artwork by my friend


K so like– every once in a while I’ll ask my friends n shit to just, draw their sona in a milkshake glass thing,, idk it’s just, I have a thing, tiny people milkshake thing, it’s so hecking cute, my point is if you want to please draw your sona like this
The 2nd panel, art by @grimkipp ♥👌

And tag #makemeepersgayformilkshakes.


Hey guys! My good friend @simmysart (some of you may know her as @overlord-satan or @simsparadise3) is doing comissions to help fundraise for her ADHD diagnosis and therapy sessions! She wants to get diagnosed professionally so that she can finally get any medication and other help that she’s been needing to live a happier, more successful lifestyle! However, unfortuntately her family doesn’t have enough money to get the diagnosis done. She is also starting therapy sessions that aren’t covered by her insurance. If anyone would like to commission her to get neat art and help her fundraise for her medical bills, that would be absolutely amazing! Or if you wanted to, donate to her paypal at

Please like/reblog if you can too!!!! Thanks everyone!!!!