehead.

“Again? I’ve told you that story a million times.”

Jack looked up at his maman. Bits of glitter from that day’s performance still clung and shimmered on Alicia’s cheeks in the soft glow of Jack’s night-light.

“Then make it a million and one. Pleeease?” Jack pleaded.

Though only eight years old, Jack Zimmermann was already a romantic at heart. He loved hearing about the afternoon at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, all those years ago, when Bad Bob first saw Alicia Faye as she sang and cracked a whip on stage. She had the entire audience wrapped around her finger, and soon she had Bad Bob wrapped around her heart.

“I was starting my first season at Bristol, and your papa had been the main attraction and only whip act before I came along. He was all grumpy when he found out that someone else was doing a whip show.”

“Oh, papa,” Jack said as he shook his head, smiled, and gripped his stuffed rabbit.

“So he looked for me my first day there. He marched right up to the stage where I was performing, and had planned on confronting me after my set.”

Jack held his breath in suspense, even though he knew the story by heart.

“When I was done, I walked off stage and your papa was standing there with the biggest smile I had ever seen. He stood there and said, ‘Hello, my name is Robert Zimmermann. I crack the whip here, and I’ve just fallen head over heels in love with you.’”

Jack smiled and watched his mother intently, “And you said…”

Alicia laughed softly; she remembered how quickly her heart beat as she took in those big brown eyes and that happy, handsome face.

“I said, ‘Well I’m Alicia Faye, and we just met so you’ll forgive me if I’m not instantly impressed.’”

“But you were,” Jack said quickly.

“I was. By the time we finished our dinner–”

“A giant turkey leg!”

“Yes, sweetie, a turkey leg. By the time we finished our dinner, I knew your papa was it for me.”

“How did you know?”

“The world stopped,” she said with wistful, far away look in her eyes.

Jack grinned and yawned once again, sleepy-eyed and cozy.

Every day he saw his parents’ interactions. How they always smiled at one another, unable to keep their hands from touching each other. How many times had Jack entered a room to find them kissing, hugging, whispering secrets in their own special language – the language that two people in love made up just for one another.

Jack saw that, and wanted that one day. He wanted it so badly. For what greater gift was there than to cherish someone, and be cherished in return?

Soon Jack fell asleep as Alicia sang tenderly to him. In love with love, Jack dreamt of future hugs and kisses and possibilities.

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