artwork (complete)

Recently completed painting of Rey. My favourite character from the Force Awakens. Can’t wait until the Last Jedi comes out! Get ready for many more artworks of Rey. :)


Through The Woods / Fred Rogers Company & PIP Animation

Selection of final plants for the pre-school series Through The Woods - which premiered Monday on the Curious World app.

All design and final artwork was completed within two months.

The style evolved from the initial idea of super clean Charles Harpes inspired flat illustrations to a more three-dimensional and angled final product.

Adrinette: Coffee Shop AU

Marinette and Adrien as Adults

This artwork is completely inspired by THis person —> @funkytoes who made an amazing AU setting about Marinette and Adrien and they also did a beautiful artwork with it. I loved the coffee shop AU and i just had to draw it. Thank you so much Funkytoes for producing such a lovely idea. I had so much fun painting adult Mainette and Adrien >u<

The Countess.

I began to draw this painting back in January and today is December.The year of my life is hidden in this portrait.The image of the Countess in this season of “American horror story” is certainly one of the most striking and I wanted to capture not one or two images of the Countess but as much as possible. So It is a “long-playing” work. But thanks to my patience the artwork is completed.


Welcome to Gravity Falls : All 40 Episodes

+ Special announcment!

Honest to god,this is one of my biggest accomplishment.
I started drawing the first epsiode ever since January and finished drawing the last in April.And oh dear i made some other artwork sacrifices just to complete this haha
But yes,Other than that,i wanted to draw all of these episodes to show how thankful i am to welcome gravity falls in my life and for thanking Alex Hirsch for making such an amazing show!So thank you very much!

And for the special annoucment,i will release 5 posters of an episode of your choice!For making this possible,you guys can vote 5 of these drawn episodes that you would like to be as a posters!You guys can write down your answers in the tags,if you decide to reblog,or send me a message!

Once i get enough votes,i will be releasing the 5 most popular drawn episodes!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day/night!

Like every year, here we go, with an art summary! I was a bit surprised noticing that this year I really did FEW completed artworks, aside commissions… I’m not sure what happened this year, I feel like I was dragged month after month here and there.
Also another important note is that since June all my otps has been about ladies being gays and wow nice, maybe it’s the good occasion to learn how to draw smooth woman anatomy. (also Kumirei isn’t here just because I havent finished the piece of art I’m working on, everything I have about them are doodles sdfd)

I noticed at least that since last year I became more precise about lineart and coloring, so maybe I’m not that disgrace I thought. 2017 resolution: shoes and backgrounds. I really need to get a grip on those.

oh wow have this very bad sketch thingo!

i had a free period yesterday and got rly bored. I also did a mewnian wirt and greg hhahaha

Sodalite has a forehead gem. He’s super intuitive and smart n stuff and likes writing. He wears a star hat most of the time : D

His twin gem is Amber! I might draw her idk


Destiny Through the Years!

my friend @tsyele did a wonderful version of one of these, and encouraged me to do one of my own. I found this very interesting to put together for a lot of reasons.

Between 2013-14 the amount of artwork I completed is pretty much what you see here; just a handful of pieces when I was playing dungeons and dragons regularly/started reading homestuck. But when I began picking my pieces for 2015-16, I had more art to choose from than I knew what to do with. Between these two years, I have finished over 1600 illustrations, doodles, and drawings. 

What started out as a place to just reblog Solas dragon age became a font of creativity that I didn’t realize I had in me. And I can only credit not only this amazing game that has meant so much to me, but each and every follower that has cheered me on along the way, the artists that inspire me to try new things, the fanfic writers that touch my emotions with their words, the people who make meta/headcanons/edits that fuel my creativity. 

You are all so amazing and I couldn’t be more happy to credit you all in helping me grow these last few years. The friends I have made here I will treasure as long as I live; Happy Holidays everyone and thank you <3

Crocodile in palette 56. Requested by my friend via Facebook.

This dark green set is hard but I do really want to see Crocodile in this fashion.
Though I’m not very good at lighting. orz

My Kokoro goes Piko-Piko!

I keep forgetting about this stupid holiday.
If it weren’t for all the artists I follow that begin to post romantic artworks, I completely forget, THAT’S HOW SINGLE I AM.

Anyways, posting this early because I have more important things to do (that may or may not involve Sonic, as well…).

Happy Valentine’s Day you suckers!